Revenge: Scandal

E: In which all is finally revealed.  Oh yes.  All is revealed.

M: Just about, yeah.  As a huge fan of shows like Lost and Fringe, it was nice to actually have pretty much every question answered.  Unusual, but nice.

E: Must we start with the beginning?  Because I’d like to gloat for a moment about calling Takada as Tyler’s killer, even if it’s non-sequential.

M: Gloat away, you deserve it.  Well, except for the fact that Daniel really killed Tyler when he shot him in the chest.

E: Eh, that’s probably true, which makes me feel better about Daniel standing trial, since his was probably a fatal wound.  But Tyler was still crawling around when Takada fired the remaining two shots.

M: Takada just put him out of his misery.  You can still gloat, though.  Don’t feel like me pointing this out cheapens your calling it at all (even though it does).

E: Gee, thanks.

M: My pleasure.

E: I’m a little nervous about what Mr. T might have done with Fauxmanda, though.  She’s “taken care of”?  What does that mean? Does that mean flown away somewhere on his private jet, or sleeping with the fishes?

M: Can we say with any confidence that it doesn’t mean both?  Seriously though, I think it means that she’s elsewhere, because after all they’ve built around her character they aren’t going to off her without at least some fanfare.  We also got an answer to how involved Conrad was in the plane bombing that they framed Emanda’s dad for.  He was laundering money for the group that did it, but knew nothing about what they were actually going to do.  And at least at the time he blamed himself.  There are a few questions left, though, which is always good.

E: That was exciting, and actually makes sense that he’d be more involved in the financial side of things; he doesn’t seem at all like an ideologue.  Great info for now, and I look forward to more when we hear it.  Another thing I’m dying to know: when is Jack going to find out who Emily is?

M: Well, when he does there’s a whole different range of places they can go with it.  Her pushing him away as she’s done with Fauxmanda trying to keep her out of harm’s way, her pulling him in reluctantly like she has with Nolan, them having a covert affair, or her revealing her true identity publicly and going into open war with the Graysons.  There could easily be more, too.  When will it happen, though?  My guess is not this season.

E: I’m not so sure.  It’s going to come down to Em’s feelings for Jack and Daniel, isn’t it?   Because Jack is very clearly positioned to take the fall, and the Graysons are going to do their best to make sure that happens.

M: And Emanda will do her best to prevent it without revealing her secret to him.

E: Which frankly brings up back to the Jacklash.  Fauxmanda has gotten in the way, and it’s mucking up my feelings of Jack and the real Amanda being destined.  Not to mention my feelings about Jack’s taste in women.

M: As you know, I have always been highly dubious of them being destined.  I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again.  I just find it far to inconceivable (and yes, that word does mean what I think it means) that a guy in his late 20’s has been pining for the girl he knew for a summer when they were nine.  Nothing they’ve done has made me feel differently about that, but I see your point about the general confusion they’re causing.  When they had him falling for Emanda (as Emily), it takes away from the thought that she’s the only one for him, in that he was willing to fall for someone he thought was not her.

E: See, that’s not how I took that.  It felt to me like he recognized Amanda’s innate Amanda-ness without knowing it was her. Destiny.  Stuff I don’t actually believe in but enjoy on TV.

M: Then when they had him fall for Fauxmanda, it again muddied the waters, for the exact opposite reason, he fell for someone that was not the real Amanda.  It’s just a mess.

E: Now that’s the part I have the biggest problem with.  The stupid boy’s going to get himself in huge trouble because he won’t leave Fauxmanda now that he knows she’s in trouble (even if he has no idea where she is or how to find her).   Damn it, Jack, you need to go to Haiti!  Sail away, my friend, sail away!

M: It’s a tad bit too late for that.  Plus, he’s clearly an idiot.  I mean, who stumbles upon a dead body on a beach, drags it to the dunes getting blood all over themselves, gets seen and runs away, then goes home and sticks the bloody sweatshirt in a drawer instead of washing or better yet burning it?  Why do people on TV have to be so dumb?

E: Such a nice guy, so, so dumb, and so far in over his head that I don’t even know where to begin.  Did you love that Ashley was the person that took the photos of the bloody billionaire, and then released them?

M: I liked it, but what they’ve done with her character has been so scattered.  At first she was Emily’s best bud, then she starts hooking up with Tyler and turns all full of spite and resentment.  They have her alternate between “happy to be there” young girl with a remarkable opportunity with a wealthy woman, to overly ambitious and frustrated at her lack of status.  Now twice they have her making power plays.  Could they be more all over the map?

E: No more insane than her new, impromptu role as press secretary!  The camera loves you, baby.

M: Mrs M and I were cracking up at that.  Because, you know, the personal assistant to the wife of the super-rich power couple would be put in front of the press without any kind of script, and with absolute freedom to say whatever she wanted.  Riiiiiiiiiiight.

E: Yep.   Their high priced lawyer Courtney B. Vance would have flown out a crisis management consultant and a press secretary with him.

M: Oh, they totally should have gone that direction, and had it be the guy that played the guy he was training in the sonar room of the USS Dallas in The Hunt For Red October (still Vance’s best performance in my opinion), Sea-man Beaumont.  Let me see what that actor’s up to… Ned Vaughn…  oh heck, he’s been in episodes of The Event, Bones, Desperate Houswives, Harry’s Law, NCIS: LA, Mad Men, The Mentalist and Heroes (among others) just in the last few years.  He was tailor made for this, that would have been perfect!  Why don’t they consult me on things like this?

E: Speaking of Vance and of laughing, the whole “I haven’t lost a case in twenty years” crap?  Riiiiiiiiiiiight.

M: Yeah, that was pretty ridiculous, even for this show.  Maybe it’s a technicality, and like Tom Cruise’s character in A Few Good Men he gets people to plead out when he’s got not case.  Either way, it’s a good sign for Danny boy, and gave Emanda yet another in with the Graysons, which she promptly used to shove something else in their face, this time the cover up of Daniel’s drunken crash the summer before.  Love it!

E: Yes, absolutely – especially when Courtney cheered her as the only person really on Daniel’s side in front of his parents.  Ha!

M: In all, they are recovering from the crappy twist of not killing Daniel, and covered themselves well on that front this week.  This week was a good step.

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