Castle Review: “Secret’s Safe With Me”

E: Ah, so much to talk about.  Alexis goes to college!  References to the actual Wonder Twins!  And the best cliche ever!  And a hand shake that is never just a hand shake!

C: Wait, the best cliche ever–OH. Right. Ha. But we’ll get to the twist ending later in the post. For now, let’s talk about La Familia Castle.

E: First, Martha knows.  She’s known from that first morning.  Of course she does.

C: I truly did not expect that. But it is Martha, so frankly, the only surprising part is that she didn’t crow over him much sooner – given how she’s been rooting for this right along.

E: That’s it exactly – you’d think if she noticed, she would have called him on it immediately.  I guess she’s going to be more sparing of Beckett’s feelings, then?  Martha insists that Castle tell his daughter, the better to avoid another unfortunate walk-in.

C: Oh gosh, yes. “Dad, I’m just home to get my… Detective Beckett?!” That would be no good at all. But Alexis’s reception of the news, I must say, threw me. As far as we know, this is the only woman her dad’s ever been involved with that Alexis likes, already knows well, and looks up to. I understand that leaving for college is a really absorbing thing, but I hope they give us the daughter’s thoughts on this development at some point.

E: I quite agree. It’s important!

C: Also, her snap at Castle? Never really explained. He tells her to hurry up, they’re going to be late for their Last Night Before College Special Dinner. The reservations were hard to get, he reminds her. “If you care so much about the reservations, why don’t you take your girlfriend!” Alexis snarls. Later she eye-rollingly explains to clueless Dad that her crankiness has nothing to do with Beckett; rather, she’s sad about moving away from him. So, er, why did she snap about Beckett, then?

E: Yeah.  I had a whole theory worked up – she’s upset over Beckett because she realizes she finally has some real competition for her place the center of Castle’s life and heart – and I think that’s a legitimate concern.  She can like Beckett a ton and still get weirded out by them dating.  And yet, no.  Why not go there?  You could still have the nice moment at the end when she confesses it was irrational, that she’s growing up and he shouldn’t be alone.

C: I wholeheartedly agree, that would have made much more sense than what happened. But we should probably talk about the mystery at some point, huh?

E: Indeed. A young woman named Wendy Dupree is murdered and writes what appears to be the world “LIE” in her own blood.

C: Prompting a string of brilliant speculations from Castle, of course: “Did someone lie to her? Maybe the killer’s initials? Or maybe a grammatical error – she should have written ‘lay’.”

E: Grammar jokes are the best.

C: And I couldn’t help but agree with his subsequent quip: “Much as I love a good mystery, she could have written a more helpful note.” It is a funny convention that dying people in mysteries always assume whoever finds them can track down the most obscure of clues.

E: But of course, they do. It turns out not to be “LIE” at all, but rather 317, the number of a storage locker Wendy’s recently-mysteriously-deceased twin Wendell rented.  What’s awesome about this?  He rented it under an alias, Johan Fleming, which just so happens to be the public identity of Zan, the male Wonder Twin.  Get out of town!  I love when TV writers shout out to the fans like that.  Come on.  I am feeling the love.

C: Yeah, especially as I didn’t realize anyone called Esposito and Ryan “the Wonder Twins” except us.

E: Other people must do that too!  Or is it all a weird coincidence and it wasn’t a reference at all?  Much as we joke about it, I can’t imagine the Castle writers actually read our little blog.

C: Their loss if not! But back to Wendy and her twin brother Wendell.

E: I have to say, I thought there’d be more going on with the world of Storage Wars, but I’m okay without.

C: Agreed, though the one bidding scene (and boy, is Castle terrible at bidding strategy!) provided an excellent interchange – Beckett asks “What are you doing with two grand in your pocket?” to which Castle replies: “I’m a bestselling author, why wouldn’t I have two grand in my pocket?”

E: Indeed.  And I love that she promised away naming rights to a character in his next novel for cash from a fellow bidder.  I’m sure that I wasn’t the only one, though, to be shocked that Castle would gift the Captain that creepy Kewpie-like china doll.  I mean, it’s evidence!  And has he not read Possession?  Dolly has a secret.  I can’t believe it took more than half the episode for him to figure that out.

C: Uh, I thought it was perfectly in character for him to give his largess away.

E: Yes, but would Beckett have let him?

C: I was more shocked that hardcore Captain Gates is a doll collector! But what bugged the heck out of me was knowing from the instant he handed it to Gates that it was going to be smashed. I know it’s just a television show, but I hate when plot devices require the destruction of irreplaceable things that mean a lot to people. I always feel absurdly and disproportionately sad.

