Thoughts on the Forthcoming 2011 Emmy Nominations

E: Let’s make it simple here.  We’ve got the Emmy’s in the real world, and we’ve got them in E’s world. And let’s start with what’s most important.

In E’s world, lots of The Good Wife actors and staff will get nominated.

In the real world, this is probably going to happen, too. 

There honestly seems to be no doubt that this is the best drama on network TV.  You’d be hard pressed to find a critic to dispute that. (Well, okay.  This is the internet age.  Dispute is easy.  Still. It seems to be a truth universally accepted.)  Julianna Margulies, Archie Panjabi and Christine Baranski have good shots at repeat nods.  I’d like to think that either Alan Cummings or Matt Czurchy or Chris Noth had shots at a supporting nod, but I don’t really expect it will happen.  Perhaps Cummings will get lucky, though.  And hopefully we’ll have some Guest Star nods, like last year.  We’ve had some spectacular ones.  You have to imagine that Michael J. Fox, being who he is, and considering the showy nature of his role, has a very solid shot.  But of course, I’d like to see Martha Plimpton get notice for her incomparable Patti Nyholm. On the other hand, I’d be happy to see her score a Comedy nod for her excellent work in Raising Hope, even if it’s no where near as genius as what she does on TGW.

In E’s world, Sean Bean gets notice for being his Sean Beaniest (rugged, noble, flawed) in Game of Thrones

In the real world, he just might.

Category champ Bryan Cranston’s vehicle to Emmy took the year off, so without Breaking Bad around, there’s some open space for love.   While I’m on the subject of Game of Thrones, who thinks Peter Dinklage can sneak in to the supporting nominations?  I’ll be dancing a jig if he does.  That is, unless he comes in at the expense of someone even more marvelous….

In E’s World, Anna Torv and John Noble get double Emmies for playing dopplegangers on Fringe.

In the real world, John Noble – no, I can’t even say it.

I can’t even bring myself to say that he might have a shot, because it will hurt me too much to hope and have them not call his name tomorrow morning.  His addled, guilt ridden childish genius Walter Bishop is beyond the beyond.  It’s a daffy, heartbreaking performance.  Why why why why why don’t you notice, Emmy voters?  (By the way, I mean they each play two characters.  Not that they’re dopplegangers of each other.  Although there was that bit where Torv was possessed by Leonard Nimoy…)

In E’s World, The Killing still gets acting nods even if their brilliant start failed to translate into a brilliant middle or ending.

In the real world – actually, it’s unclear.

Michelle Forbes, Brent Sexton, Mirielle Enos, and Joel Kinnaman were heartbreaking, tough, and smart.  But it’s a new show, which generally counts against you in Emmy land, and audiences in general were not happy with the ending.  And please – new blood is a deeply necessary thing!

In E’s World, the best host in reality tv finally gets her Emmy nod.

In the real world, Cat Deeley is snubbed again – but So You Think You Can Dance still picks up two or three choreography nods and some notice for the hair and make up teams.

All I can say to explain this is that people don’t watch this show.  Honestly.  The girl thinks on her feet.  She’s actually funny.  When was the last time you genuinely laughed at something Ryan Seacrest said?  And he’s a good host, I’ll admit it.  But that they can nominate Heidi Klum and Howie Mandel and Phil what’s-his-face, who only squints and recites lines from a card instead of someone who can joke beautifully off the cuff while daubing at the contestants’ wounds?  Still, there should be some good stuff in Reality Competition, which will hopefully include the utterly winning Top Chef:All Stars.

In E’s World, Glee doesn’t deserve a big nomination.  But some of the supporting players do.

In the real world, the supporting player most likely to be noticed is Chris Colfer.

This was a weird, inconsistent year for Glee, and I’d expect Emmy to reflect this.  When so many sitcoms are so good, why go for a dramedy that’s lost it’s zip?  Colfer’s good, but I would really love to see Jane Lynch nominated.  Less obviously, you have to love Heather Morris’ Brittany.  I will be surprised if Gwynneth Paltrow hasn’t earned herself a Guest Star Emmy nod; I wouldn’t be surprised if their stunt casting doesn’t result in some notice.

In E’s World, Adam Baldwin would score a Comedy supporting nomination, PBS scoops up dozens of award slots, and Matthew Bomer and Simon Baker will get special awards for bringing back the three piece suit. 

In the real world, none of that will ever, ever happen.

Sigh.  What can I say?

I’ll be back tomorrow with the nominations and some thoughts on what’s thrilling and what’s boring, unacceptable or shocking.  Tune in!


2 comments on “Thoughts on the Forthcoming 2011 Emmy Nominations

  1. MMGF says:

    No kidding, I was reading your plea to the universe to rightfully reward Cat Deely (the best host on TV bar NONE) when guest judge Jesse Tyler Ferguson announced on So You Think You Can Dance that he hopes she gets a nomination tomorrow, because he thinks she’s go great. I actually stood up and clapped. Here’s hoping!! (Even though I think doesn’t Jeff Probst win this award every year? He’s actually fantastic, too, but I’d still vote Cat. Love to see Padma get a nom here, too.)

    Man, would I love to see Martha Plimpton get two noms. She’s equally fantastic in The Good Wife and Raising Hope. And Archie Panjabi, well, she’s who I want to be when I grow up. I also think Alan Cummings could pull off a nomination. Julianna Margulies will obv. get a nom, but she could have a very hard time getting a win. I hear Elisabeth Moss is submitted in lead this year, and if she submitted “The Suitcase” for her entry… well, she should win, I’d think. That’s one of the most sublime episodes of any show I can think of. (Although, will Connie Britton, of the beloved-yet-Emmy-passed Friday Night Lights finally get some love?)
    Getting ahead of myself…. 🙂

    • E says:

      I’m so curious to see where the lead actress race will pan out, now that they’ve snubbed last year’s winner. Should be a doozy. Love Elizabeth Moss, even though I don’t watch that show, so I’m super happy for her. And again, I love Connie Britton and Kyle Chandler, and I think it’d be nice (now that the show is over) for one of them at least to take home the prize. Have they both been nominated before? Must look into that. Not sure Chandler has.

      And, um, CAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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