Top Chef Masters: Biggest Loser

E: Sigh.  I think the judges made the right call this week, but man, it’s depressing.

M: You know, I thought I would be more depressed, but it was truly earned, so I wasn’t upset when it went down.  We’ll get to that in good time, though.  Let’s start with the Quickfire.

E: Okay, let’s.

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Music Review: Mumford and Sons

M: Let me start out by saying two things: first, that this will not be a technical “review”, analyzing the music or trying to come up with a witty phrase like “I’ve seen the future of rock and roll, and it’s name is Bruce Springsteen”, and second, that I completely understand that no one reads out music posts.  To all you folks who pop in here to read E‘s reviews of The Good Wife, I know this isn’t what you come here for, and to our closest friends and family who will read this out of a sense of obligation, bear with me as I share with you about the first band that has REALLY piqued my interest in a long, long time. Continue reading