Golden Boy – *UPDATED*

Hi all, M here. Just wanted to share a quick thought that I have shared with Mrs M many times over at this point. When it comes to CBS’s new Theo James-Chi McBride police procedural Golden Boy, I have one thing to say…

I CANNOT wait until it fails and is off the air. I don’t care if this make me a bad person, knowing people’s livelihood may be on the line. I don’t care that I literally have not watched one minute of the show, thus have no actual proof it is as horrible as I think it must be. CBS has been shoving this formulaic-looking piece of balderdash down my throat for weeks. At times commercials for it have been in EVERY commercial break for hour long shows, and I just can’t stand it. I want it to be gone, and will be giddy when it is.

*** UPDATE ***

As of last Friday, May 10, 2013, this show has been cancelled. WHEEEEEEEEEEE!


3 comments on “Golden Boy – *UPDATED*

  1. P says:

    Well, Chi McBride–talented as he is– has had several shows fail recently so you’re probably in luck.

  2. Angee says:

    That’s just mean! LOL!

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