Grey’s Anatomy: I Will Survive

E: You know what?  I thought this was a pretty good episode. Crazy gory surgery, interesting problems, and some deeply crazy interpersonal drama.  I liked it.  They made the much advertised betrayal plausible.

So what happened?  Zola had surgery to remove a hernia, and Meredith was a wreck.  Being a medical professional can help when someone you love is sick or injured, but it can also mean you’re too informed and are aware of every single thing that could go wrong.  I must say, though, Zola has a lot of physical problems, but you couldn’t tell a one from looking at her.  She looks like a perfect, healthy, chubby little lady.  So much so that you wonder how anyone ever found out about the scale of her injuries?  Why would anyone have taken her to the clinic in the first place?

Meredith had an interview with social services. She was a complete wreck, but adorably so, and the lady was lovely and understanding.  So, that’s too the good.  Doesn’t this all seem too easy, though?  Instafamily!  Surely it won’t go on without a wrinkle or two…

Speaking of wrinkles, just as one patient (a pre-teen with sickle cell anemia) was about to board the bus for the airport, the teenage sister who accompanied her fell to the ground in agony.   There was internal bleeding, and – it turns out – a pregnancy she’d kept hidden so that no one would stop her from getting on the plane.  When she crashes and is taken to surgery, we got the horrific shock that the baby had implanted in the mother’s abdominal cavity; Bailey moved coils of intestine around, looking for the source of bleeding and found instead a baby’s face!  Yikes.  That measure way up there in shock factor.  Lucy Fields – who was, let’s all recall, a hot mess when confronted with Callie and baby Sophia – steps in with total assurance.  Hello, personality transplant!   I don’t know what’s been going on with that.  (Actually, the self-assured variant seems more in line with where she was originally, but that wouldn’t have allowed them to bring in Addison.)

Lucy, meanwhile, has been considering a fellowship from Baylor U in Texas.  She’s completely pissed that Alex is just applauding it as a career choice and not begging her to stay.  I honestly can’t figure out how long they’re supposed to have been together – the show has advanced it’s timetable so rapidly in the last two months, I’m just lost.   Alex – despairing that Hunt will pick him as Chief resident, and frustrated to think that his patients will go home and not have adequate care -applies for the job Arizona left at the Malawi clinic.  I must say, this kind of plotline annoys me because you know Alex isn’t going to Africa, even if it would be completely awesome and he ought to do it.  He can’t leave, he’s a main character!  Bah.  Anyway, he’s oblivious to Lucy’s frustration until she lashes out at him (because that’s mature).  When he finally gets it, he decides to stay at home (shocker) and be with her.  Except, surprise!  Lucy – who is not a main character – is going to Malawi.  Yep, that’s right. Filched that job right out from under her boyfriend, yes she did.  So, never mind that the job calls for a pediatric surgeon and not an ob.  Forget that she already had her dream job in her specialty lined up at Baylor. I’m intrigued by the deviousness of Miss Lucy Fields in stealing Alex’s maybe job right out from under him.

And, wow.  Poor Alex.  Always getting kicked in the teeth by love, isn’t he?

I have to tell you, I love love love that Hunt told Cristina that she shouldn’t even be trying to be Chief resident because it’s all paperwork and it would hurt her soul.  Couldn’t Callie have told her that?  Shouldn’t Callie – who hated being Chief res so much she gave it to Bailey – have told her that?  BUT he was totally on target.  It’s not a Cristina friendly job.  He should have made the point earlier, but that’s fine, too.  The whole denying him sex thing was a little silly (and, sorry, but I can’t believe that not having sex in three days would be some sort of shock to people as busy as they are) but I love that he told her the truth and that she understood it to be the truth and didn’t resent him for it.

Speaking of Cristina, she scrambles her way into a particularly fun case.  April was showing Hunt her big idea; checklists to make sure no one skips a step that would then, say, result in a death like the one April herself caused.  (My question about the checklists is this – at what point do you assign a person a checklist?  How ailment specific are they?)  As April was describing the list to Owen, she explained that the only thing left to do to the patient behind a screen was to use a bronchial scope to make sure the spot on his lung wasn’t cancer.

“Cancer!” squeals the man’s family.  And hey, the dad is Chardo from Veronica Mars!  Awesome to see him doing something other than romancing Paris Hilton and framing his grandmother for credit card fraud.  But I digress.  April’s checklist calls for Teddy to be consulted, but Cristina takes Chardo right up to get the scope, and what does she discover?  A tree.  A tiny tree. Dude inhaled a seed, and somehow – even without light or dirt, it grew inside him.  Cristina decides to horde the case, and schmoozes April into having the two of them do the surgery together while Teddy’s off jogging with Henry and trying to set him up with every woman they pass.  Yang even goes so far as to tell April that she has ‘virgin superpowers’ – something Cristina deems possible because 3 days without sex has left her feeling elated and focused.  Um, okay.  The rule breaking is so against April’s nature, however, that she caves and calls in Teddy.  But surprise!  Chardo wants Cristina. Three different doctors at other hospitals told him that it’d go away, but Cristina found the problem – and he wants her to be the one who fixes it.

Now, it’s interesting.  Whoever did the scope would have found what Cristina found.  It wasn’t any kind of question of her genius.  But of course it fed into her feud with Teddy and her feeling that she’s a super special snowflake and can do no wrong.  I can’t help but feeling that Teddy is mishandling the situation.  I mean, I get it, Cristina does have a God complex, and Teddy’s right that it’s a problem.  BUT.  Surely ignoring her and refusing to teach her isn’t giving her any lesson at all, is it?  Cristina thinks Teddy is jealous and so is ignoring her very correct perceptions.  That’s causing her to ‘steal’ surgeries.  And how much good is that doing anyone?