E: Oh yes.  Wanton destruction upsets me too.  What a profound relief that there was actually something in the doll, though, even if Rick inadvertently smashed the wrong one first. The really annoying thing to me was that the pink diamond bracelet – cuff, really – would never have fit inside it.

C: Yeah, and why the heck does it occur to no one that if there’s a way to get the object in without breaking the doll, there’s a way to get it out? (Not to mention the fact that, with such a rare collectible, you could probably get Lanie to x-ray the thing and see if there’s something inside it.)

E: YES YES YES!  I was totally thinking about the x-ray thing, and how the items must have gotten in.  Like that eye.  Confusing, right?

C: Yeah, the smash is dumb even from an evidentiary standpoint.

E: Also, I’ve got say: Castle, as you like to remind us, you are a dude with money.  Why don’t you just find Gates replacements for those dolls?  Good grief.

C: The only reason I can think of is that they really are irreplaceable, which just makes it even sadder.

E: Boo.  Let’s move on, it’s too depressing.  (Note that we’re not depressed by the fake dead people…)  (C: We never said we weren’t weird…) The moment Beckett and Castle walked into the suspect’s apartment, I turned to Mr.E and yelled “The butler did it!”  And so he did.

C: No! Really, you guessed? I wasn’t paying enough attention during the first scene with the suspect to even realize that she had a butler. So alas, the joke came right out of nowhere for me. Still, it was pretty great.

E: Oh, yeah.  I kind of figured they had to go there; it was too delicious. So – favorite moments of the episode?  The reference to the Wonder Twins (and no one else on the team knowing what he meant), obviously.

C: How about the reference to The Fugitive? It’s not the one-armed man, it’s the one-eyed man!

E: Or Beckett yelling “Take your hands off your tool, Marco!” and then having to tell her snickering coworkers to shut up.

C: Hee. And then, a small detail, but didn’t you love Alexis’s met-ic-ulously labeled boxes?

E: She’s too much. I don’t know about you, but when Castle went on about opening the safe being his Indiana Jones moment, I yelled back: “No, it’s your Geraldo/Al Capone’s safe moment!”

C: He never learns, does he? But I loved his speculation about the little man made of tied-up sticks that Beckett keeps in her desk: “Maybe it’s the actual murder victim from a stick man convention.”

E:  Super cute. And finally, that handshake.  The sexiest handshake ever.  Shiver.

C: I was torn between thinking that was cute and squirming as I imagined everyone in the Precinct watching them with raised eyebrows.

E: Oh, actually, there’s also this exchange in Alexis’s supremely adorable dorm room. “How can you be so smart and so stupid at the same time?” “Years of practice.”  Heh.

C: I’ll admit it – I teared up during that scene. Some might say it was the tender father-daughter moment, but I say that just like Rick’s and Martha’s, my allergies must have been acting up. But the greatest moment of the episode, for me, happened back at Castle’s apartment. Martha tells him she’s made an important resolution: “I have decided that I will continue to live here—” “Rent free,” notes Castle. “Please don’t interrupt,” she reprimands him. So we can rest assured, Casa Castle will stay lively!

5 comments on “Castle Review: “Secret’s Safe With Me”

  1. jill says:

    Totally with you on the dolls. That made me disproportionately sad. 😦

    • E says:

      So distressing. Even if the dolls happened to be totally creepy and even though we all knew it was going to happen from the first moment they appeared. 😦

  2. flychick86 says:

    Alexis was kinda bratty! There were other things I thought about as well. Tamala and Stana are pretty! Molly Quinn’s (Alexis) birthday was yesterday!

  3. M says:

    Ok, I finally watched….. first off, I called that the bloody writing was 317, not LIE immediately, but missed just about every twist after that. I missed the doll having something inside it, missed the butler. Well, I did expect that the robbery was a ruse to get insurance money, and that the safe would be empty. However, I expected the accomplice (Chad Lindberg, or October Sky, among other things) to be the villain, since he was the only guest star I recognized.

    The stuff with Castle’s family was great… except, as you discussed well, Alexis’ poorly explained fit, which was completely weak.

    As for the Wonder Twins, I loved that, but as best I can tell from a few quick Google searches, if we’re not the only ones then we are at least the only consistent ones, so maybe they are reading us! 😉

    There were a LOT of great lines and moments, it was great to see classic Castle back!

    • E says:

      I thought I’d seen Ryan and Esposito called The Wonder Twins somewhere else (EW, maybe?) but I’m still going to enjoy the pop culture reference even if it’s not a shout out.

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