Green Light! What’s Your Perfect Veronica Mars Movie?

C: Wednesday around 9:00 p.m., the Veronica Mars movie project passed its $2 million goal on Kickstarter – after less than 11 hours! That, folks, is fan love made mighty. And Rob Thomas, show creator, reacted: “Today has exceeded the wildest pipe dream I let myself entertain. Holy cow. We better make a good movie. These amazing fans have stepped up. We better deliver.” Between the humility of this response, and the frickin’ fantastic video they made to advertise the Kickstarter funding drive, my hopes are soaring.

M: Not only are my hopes soaring for this, but this has laid the groundwork for every beloved show that is axed before its time by some twit network exec to at least have a viable route to a fulfilling end. And yeah, such a great reaction; Thomas seems like a genuinely humble guy, too. I loved the comment in one of the prizes that he’d try to get the “much more famous” Rob Thomas to autograph things.

C: I just got that, heh. Btw, you can see more adorable reactions from cast members and others here.

M: I LOVE that Seth Green commented on it!

E: I love that Kristen Bell’s marrying a guy who calls her his nerdy angel.

C: I know, right? So, even though we said Wednesday that we’d give our ideas the next day (but didn’t get our act together until it was officially two days later, by the clock), we’ve decided we’re all too excited that THE MOVIE IS GETTING MADE!!! to talk with any seriousness about what it may or may not be like. Instead, Marsaholics, why don’t we do like Rob Thomas and just dream wildly? What are your fantasies for this movie?

M: Um, whoa there, little sis. I don’t think we want to start opening this up to people’s Veronica Mars fantasies. And I’ll chalk this up to your ridiculous excitement, but it’s usually E who crosses that line.

C: Thbbbppt! You’re a jerk and I’m sure our kinder and more decent readers knew I meant meaning #3 of the word fantasy, not definition #5.

E: Ew!  Dude, maybe you have a Veronica Mars (#5) fantasy, but lil’ sis and I do not.

M: I do not, I’ve just seen the search terms people use to get to our site when you write things that cross the line. You want to talk about “Ew!”… But let’s move on.

C: Yes, let’s. So, they weren’t in the promotional video, but I need Wallace and Weevil back. I take comfort in the fact that both are mentioned as possibly involved in the Kickstarter rewards list. They’d better be.

E: Duh!  Of course they will be. How could they not?  They’re necessary.  It’d be like reanimating Frankenstein without giving him arms.

M: That’s an odd image, whatever made you think of that? Anyway, agreed, Wallace and Weevil are musts. You can’t do it without them. Or Mac.

E: Yes, of course Mac, too.  Mac is the, um, kneecaps?

C: Also Keith, Keith and more Keith. I want to see Keith win at everything. I don’t care how noir it’s supposed to be!

E: Who’s your daddy? Wistful sigh.

M: Again, with the crossing the line. Geesh!

E: How do you not remember that quote?  What’s wrong with you?

M: To pull us back to being a family blog, anyone who reads us regularly, or read our post yesterday, knows of my affection for the work of Enrico Colantoni.

C: In fact, the first thing I thought when I saw the Kickstarter video — okay, the second thing after ohmygoshohmygoshohmygosh — was that M would love the Flashpoint joke about Rico.

M: And boy did I ever! I think he’s just brilliant in everything, dating back to the horrendous Hope and Gloria and Money Train. And as much as I love him in FlashpointGalaxy Quest, and now on Person of Interest, I think he was at his absolute apex in as Keith Mars. The devoted, loving single dad, trying to make everything work, trying to help his brilliant daughter become a brilliant woman, trying to better Neptune. Peerless. The more of him there is in the movie, the happier I’ll be.

C: Oh and Backup! He’s miraculously still alive and hearty, like that dog on Revenge!

M: Hmm, that’s odd. I’ll need to re-watch, ’cause “Backup” isn’t ringing a bell.

E: Is he kidding?  He’s kidding, right?

C: He’s the dog!

M: THE DOG!!! Ok, now I’m back.

C: He’s really just there to provide a gag in the pilot (Keith tells Veronica to “bring backup” to a dodgy stakeout, and you don’t learn till later that Backup is a pooch), and he rarely appears in later episodes. He’s not important, but cute, so he’s there in my dream version.

M: You know who I want included? Deputy Leo and Vinnie Van Lowe. They won’t be at the reunion, obviously, but they need to be in the movie.

C: That might be tricky, what with Deputy Leo now doing quite well for himself as Schmidt on New Girl. It’s almost hard to remember he used to be Leo, the ultimate nice guy.

E: Agreed; sweet Deputy Leo’s probably out.  Although they are filming over the summer, when he’s presumably be on hiatus…

M: Yeah, I think they are doing that so it won’t interfere with the scheduled of people like him (Max Greenfield) specifically. On the other hand, I think people from season three like Piz and Parker need to have their previous existence ignored completely, the way Highlander 3 ignored the existence of Highlander 2 (which, unfortunately, was the best thing about Highlander 3).

E: I don’t think ignoring them is going to be an issue.  Why would Piz and Parker be at Veronica’s high school reunion?

