Grey’s Anatomy: Unaccompanied Minor

E: Here we are, another season ended.  Who knew that was a pop song?  All Grey’s episode titles are all pop songs, and at this point, there are a lot I haven’t heard of.  Granted, there’s White Wedding and I Will Survive, but then there’s also Unaccompanied Minor.  Okay.

Like last week, I was pretty pleased with this episode.  It wasn’t a horrific weepfest like last year, but I did cry, for the first time in a long time, and that’s something I expect of Grey’s.  The ratio of personal drama to medical cases was let’s just say , unusual for Grey’s.  I don’t think we even saw a surgery take place, and only had two or maybe three actual patients.  But for all that, it was good show.

 Let’s start with some small stuff.  Lucy – soon to be one of Charlie’s Angels – asked Alex to ask her not to go.  Predictably, his response was along the lines of ‘bite me.’  Bye bye, Lucy Fields!  In better romantic news, Teddy decided not to go to Germany with perfect white knight Andrew so that she could stay with fake husband Henry.  Good choice, Teddy!  I loved his bitter speeches, and I loved that she made him stand up so she could kiss him when she decided to stay.  Did she break up with Andrew before doing this?  I hope so.  I hope so.

And, let’s see.  In other romantic news, once Mark heard why Avery dropped out of the Chief’s genius diabetes study (ie, so the Chief could win the Harper Avery award), he told Avery that he was “giving him” Lexie.  You can imagine how well this sat with Avery (“uh, I already have her” – I never noticed. but his voice is a little similar to Joshua’s Jackson’s – nice) and with Lexie (paternalistic blah blah blah).  Lexie begged Mark to stop reminding her that he’s letting her go, because it will make her come back to him, and she doesn’t want to.  She’s happy and he’s happy.

Now, on the unhappy side, we have Meredith, who tried to withhold the source of her tinkering with the trial.  The Chief told her he was going to fire her (as we saw during the commercials) but quickly backpedaled when he figured out on his own that Meredith had done it for Adele, and done it in part because he’d begged her.  So she ended up suspended.  Now, Derek, on the other hand, freaked out.  How selfish, he said, and how frustrating.  Where was her appreciation of the big picture?  Doesn’t she realize he’s trying to save HER with this trial?  And that there are other people, just as beloved as Adele, who would benefit but now won’t?  We had one patient’s family freak out when they were told the trial was on hiatus.  (Who else thought it was really inappropriate of the wife to do that in front of her small children?  Yuck.)  So Derek disappeared and – of course! – the social worker decided they could take Zola home now.  Yikes!  Meredith had exactly nothing to take care of her – no car seat, no crib, nothing.  I loved the scene with the NICU nurse; pretty much any normal baby will go home with most of that kind of loot, but that the nurse had easy access to big gear from families who lost their babies.  Wow.   Anyway, poor Meredith had to go home alone, while Derek was off pouting and camping at the half built new house.  (What was with the social worker sneering at the house?  Clearly they weren’t living there, and it’s going to be astounding.) I love how truly mature she’s become, and I loved the discussion – okay, fight – about the issues with the study being black and white.  BUT.  I hate when Derek gets cold and petulant and mean, as when he told Meredith that maybe she was right, maybe she wouldn’t be a good mother.

But again, how much has she grown that she didn’t spiral into despair?

The big event of the episode was a plane crash.  Our doctors prepped for patients and surgeries that never came; all the passengers died, leaving the surgeons (right) to tell people their loved ones were dead.  I can’t help thinking they’d have found that out from the news on their smart phones, but okay.  Everyone was shellshocked and miserable, until one little girl – one unaccompanied minor, who was supposed to switch planes on her way to Vancouver – came in, and somehow, when they heard the news that one person had survived and was currently alone, a lovely older woman who lost her son begged her husband to stay, because the little girl needed someone pulling for her.  And somehow, all the grieving parents and spouses decided to stay, and the tears, they flowed.  (In fact, I’m tearing up now.)  When the girl’s mother finally arrived from Vancouver, the others filled her in on her daughter’s condition – and pretended their family members were okay, so that she wouldn’t feel guilty.  It was heartbreaking, and I bawled again.

So, good.

Also?  April Kepner (I knew it) was picked as the Chief Resident.  It would have been Meredith (the most liked person in the hospital – interesting epigraph for her mother’s daughter, huh?) if she hadn’t blown it, or Alex if he hadn’t screwed over the most liked person in the hospital.  So it’s April.  She was thrilled at how far she’d come in a year until Avery reminded her she’d have to be bossing people around and they’d hate her for it.  Yep.  It’s problematical.  Oh, poor April. Sometimes, getting what you want is not as clear cut as you’d think.

Finally, holy smokes. Cristina is pregnant again.  Again!  Seriously, what’s up with her?  She lost a freaking fallopian tube the last time; how can she keep getting knocked up?  (From having sex every day, apparently.)   Owen threw Cristina out because she decided to get an abortion without letting him take part in the decision.  Heartbreaking, this, because she’s right – there’s no way to have half a baby – but where does that leave him?  Alone, it seems. Just awful.  Will she go through with the abortion at the beginning of next season?  Was the trauma of this season worth it?  Do you think it was a recovery from the last couple of blah seasons?  I don’t know.  I miss it when they tried to be (at least more) realistic, but I’m pleased to see people slowly but surely growing up.  I haven’t quite been pushed past the breaking up point  yet.  How about you? Will you be watching in September?

2 comments on “Grey’s Anatomy: Unaccompanied Minor

  1. crystal says:

    Yes, I will be watching!!!! I totally bawled the same time you did…I’m really disliking Christina’s character… lady gets pregnant and has a wonderful guy…hello, be grateful! Also, when Derek gets nasty, he’s not that attractive looking…lol! I’m looking forward to seeing how it all pans out!

  2. thecookiegal says:

    (copied from my FB page)
    I am really tired of tv characters that never want to have a baby, getting pregnant and choosing to terminate or paying for that – if you never want children, then why don’t they just get themselves fixed?

    I really don’t know what to say about Merideth and the trial – she screwed up – sure, it “doesn’t effect the outcome” as she said, but still – why Adele? Why not MY mother or Father? What makes her so special, just because she is the chiefs wife?
    How they will deal with it all I don’t know. I suppose, they can just kick her off the trial, sweep it under the rug and NOT tell the FDA?

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