Fall TV Preview 2011: Friday

E: Call off the babysitter – Friday night has officially become worth staying home for.  If you’re geeks like us, anyway, you are spoiled for choice.

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  • Each * means one Quibbling Sibling will be tuning in.
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Extreme Makeover: Home Edition (ABC, September 25th)

M: I love everything about this show, even though I don’t watch it consistently any more.

A Gifted Man (CBS,September 23rd)

E: Rumor has it this isn’t any good – that Early Edition did it better – but I will have to check out this drama about a successful surgeon who receives visions from his ex-wife’s ghost which lead him to be a better man.  Why?  Aside from the fact that I do find the premise interesting, it’s really about leads Patrick Wilson and Jennifer Ehle (even if she’ll always be Elizabeth Bennet to C and me).

C: For a ‘materialistic guy made better by visions’ story, this looks to be missing the goofy fun of Eli Stone. As you say though, there is Elizabeth Bennet to be reckoned with.

Nikita (The CW, September 23rd)

E: Why do they always put this show up against two others I’m more interested in?  I need to rent the first season.  And if A Gifted Man is canned, I’m going to start watching it.

M: I watched a good portion of the first season, and it was pretty good.  Maggie Q still needs to put on about 30 pounds to begin to look healthy, never mind capable of defeating the people she beats the crap out of on this, but it works.

E: I loved La Femme Nikita, and this drama about a super agent working for a covert agency which turns out to be evil is pure action fun.

C: Why does that premise sound familiar?

M: Hmmm, maybe because it’s a remake?

C: I was thinking because it’s also Alias.

Kitchen Nightmares (Fox, September 23rd)

E: Watching Gordon Ramsey yell at people is my personal nightmare.

C: Not being yelled at by him yourself?

M: A friend of mine at work travels to England a lot to work with out British customers, and says he has a totally different reputation and persona in England, that he’s nice and everything.  Why didn’t Fox import that Gordon Ramsey?

Chuck (NBC, October 21st)*

E: To watch the last 13 episodes or not?  Sigh.  I never thought to say this about a show I loved, but thank God it’s ending.

C: Oh show. What happened to you? It’s like watching the reanimated corpse of a friend shambling about.

M: Oh, quit over-reacting.  The show has lost its way, yes.  But even over the last two disappointing seasons it has shown moments of being the show we loved over the first two seasons.  Now they should be focused with the end in sight.  I mean, LOST set an end date and cranked out 3 and 1/2 spectacular seasons after starting to lose its way.  All Chuck has to do is bang out 13 episodes.  I think they can pull it off.

C: Here’s hoping!


CSI: NY (CBS, September 23rd)

M: I love both Gary Sinise and Baba O’Reilly, but I lost track of this three or four years ago.

Supernatural (The CW, September 23rd)

M: This is another CW show that I thought ended 5 years ago.  How do they consistently do that?  I mean, Smallville was on for about 7 years after I thought it got cancelled…

C: It’s not surprising you thought that, M, since they actually announced over a year ago that they were bringing this series about demon-hunting brothers to an end. Then their numbers went up so they carried on anyway, with a goofy “What? No no, we meant we were ending the plot arc, that’s all” announcement. Though it’s nothing like the show it was when I watched the first three seasons, I know this iteration still has its devoted fans. Primarily fans of Jensen Ackles’ pectorals? Possibly.

Fringe (Fox, September 23rd) **

M: Aaahhh, Fringe, the best show on TV.  And before you even start, E, I know you will argue the case of The Good Wife, but you are wrong.  TGW’s big twist was that a politician that cheated on his wife also cheated on her with someone else on the show, who has since become her friend.  NO WAY!  And their big finale was that the two main characters finally hooked up.  Big deal.  Fringe leaves you with reveals like SPOILERS (season 1) or SPOILERS (season 2), or BIG TIME SPOILERS (season 3)!  I mean, that’s some SERIOUS mojo, some major kick-ass TV.   I literally pump my fists and say “I LOVE THIS SHOW!” almost once an episode.  I’m sooo glad they’re not waiting for the World Series to be done to start airing it.

C: I’m three episodes away from being caught up!!

Grimm (NBC, October 21st) **

C: I like fairy tales. Bloody crime dramas, though? Not my favorite. Bloody crime dramas about a policeman who finds out he is a “Grimm” – one who can see fairy tale creatures posing as humans for their real evil selves and chases them down – meh.

M: I dunno, seems worth a look to me.

E: I definitely have more tolerance for the grim than you, C, because I’m intrigued as well.

C: Can I just say, poor Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm have to be some of the most misunderstood figures in history? Everyone knows their last name, but no one seems to understand that they were folklore collectors, not fantasy writers.

M: No, you cannot say that.  Seriously, though, that is a highly misunderstood point.  I’m also willing to bet that neither of them looked like Matt Damon or Heath Ledger.

C: You tell me.


20/20 (ABC) and Dateline NBC (NBC)

M: We’re lumping these together in the “At this point, there’s nothing to say about them” category.

Blue Bloods (CBS, September 23rd)

E: I actually watched a decent amount of this show last year, mostly because I really like Donnie Wahlberg.

M: Um, does my brother-in-law know about this?

E: As an actor. Shut up.

M: Yeah, whatever.  Continue.

E: It’s a well-made drama, cases of the week married to a contentious – but loving – family dinner table.  Sort of like Sunday dinner at our house, if we were all in law enforcement.

M: Wait, does that make me Donnie?

C: Given the implications above, let’s give Mr. E that prize.


One comment on “Fall TV Preview 2011: Friday

  1. Hayley says:

    I have seen both the British and American versions of Kitchen Nightmares. The British version is wonderful–it’s about, you know, running a restaurant, cooking good food, etc. It’s completely fascinating. Of course Gordon Ramsay is Gordon Ramsay, and he uses a firm hand with the restaurant owners, but it’s nothing at all like the US version, which plays up yelling and family drama and always tries to create or exploit emotional breakdowns of the restaurateurs. It’s total crap television. Why, indeed, didn’t the US import the Gordon Ramsay with good business sense instead of the yell-until-someone-cries Ramsay?

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