Emmy 2011: Reactions

E:  Woohoo!  Cat Deeley and So You Think You Can Dance!  YES!  That pretty much made my morning, y’all. Happy dance, happy dance, happy dance…This looks something like the Snoopy dance, if you’re wondering.

So.  Melissa McCarthy (Mike and Molly) and Joshua Jackson (Fringe) read the announcements.  And they delivered news good and bad.  A drama series nod for Game of Thrones, but nothing for Sean Bean.  Instead, Bryan Cranston’s vacated slot goes to Timothy Olyphant of Justified.  Nominations for Kathy Bates (Harry’s Law) and Mirielle Enos (The Killing) but a snub for Kira Sedgewick, last year’s lead actress for The Closer, and previous nominee Katy Sagal.   The expected nominations for Julianna Margulies and The Good Wife, which, yes, turned out to be the only network show so honored.  Check it out.  They’re all cable.  Friday Night Lights got a series nod for it’s final season, and both leads enter their respective races with a lot of sentiment to back them up.

There was a surprise nod for Melissa McCarthy, over more expected (ie previously nominated) names like Lea Michelle and Patricia Heaton.  I can’t help but believe that her standout turn in the huge hit Bridesmaids influenced this nomination. I’m not saying I begrudge her the nod; in fact, I’m thrilled to have new blood.  I just can’t help but think it made people stand up and take notice of her.  (Speaking of which, Martha Plimpton!  Yes!)  McCarthy was adorably frozen and then flustered upon hearing Jackson call her name, almost too flustered to read the next category.  Yay!

There are some shocking and exciting developments in the Movie/Miniseries department, though.  The Kennedys, for best mini-series?  Really?  Wasn’t that universally panned?  But the critically derided series gathered nods not only for mini-series but also for Greg Kinnear and Barry Pepper.  Wow.  I’m weirded out by that.  Is there a secret conservative voting block in Hollywood?  Oh well.  I haven’t seen it, so I can’t judge.  But I can say hurrah for Idris Elba, who was mesmerizing as the titular detective in the British mini-series Luther.  The whole thing horrified me, but I couldn’t look away.

Speaking of the British, PBS and the BBC did well with Downton Abbey (mini-series, lead actress nod for the American wife Elizabeth Montgomery) and Jean Marsh’s Rose from Upstairs Downstairs. 

But the real highlight for me came just after they read out Tom Bergeron’s name in the Reality Competition Host category, when Cat Deeley’s smiling face popped up on the monitor.  Look out, boys!  And I still wasn’t expecting it when So You Think You Can Dance made the list of Reality Competition along with perennial faves The Amazing Race, American Idol, Project Runway and Top Chef.  (Oh yes, and Dancing With the Stars.)  So. Very. Happy!

So now I’ve trudged over to the official site to check out the supporting nominations and other stuff that didn’t get reported at the press conference.  There are a LOT of categories, in case you were wondering.  I’m happy to report that Sue Sylvester will be taking her track suit (well, okay, probably not) to the Kodak theater.  Betty White also received a supporting comedy nod, which couldn’t be more awesome.  Chris Colfer did indeed get his supporting nod for Glee (should we be surprised by the lack of love for the show’s leads?  naw, this season wasn’t about them).  Al Bundy – er, Ed O’Neill – gets himself a nod over castmate Ty Burrell; otherwise Modern Family gets the same five acting slots as last year.*  Jesse Tyler Ferguson, you better come back on SYTYCD tonight and celebrate with us!  Supporting Actress in a drama is pretty exciting for me – Michelle Forbes does get a nod for her heartbreaking work in The Killing.  She blew me away as Ensign Ro in Star Trek:The Next Generation, and as Admiral Cain on Battlestar Galactica, and I have wished good things for her since, and I could not be happier to see her get the notice she’s long deserved.  And, of course, I’m thrilled to see the women of The Good Wife get attention yet again – Archie Panjabi and Christine Baranski made the list!  Woot!

