Castle: Linchpin

E: Well.  That was cool.

M: Remember how last episode we commented on how it was a serious episode, but retained the funny?  Yeah, well, not so much this time.

E: That’s true, but I think it hung together better than most of the serious episodes.  Let’s dig in!

M:  Shovel in hand, sis.

E: Let’s begin with the beginning.  How annoying was the whole improbable death/rescue/underwater sequence, though? Or was that just me?  I mean, there is no way they make it to the surface on those depleted oxygen reserves, right?

M: I have a few pet peeves that they hit on with this one scene.  First, as mentioned last week, Beckett could have just turned the wheel and driven away from the truck trying to push them off the pier.

E: Agreed with you last week, agree with you now.

M: Second, apparently no one in Hollywood has ever been to a pier, or they would understand that the water right at the edge of land is not several fathoms deep.  Seriously, when cars get pushed off piers in movies or on TV they sink FOREVER.

E:  Yep.  They really ended up 20,000 leagues under the sea, didn’t they?  I couldn’t believe how the car just kept sinking and sinking.

M: Third, why do all seat belt buckles fail to work the second anything bad happens?  Car’s on fire?  Seat belt gets stuck.  Car’s pushed off a pier? Seat belt won’t unbuckle.  Heck, even if it’s just near something that’s going to explode, or someone’s coming with a gun the seat belt won’t come undone.  There was no need for that in this scene.  Poor, lame excuses for writing.  Boo!

E: Bwa!  So true.  Super annoying cliche.  Wouldn’t it be hilarious if a car manufacturer did a spoof video about that?  Anyway.  Turns out the evil Gage from last week?  The reason he didn’t kill Beckett and Castle (and, cool, there actually was a reason) is that he wasn’t evil.  Not that this explains the murder of the scientist, but I’m glad there was a touch of continuity going on here, anyway.

M: Um, what do you mean?  The only person that we know he killed was the guy that the dirty CIA folks sent to bring him in.  The two other casualties in the last episode were far more likely taken out by people following him and our dynamic duo, right?

E: Oh.  Right.  You’re right.  Sorry.  In the end, the titular linchpin – the event that would set the world into chaos – was the assassination of a young Chinese girl.  If her powerful father believed that the US government had her murdered, then he could stop the Chinese government from buy US debt, sending us into default and the world down the toilet.

M: As far as outlandish plots that would lead to the downfall of civilization go, that was actually a pretty decent one.  Though, I think that the girl’s death was supposed to look like a botched attempt on his life, not specifically an assassination of her.  Minor detail, I know.

E: Was it?  I guess that’s less suspicious?

M: I have to say, I loved the linchpin room with all the strings and predictions (even though any base-level mathematician, never mind someone as supposedly brilliant as Blakely would know that chaos theory would prevent any certainty in predicting that detailed a level of events).

E: Yes, well, you just have to assume the McGuffin works.  You’re not supposed to look so closely.  Although as you said, it was a timely and sufficiently plausible catastrophe for this kind of show, so I’m willing to go with it.

M: I also loved the way they used the geography of the mountains in the picture of the girl to find out who she was.  Very good twist there.

E: I have to tell you, that’s exactly what I would have done – I was mentally telling them do look up the mountain, and lo, they did!  Also, I totally called that Sophia’s assistant was the mole.  I did NOT call that Sophia was former KGB and the real mole.  A-mazing!

M: I called the assistant, and mostly called that she was.

E:  You did?  Impressive!

M: Let me ‘splain.  No, there is too much, let me sum up.  I knew it had to be one of the two of them, as they were the only ones we knew, and the only ones that made sense.  I actually said to Mrs M, before Gage was even killed, that “if it follows TV form, the assistant is the mole”.  However, there were things that Sophia did that had me doubting it was really him.  When she told them not to alert the NYPD about the assassination attempt and that they’d go from her underground bunker who knows where to the site and handle it with no backup?  That’s when I knew it was really her.

E: Okay, that’s legit.  But of course the really big reveal is that Sophia knew about Castle’s father, and that he has pull with the CIA.  Let’s trade Beckett’s Mom for Castle’s Dad, please!

M: I agree, I like that far more as an over arching plot.  Castle being “famously fatherless”, as the wonder twins put it a season or two ago, and now having a secret dad that has pull?  Great dynamic that can pull in some good Castle family scenes.  Plus, with Castle’s dad in the mix, think of the casting possibilities!

E: Endless and awesome.

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