Grey’s Anatomy: White Wedding

E:  Sigh.  More and more, I wonder what I am doing still watching this show.  Am I the only one?  How can I not even get emotional about cute African orphans?  Hmm, because we’re focused so much on the doctors that the team has lost their excellent skill at creating great patient characters in a brief amount of time.  It’s like they’re not even trying anymore. And the doctors storylines are not enough to keep me intrigued right now.

So, big news.  Callie and Arizona got married.  They both looked gorgeous.  Bailey married them because the church and minister fell through at the last moment.  Callie’s mother was a troll and refused to watch her daughter sign a contract that would send her to hell.  I’m so tired of Catholics being portrayed that way, I really am.  Not that some aren’t, but still, there are plenty of Protestants who are, too, so why is that we uniformly get this anti-tolerance rap?  Sigh.  Callie’s dad – the marvelous Hector Elizondo – left and then came back.  At least the outdoor ceremony was improbably pretty.  I guess Callie does have money, though, so it makes it more likely that she could pull something like that together at the last minute, right?  Maybe? Or is it just the production design team showing off?

Also in the big sigh department; Arizona gives a speech about how she just needs a moment to be sad that her dead soldier brother won’t get the chance to dance at her wedding.  That should have been incredibly moving, and yet, it just felt like another Grey’s speech, and more about Arizona being hostile and defending her right to be sad than her actually being sad, and it felt like it could have been delivered by Lexie or Teddy or any number of characters because they’ve all started to blur together.

Other big news.  Alex figured out what Meredith did with the trial, and may or may not betray her.  Sigh.  The thing is, he made it sound like the whole hospital would go down with her, so he might end up lying about it to save his own career.  You can imagine how much he liked that.  These days I feel like Alex is the only one who consistently has his own voice.  Everyone else is the mouthpiece for the writers, and gets Bailey-style speeches.  But Alex gets to be grumpy and crisp, and thank God for that.

Speaking of grumpy, Stark gave a nice speech to Owen about what a great doctor April is.  He hasn’t forgiven her for turning him down, and he’s a #*(%#& to her face, but behind her back, he’s pretty decent.  Christina, let’s see, is busy not doing anything because she won’t apologize to Teddy and mean it.  Teddy offered a rationale (finally!) for kicking Cristina off her service; Cristina thinks she knows everything, and if she can’t get over that arrogance, she’s going to make a lot of mistakes.  Fine, though I’m not sure this was the way to teach her.

Back to the big news: Derek fell in love with one of the African babies Karev had brought in for surgeries.  Nola, was that her name, a super cutie with spina bifeda (though clearly not a horrible case because she can move her limbs correctly).  He determines she doesn’t have Chiari malformation (and thank God; I have a friend who does, and it’s dreadful – cool that they brought attention to the condition by mentioning it, though) and then decides she’s meant for him, and persuades Meredith to adopt her.  (Do you have any idea how difficult that is, adopting a specific child from a foreign country?  I can tell you.  It’s not easy.  That is not how it works, saying “yeah, I want this one.”  Someone close to me has done it and it’s not a walk in the park.)  So to facilitate the adoption, Der and Mer – oh my gosh! – officially tie the knot.  Their vows are intercut with Callie and Arizona’s, which seems slightly unfair to Callie and Arizona, but hey, whatevs.  They were glowy and cute.

Next week, someone betrays someone else.  If it’s not Alex telling on Meredith (which is so glaringly obvious that it can’t be what’s going to happen), who is it, and what about, and will they manage to make me care about it?  Yawn.  Why am I so faithful to shows, even after they bore me to tears?  Actually, I wish I was bored to tears.  Then at least there’d be something I was reacting to.

Well, what about you?  Anyone else as underwhelmed as I was?

2 comments on “Grey’s Anatomy: White Wedding

  1. thecookiegal says:

    I to often wonder why I continue to watch this show week after week!
    Callie’s family is Catholic -that is well known, so that part didn’t bother me so much. however, while I can understand her mom condoning the wedding, I can NOT understand how she can not love the grandchild! I mean, it is a CHILD! I have a friend that is a priest and he said he would have no problem baptizing the child of gay parents, because it is not the child’s fault that the parents aren’t following the “rules of the church”. I think she is a bad person for not loving the child. I could see how she could say she wouldn’t love it, but once she met her! Come on lady!!!

    I was happy to see that Derek and Merrideth did FINALLY tie the knot for real! That was just getting silly. I am sure they will have to go through more hoops to get the baby, and maybe in the end they won’t?

    I thought it was said that Arizona’s dad said “we don’t have time for a 2 minute moment of silence in the service to light a candle for your brother”. but, maybe it is just too hard for him?

    As for the rest of the story lines….they are still doctors right??? Sigh…..

  2. Tobaspoon says:

    I felt exactly the same, it was too much drama, too much crying and glowing at the same time, and it was a little too obvious. Alex telling on Mer? No way.
    The only thing I liked was Derek’s face with baby Nola, he looked tremendously happy, and that (almost) saved the episode.

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