Revenge: Treachery

E: Is it just me, or was that the most lackluster episode of the season?

M: Oh, unfortunately it’s not just you.  I’m right there with you on that one.

E: I think maybe psycho-Fauxmanda isn’t cutting it for me.  We already have Tyler for the crazy, and now we have single white female, too?  No.  Don’t like it.  And I do NOT like her messing with Jack.  Step away from the hero, chickie! Step away!

M: Yeah, her actions in the “current” time of the episode (which we know is actually a flashback), especially when shown in contrast to her actions in the flashes even further back, are just wildly inconsistent and out of whack.  I don’t like Tyler, but at least he’s got us guessing.  Fauxmanda just feels like a plot device, and as you said, a completely unnecessary one.

E: Is somebody going to have to kill her, too?  Is there a rational reason for her not to go away?  Other than, of course, giving us a possible murder suspect other than Tyler, and giving Emanda a reason to go after Jack?

M: Exactly.  Everything that she did in the flash-way-backs, well, once Emanda turned her, was out of devotion and friendship.  Same with killing Frank.  This?  This seems either totally self-serving at the expense of Emanda (out of character) or just to move the plot.  Count me out on her part of the story line.

E: Good.  Me too.  So, what else?  What was with Daniel staring like that at Emily when she came back to bed, after burning Fauxmanda’s picture and, what was that, tripping around the property with a Geiger counter?  Very creepy.  Don’t pick up tricks from Tyler, buddy.

M: Yeah, weird episode for him.  I thought the staring was just to illustrate that he knew she was out of bed and doing, and perhaps hiding, something.  The rest, I can’t help you.  One quick note, though?  If you’re trying to get rid of a picture of someone, setting the corner of it on fire and then dropping it into the ocean before it burns completely *MIGHT* not be the best way to be sure you got rid of it.  Just saying.

E: Ugh.  Why so smart and yet so stupid.  Sigh.  Now, you know things are bad when Declan’s the nicest and most supportive guy around.

M: True, but having done a complete 180 from early in the show, Declan’s not actually that bad to have in the show any more.  His show of support and comforting of Charlotte was actually rather nice.  And it was in stark contract to the Grayson’s “support” of their friends and family.

E: Yes, indeed.  To wit, Victoria has moved semi-amnesiac Lydia in to the mansion.

M: Yeah, semi-amnesiac is a good way of putting it.

E: Nolan altered Lydia’s New Years Eve photo, removing Emanda’s face.  Phew!  Lydia doesn’t remember much – like, say, blackmailing Conrad and Victoria – but she does remember something being fishy about that photo.

M: Which was ridiculous.

E: Victoria, grieving over Frank’s death, sics the police on Emily.  She cops to the cops and Daniel about being in juvie (for attacking an abusive foster father) and weirdly has a nice little alibi for the time of Frank’s murder – an early trip to the fish market.  It’s this level of interference that prompts Daniel to leave the familial home.

M: Yes, the one thing that I thought they did well in this episode was the dispersing of the Grayson family.

E: Now, why is Ashley mad at Emily?  I mean, we know she’s using her, but Emily goes out of her way to be nice to Ashley, and totally supportive.

M: That came completely out of nowhere.  More on that in a minute.

E: BTW, I can’t believe how casual Victoria was about Charlotte not sleeping at home.  She might be the scourge of the Hamptons, but our parents would have had a great deal more to say about that than she did.

M: I don’t think it’s fair to compare our parents to these people.  Our parents are well adjusted people with no social agenda, and are people who actually love their children, care about parenting them and care about their marriage.  So far outside of both being heterosexual couples, I’m failing to see anything they have in common.  That said, your point about Victoria/Charlotte is valid, she would have had a great deal more to say than to make some flippant comment about “last night’s dress.”

E: You get my point – which is that Victoria seems too controlling to let it go at that.

M: Oh, yes, I agree with that completely.  In total, I think the problem with this episode is that it wasn’t up to the level of quality we’ve come to expect from the show.  E, we always give you crap about not liking Back To The Future II because, and I quote, “you could see old Biff’s make-up”, but I think that’s a fair analogy for this episode.

E: Okay, I’ll have you know that was recently on a list of the worst movie make up of all time – hey, wait, were you just conceding the point?  Okay, carry on.

M: Believe it or not, after 22 years I am at least sort of conceding that point, but only because it helps make mine now.  From stupid little things like lighting a photo on fire then dropping it into the ocean, to bigger issues like Fauxmanda acting completely out of the character they’re setting up WITHIN THE EPISODE, Ashley being mad at Emanda out of absolute nowhere, Lydia not remembering the last three months but remembering that Emanda was in a very specific photo, Victoria setting Lydia up in a bedroom that’s right next to the front door in what looks like a 4 million square foot mansion…

E: Yes, what WAS that?

M: It was so that she would hear the conversation between Victoria and Conrad at the door.  Because, you know, they would have had a conversation like that within earshot of the person they’re talking about, right?  Because they are both reckless morons.  Seriously, it was one stupid mistake after another, all from a show that to this point had been pretty intelligent.  Throw on top of it that they seem to have ditched the formula of Emanda taking down someone involved in her father’s downfall, as she hasn’t taken anyone down since the therapist half the length of the show ago now.  I hope they right the ship this coming week.

E: Yes indeed.

M: Right now it’s just a bad episode, hopefully that’s all it turns into.

E: Everybody’s allowed one here or there. I’m definitely not ready to toss in the towel, even though the previews of Fauxmanda kissing Jack on the Amanda are deeply, deeply disturbing.  “There’s just something about her?”  Really? Other than the big neon sign flashing “available”?

M: I don’t think that’s the word, but in trying to keep this post clean I’ll leave it at that.  Of course, you’re the one who usually crosses the line, in case you want to chime in with a more accurate choice.

E: Har har.

M: Back to the point, you’re right, every show can have a bad episode, and it’s been so entertaining so far, that I don’t want to give up either.  However, they need to tread carefully.  I mean, look at the best TV show ever (LOST), they had one stretch of about 8 sub-standard episodes, and lost a huge chunk of their audience, people who had been with it through the first two spectacular seasons.  Revenge has been good, but it hasn’t built that loyal a following yet.

E: Lost it ain’t.  And I’m not willing to call this the Others season yet, either.  All in all, I think Fauxmanda is a poor trade for Frank as a villain.

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