And, woah, there’s another acting nod for The Kennedys; Tom Wilkinson as Joe Sr.  Damn.  I love Tom Wilkinson, but I’m really surprised.  Mildred Pierce does really well, taking not only the expected lead nomination for Kate Winslet (who seems the inevitable winner) but slots for Guy Pearce, Bryan O’Byrne, Evan Rachel Wood, Melissa Leo and Mare Winningham.  Damn.  Rounding out the movie/mini-series supporting  category for women is Maggie Smith from Downton Abbey (duh) and Eileen Atkins from Upstairs Downstairs (slightly less duh).

And – GASP!  GASP!  Both Josh Charles and Alan Cummings got supporting nods for The Good Wife!  Oh, forget the fact that I was more impressed this season with Matt Czuchry and Chris Noth.  That’s freaking awesome and totally unexpected. Cummings, maybe, but Charles?  No, I’m blown away.  Five acting nods in the main categories!  YES!   I’m gaping like a fish.  No John Noble (what is WRONG with you people?) but Peter Dinklage did snag the single acting nomination for Game of Thrones, and I have to be happy about that.

And – YES – choreography!  There are five nominations (out of the six) for So You Think You Can Dance, each for several specified routines.  Mia Michaels (notably “Alice in Mia-land,” my favorite group routine from last season/”When We Dance”/”This Bitter Earth”), Stacey Tookey (“Mad World”/”Sundrenched World”/”Heaven is a Place on Earth”- wow, how astronomically themed), Mandy Jo Moore (“Boogie Shoes,” yay!/”Oh Yeah”/”I Surrender”), Tabitha and Napoleon (“Outta Your Mind”/”Scars”/”Fallin'”) and Travis Wall (“Fix You”/”Collide”/”How It Ends”).  YES!  I’m super, super happy for Travis, particularly.  Okay, I know they don’t have a ton of competition, and it’s more of a question of which choreographer and how many rather than whether, but it still makes me super happy.  Plus, 5 out of 6 nods?  That’s pretty spectacular. Oooh, I hope they can get most of those choreographers to come to tonight’s show so we can all applaud them! Not that they’d hear.  You know what I’m saying.

As for Guest Actors, well, I was right about Michael J. Fox; his Louis Canning did garner a nod for The Good Wife.  And the show got a nod for casting. (But, boo, the series didn’t get a writing nod.  How is that possible?  Grr.  I am happy for Jason Katims picking one up for Friday Night Lights, though.)  Kristin Chenoweth as April Rhodes, one for Dot-Marie Jones as Coach Beiste, one for the marvelous Cloris Leachman as Maw Maw on Raising Hope (except, how is she not considered a regular cast member?) and yes, one for Gwyneth Paltrow as Holly Holiday.  Excellent.  Julia Stiles shows up for her guest stint on Dexter, and Loretta Devine for her recurring role as the now dementia addled Adele Webber on Grey’s Anatomy.  Huh.  So that show got some notice this year.  No Martha Plimpton, but I guess she’s not crying after her lead nomination in Comedy.  Last but not least in E’s world, costume nods were give to Downton Abbey, Upstairs Downstairs, and Mildred Pierce (as well as Cinema Verite, a film set in the 70s which has done well for HBO). Predictably, the series costuming nods got to era pieces like Mad Men, Boardwalk Empire and Game of Thrones.  And, er, Glee?  Well, the Lady Gaga episode was a triumph.

So.  Let’s see.  To sum up, nothing for John Noble, for which I make frowny faces at my computer and curse the universe.  But in general?  Not too shabby.  Click the link above for a complete and exhaustive list, and let me know.  What’re you celebrating or weeping over this morning?


*Edited to note: I got this wrong.  Burrell, O’Neill, Stonestreet and Ferguson are all nominated.  If that looks like a lot from one show, the Academy reminds us that back in the 80s, the cast of Hill Street Blues took up the entire supporting slate.

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