So You Think You Can Dance Season 8 Finale Wishlist

E: One of the most delightful parts of my delightful summer favorite So You Think You Can Dance is the finale results show.  Why?  Because the dancers reprise the best routines of the season.  Hurrah!  I just love it.  So here are my thoughts about the routines the judges or producers will ask to see again.  There’s lots to choose from.  It’s been a good season, guys!

Hip Hop:

This season was perhaps not as blessed as season 7 with amazing hip hop routines, but a few stand out.  Two Tabitha and Napoleon pieces might make the list, depending on how many they want to feature?  Robert and Miranda’s gritty Woody Woodpecker inspired “Break Ya Neck” from the second performance show, and Melanie and Marko’s lyrical from the 3rd performance show, “I Got You,” the one about the groom left at the altar who realizes he ought to be with his best friend instead.  Unlikely, but possible, is a second look at Jess and Clarice’s “Amazing” by Christopher Scott.   Someone (not me, but someone) might prefer Tadd and Comfort’s “Look At Me Now” by Chuck Maldanado.  Much more likely is Tabitha and Napoleon’s “Coming Home” for Sasha and Alexander.  There’s one obvious stand out to the season, however, and there’s no way this one can miss: “Misty Blue,” Christopher Scott’s sexy breakfast breakthrough for Sasha and Twitch. For me, it was the routine of the season.


Jess and Clarice’s Sinatra foxtrot “Fly Me To the Moon” had a lovely feel to it, and might make the cut.  Jordan and Tadd performed a much praised Viennese Waltz to “Fade into Me,” as did  Melanie and Pasha’s to “Everybody Hurts.”  I’d be very surprised if we don’t see Pasha and Caitlynn’s Old Hollywood inspired Argentine Tango “Malajunta”; all that smolder can’t go unnoticed! But as with hip hop, but there’s one routine that stands above the rest.  I don’t know how Nick and Iveta’s “Ballroom Blitz” quickstep could fail to make the finale.  I’m surely going to be tossing stuff at the tv if I don’t see it again!


Now, the judges might not actually use any of these routines – this season is so heavy with amazing contemporary performances, and a bit light on good Broadway – but if they do, there are a few really clear choices.  There’s Melanie and Tadd’s Black Swan inspired “(Where Do I Begin)Love Story,”  (not my favorite, but still) and Jess and Clarice’s “My Baby and Me” from the first week.  But for my money, you can’t overlook Ashley and Chris’s sexy “Please Mr. Jailer;” for style and storytelling, it’s easily the best Broadway of the season.


Melanie and Sasha’s “Game On,” no question.  Not one of my favorites, but you can’t forget Lady Gaga throwing her shoes at the dancers and at choreographer Sonia.  Then there’s also “Heavy in Your Arms” which Sonia created for Marko and Caitlynn, which was moving and powerful.


I can’t help feeling that this is going to be a good night for Sonia Tayeh, even if I’m not quite sure where to classify a few of her routines.  She did another super well received piece for Marko,  “I Know It’s Over” with All Star Allison, and one for Ryan and Ricky (“With Every Heartbeat”) which is their best chance of getting recognized, I think.  It’s the one with the fabric wrapping, remember?  Mandy Moore has a few serious contenders from her 80s hit parade: Mitchell and Caitlynn’s “To Love You More” and Melanie and Neil’s “Total Eclipse of the Heart,”  the one with the spectacular leaping lift.  Actually, both of those routines have spectacular leaping lifts, which makes it likely we won’t see them both.  Jordan has a chance of appearing here as well as in ballroom, though neither spot is assured: there’s the Vulture dance Travis Wall created for her and Tadd, and Desmond Richardson’s “Who You Are” which she performed with All Star Brandon.   It’s possible, though probably unlikely, that Dee Caspary might sneak in, either with his Moth routine for Melanie and Marko (“Skin and Bones”) or his piano memory routine for Sasha and Alexander, “Belong.”  I think Tyce has an excellent shot at having his “Fool of Me” for Sasha and All Star Kent make the finale show.  And can you really imagine anything going forward without “Turn to Stone,” the Travis Wall statues come to life routine that made us all fall in love with finalists Melanie and Marko, back in the very first week?  No.  I didn’t think so.

Smaller Genres:

Well, we all know the waacking routine won’t get there. I have trouble imagining them including Jordan and Tadd’s African Jazz; it was terrific, but they ended up in the bottom.  There was really only one good Bollywood pair routine, which featured Clarice and Robert – but that one sent her home.  Still, it’s possible we could see one of those last two routines just to bring diversity to the evening.  If they choose a group routine, the judges could go for Tyce’s magical “Water For Elephants” circus piece.  There’s also “My Discarded Men” during which the top 7 girls attend the funerals of evil men they’ve dispatched, or the equally murderous gorgeous group number “Poison and Wine.”  And you can’t forget Christopher Scott’s extraordinary “Velocity” for the top ten men, done LXD style.  It’s genius.

And there it is!  Did I leave anything out?  What do you really need to see again?  What are the chances that the judges will actually pull a routine from the performance finale, as they did with Brandon and Jeanine’s Paso in season 5?  Discuss!

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