Teddy, meanwhile, is going to move to Germany with Andrew Perkins, because she really likes him. Seriously? Come on. You’re going to leave your job, your country and your language for a guy you dated for what, 6 weeks tops?  For a guy you LIKE?  Stupid. I have no patience for that.  Clearly – and oddly – Teddy seems to suddenly want Henry to give her a reason to stay.  Which she knows he would, or ought to know.  Ridiculous and annoying.  Is she a moron?  I mean, okay, she’s liked him more than anyone since Owen, but how can she possible know she likes him enough to leave the country after such a small period of time?   I’m fairly certain this is all empty posturing, although since Teddy isn’t one of the most central characters it’s not impossible that they could ship her away.  I will say, however, it might be a good thought for her to stick around in case the writers break Owen and Cristina up for the finale.  They’ve promised not to break up Meredith and Derek, so Owen/Cristina is the next best thing.  And Greys loves it’s dramatic finales.  (Of course, they also promised that Izzy wasn’t having ghost sex because of a brain tumor, so they’re not perfectly trustworthy.)

Anyway. I love that Richard’s letting Henry into the diabetes trial to give him a leg up in the romance department, though.  That’s super cute.  Also super cute?  Avery bowing out of the diabetes trial because he wants the Chief to be able to win the Harper Avery award – something that his presence on the trial could jeopardize.  Lexie, seriously, I don’t care how cute baby Sophia is (and she is damn cute).  How could you leave Avery?  He’s a keeper.  He is the definition of keeper; he’s smart, he’s preposterously hot, and he’s just a damn good person.  AND he’s in the same place in his life as you are, which is your issue with Mark and his menagerie.

But, oh well.  The writers clearly believe Mark and Lexie are soulmates and are going to break poor Avery’s heart.  And you can’t pick a person to love based on their qualifications.  What can you do?  I wish Jackson better than a girlfriend who’s always gazing longingly at another guy.

Honestly, though, I think the person who gets Chief Resident might very well be April.  Could be Alex still, could be someone we don’t know – could even be Avery in response to his self-sacrifice (a good quality in a leader, right?) But April seems to be doing well.  Hunt ate up her checklists, and with reason. Hunt’s all about building assistance into the system.  Now, do I think she has the personality to get other folks to do what she wants?  That’s more of a question.  But unlike Cristina, she would not be adverse to making up lists and doing paperwork.

And of course we know that the Chief Resident is not, now, going to be Meredith.  Not after Alex spilled the beans about her “messing” with the study.  Can her marriage survive that?  Can the study?  We pretty much all know the consequences shown or hinted at in the preview for next week.  Seems a bit – I don’t know.  Leaves me with the whole “you’re not going to do that to a main character!” thing yet again.

And that’s me.  All in all, I enjoyed this episode.  I hope I enjoy the finale at least as much!

6 comments on “Grey’s Anatomy: I Will Survive

  1. Krizzzz says:

    “3 days without sex has left her feeling elated and focused.”

    I…no, I mean…

    Never mind.

    Just never mind.

    • E says:

      You know, I think that tv shows (especially soaps) want their characters sex lives to be ‘aspirational’ in the same way that they live in ridiculously perfect houses and have unbelievable jobs. I remember an episode of Desperate Housewives (when I watched, the first half of the first season) where Tom and Lynette freaked out because they hadn’t had sex in ten days. These people, btw, had four kids. Including a set of twins. Bah, doctors saying you can’t have sex for six weeks after having a baby! Who listens to that?

      • Krizzzz says:

        Yep. I know it’s all relative: for one person, sex three times a week is “constantly!” while for another — maybe even that person’s partner — three times a week is “hardly ever!” it’s only a problem if it’s a problem for you, or if the two people have different expectations, yadda yadda yadda.

        But, you know, outside of TV, I can’t help but think that an awful lot of perfectly normal people wouldn’t count three days of no sex as withholding. I’m fairly sure a lot of us wouldn’t even notice yet. =P~

  2. Tobaspoon says:

    Totally agreed E, I think the chief resident job is probably going to April now that Meredith is on the point of getting fired. Plus April would be right for the job, she likes the paperwork and like you said, this is not a job for Christina or Alex (as we’ve seen with the African kids project, he can’t deal with paperwork).

    Now about this betrayal thingy and Meredith…I mean, COME ON! I hate that it is going all crazy drama like this. Alex betraying Mer sucks, and of course Mer isn’t going to tell anything…or is she? Maybe if the Chief new she did it for his wife he wouldn’t do anything. But can he fire her? Really? I also hope that Mer/Der wedding survives this, and I believe that they are strong enough to handle this.

    Two things that really sucked though -just like you mentionned it- :
    – Why can’t Lexie be happy with Avery? I mean she left Mark twice, refused a marriage proposal, and now he is all cute with Baby Sofia she suddenly wants him back.
    – AND WHY ON EARTH would Lucy betray Alex? Didn’t he had enough already? Now he betrayed Meredith and is going to feel all guilty about it. It really sucks.

    I liked Avery this episode. He had a small part but he was very good in it. He stood up (just like April). Hope he won’t suffer too much from Lexie.

  3. Tobaspoon says:

    And also, I don’t believe for a second that Teddy is going away with Andrew. She will definitely start something with Henry. Otherwise, she can burn in hell.

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