So You Think You Can Dance: Results Finale (Season 10 Has Winners!)

E: Before announcing the winners, Nigel shared his opinion that this year’s top four are so beloved he felt that people would be happy whoever won.  It’s no more than what I said to Mr. E a few minutes before.  Each of these four deserved it.  I don’t always think that, and even when I do I often have a strong preference for one dancer over another.  But no, this year I couldn’t decide; each time my mind would propose a favorite, all I could think was “but ____ is so wonderful! Think how much winning would mean to them!”

Of course, that also means I’m equally disappointed on behalf of the two who didn’t win.

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So You Think You Can Dance: Season 10 Performance Finale

E: Wow!  That was – to borrow a word from Carly Rae Jepsen – amazing.  These four dancers are so talented, so likable, and so deserving! But, um, hello – we’re not going to find who won until NEXT WEEK?  FOX couldn’t pony up a single night this week?  Brutal!

Okay, so.  Cat Deeley bursts on the scene in this amazing beaded and studded dress – cream with bands of black at the neck and hem, and so much blue and gold in the beading that it looks as much blue as anything else.  The dress has a deep v; flapper is my first thought, but the more I see it the more it seems like the 1920s filtered through the 1970s.  Cat’s big fluffy glamorous curls are definitely 1970s Miss Piggy.  Whatever you want to say about Cat’s fashion sense, it isn’t boring.  I love it.

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September 2013 Movie Preview

E: Ah, September. School begins, the new television season starts up, and the movie season goes to sleep. Oh, sure, we get a few advanced would-be awards films or adult-skewing thrillers, but September for the most part is a dumping ground for films that don’t fit into peak viewing times.

M: Is it me, or does it seem like we say that for every month outside of May through July, then November and December? And yet every year there are surprise hits in the other months, and movies that should have drawn a better audience in the crowded ones. Argh!

C: We do. It’s starting to get repetitive. We need a new opening strategy.

E: Okay, how’s this? September can bring a few awards bait film in slow release (Argo, American Beauty) and October even more. And as the studio’s schedules get more and more crowded, you get a better chance of getting good films every month.

M: And hey, you know what? Looking over this month’s slate… It looks pretty decent. A small selection, but more things I think I want to see than I expected.

E: Okay, so how’s this:  September — more than “decent enough.”

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So You Think You Can Dance: Finale Wishlist, Season 10

E:  I cannot believe that time is here again.  Sure as the temperature dips at night, and leaves start to change color, it’s time for my summer pleasure to come to an end.  But it’s also time to assess the season of So You Think You Can Dance.  During the finale – not the performance finale, when the top four contestants vie for our votes and the title of America’s Favorite Dancer(s), but the actual results finale, the judges all pick their favorite pieces for the dancers to reprise.  A nd if the producers follow the same format as last year, the top four may also get to pick their favorite routines.  Actually, considering all the celebrity judges we had this year I really have no idea who the show’s going to have on that judging panel, which is usually quite a large one.

For once my favorites this season aren’t all contemporary dances.  I’ve included the top routines of the season in chronological order; I indicate with asterisks the ones I feel most sure they’ll include.  I’ve tried to be conservative about assuming specific ones will appeal, but provide the broadest list of the great routines they have to choose from.  I’ve got links all the way through, so you too can relive the seasons’ best.

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