C: Absolutely! My fantasy for this movie is that it pretends most of season 3 didn’t exist. In fact, I’m sad that Rob Thomas even brought up the plot about Keith and the election, which I would prefer to never hear of again.

E: Indeed.  Desperately painful.  Although, hmm – maybe Vinny VanLowe’s been Sheriff the whole time since?  That could give him a nice excuse to show up.

C: Here’s the brief pitch Thomas gives on the Kickstarter site: “Life has taken Veronica away from Neptune. In the years since spoiling Keith’s chances to be reelected sheriff, Veronica hasn’t taken a case. But something big is about to bring her back home and back to her calling. My goal is to include as many of your favorite characters as possible. It is, after all, time for Veronica’s 10-year high school reunion.” Now when I hear 10-year reunion, I think Grosse Pointe Blank, and that alone makes me happy. We probably shouldn’t expect Veronica to kill someone with a pen, though, huh?

E: Er, no.  That would not be my ideal.

M: I would certainly hope not, she’s smarter than that. I may be in the minority here, but I didn’t like Grosse Point Blank. Romy and Michelle was where my mind goes, and was much funnier, but that’s not a great comparison, either.

C: John Cusack and Jeremy Piven should definitely make cameos, though.

M: Especially if Cusack gets to grab Piven and yell at him “YOU MUST CHILL!”

E: Dude! I have taken your Firebird keys!

M: Love it.

C: He should play one of Veronica’s old teachers, and when she bumps into him at the reunion he asks what she’s been doing with herself, and she answers: “I killed the president of Paraguay with a fork. How’ve you been?” I can just hear her saying it.

E:  Okay, you have me there.  I can hear that, too.

M: Yeah, that totally works.

C: Speaking of what she’s been up to, will Veronica be an FBI agent? When the show was facing possible (it turned out, actual) cancellation at the end of the third season, Thomas filmed a  fantastic-looking 10-minute mini-pilot for a fourth season that would jump several years into the future and reboot the show with Veronica starting a job at the FBI. (Kristen Bell, after all, was 26 at the time, not 19 like her character.) The CW didn’t bite though, so is it canon?

E: Um, C.  Read the plot outline.

M: Yeah, the whole “in the years since… Veronica hasn’t taken a case” implies to me that she’s not sleuthing, officially or unofficially, but I could be wrong on that.

C: I guess I’d been thinking PI case, but you’re right, the FBI still calls them cases.

E: I will stop being snotty and state for the record that I’d love it if she worked for the FBI. And I’d be scared if she worked for the NSA.

C: What’s she been doing instead: tightrope walking? Running a cutthroat business and raking in cash? Going to law school? Backpacking in New Zealand?

M: Unemployed…. in Greenland? No, I think its more likely they go the route of her getting stuck heading down some other path that is less fulfilling and rewarding, and this case at the reunion pushes her back into what she does best.

E: I don’t even want to think of her living out some sort of soulless existence, even if the movie is about her getting through it.

C: Of course, I’ll be obvious here, I do want the Logan romance. I don’t know how I picture it happening — in fact, I’d maybe rather not try, and just hope to be positively surprised. But I want it.

E: What I would particularly like of the LoVe is that neither of them, please, is married to someone else.  He could go back to dating Paris Hilton, though.  That’d be pretty funny.

M: Ugh, you two. You know this, but I NEVER liked the LoVe relationship. Too forced, too wrong. I actually liked him with Hannah (Falling Skies/Last Resort‘s Jessy Schram), and would love to see them bring her back, too. In the end, though, I’d be happier with some, but not too much, relationship drama.

C: Ultimately, all I want from the movie is the brilliant, meticulous plotting of the first season, the emotional gut-wrenchings of episodes like “Ruskie Business” combined with the guts-melting romance of “Weapons of Class Destruction” and “Look Who’s Stalking,” but saturated throughout with the fantastic, quotable humor that ran through the entire series.

M: Exactly, the snarky humor is the biggest of all musts.

E: And please, leave us your favorite quotes  – and episodes – in the comments!

M: Oh, and one more thing, for all the geek fans out there, Veronica needs to have a run in with an actual sloth.

C: I’m just not sure Kristen Bell could stay in character if that happened.

4 comments on “Green Light! What’s Your Perfect Veronica Mars Movie?

  1. SJS says:

    Stopped by after I heard the news…I knew the QS would be thrilled. Happy for you all.

    Hate to confess…but I never watched the show. Maybe I’ll look for some re-runs before the movie comes out.

  2. thepresidentrix says:

    Hey, if the show’s online, I need to get on that!!! I watched Veronica Mars semi-routinely when it originally aired, but in the years since I’ve always meant to rematch with focus and commitment, and this desire has never come to fruition, mostly because I’ve never found it on Netflix Insta-Watch. Maybe now is the time!!!

    • E says:

      Now is the time! Mr. E has actually decided he’s going to go check it out now, too – caught up in the Kickstarter excitement! 🙂 The first season in particular really benefits from a binge watch, because you can see how the episodes build so beautifully on each other.

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