Thoughts on the Forthcoming 2011 Emmy Nominations

E: Let’s make it simple here.  We’ve got the Emmy’s in the real world, and we’ve got them in E’s world. And let’s start with what’s most important.

In E’s world, lots of The Good Wife actors and staff will get nominated.

In the real world, this is probably going to happen, too. 

There honestly seems to be no doubt that this is the best drama on network TV.  You’d be hard pressed to find a critic to dispute that. (Well, okay.  This is the internet age.  Dispute is easy.  Still. It seems to be a truth universally accepted.)  Julianna Margulies, Archie Panjabi and Christine Baranski have good shots at repeat nods.  I’d like to think that either Alan Cummings or Matt Czurchy or Chris Noth had shots at a supporting nod, but I don’t really expect it will happen.  Perhaps Cummings will get lucky, though.  And hopefully we’ll have some Guest Star nods, like last year.  We’ve had some spectacular ones.  You have to imagine that Michael J. Fox, being who he is, and considering the showy nature of his role, has a very solid shot.  But of course, I’d like to see Martha Plimpton get notice for her incomparable Patti Nyholm. On the other hand, I’d be happy to see her score a Comedy nod for her excellent work in Raising Hope, even if it’s no where near as genius as what she does on TGW.

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So You Think You Can Dance: Results Show, 7/7/11

E: Le Sigh.  Zees Show, sometimes, it makes me sad.  It is not zee zurprize, but steell, I am zo zorry.

Yeah, okay.  I don’t really know what that’s about.  Anyway. Most of this show was actually pretty fun, if you can ignore the unpleasant elimination part. Bollywood, ballet and Florence and the Machine?  Bring it on!

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So You Think You Can Dance: Top Fourteen Performance Show, 7/6/11

E:  Well, it had to come some time. This was probably my least favorite episode of the season. Oh, some of it was good.  The introduction packages were moderately interesting, even.  But this is definitely the first episode where I haven’t been out of my head loving the show.

We had odd new guest judges, and a ton of new choreographers.  I can’t remember a show with so many choreographers whose work we’ve never (or rarely) seen.  Really, there’s only one whose work we’re generally familiar with.  Also, almost half the pairs will end up in the bottom, so it will be fascinating to see how all that works out. Who really has the most viewer support? Some favorites stumbled last night, and others shone.

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So You Think You Can Dance: Top 16 Performance Show, 6/29/11

E:  How much do you love this show?  I mean, really.  This show is amazing.  From Cat’s stunning ensemble to not one but two exemplary ballroom routines to the genuinely hilarious guest judge and the overwhelming enthusiasm of the crowd (not to mention that kiss!), it was a dream of a night.

So let’s get right down  to the joy of it all!

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July Movie Preview

M: As we head into the summer months (or, judging by the weather so far in the Boston area, what is supposed to be summer), we head full steam into the season of big box office films.  July is the month that the studios put out what they think will make the most money, as all kids are out of school for the whole month, a lot of people are willing to pay $12 just for two hours of air conditioning, and everyone is looking for something fun.

C: It’s plenty hot in Connecticut. Bring it on!

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