Grey’s Anatomy: It’s A Long Way Back

E: How sad is it that the only thing that stuck with me after this episode is how cute little baby Sofia is?  Those chubby chubby cheeks are just preposterous squeezable.

But the rest of the show?  Eh.  What happened again? The sad thing is, I’m serious.

Or maybe I’m just creating a mental block between my brain and the really stupid (and totally expected) plot “twist” the writers inflicted on us this week.

Well, okay.  There was stuff.  Largely boring stuff other than the crap I don’t want to talk about.  Callie did physical therapy.  She and Sofia both had to have surgery.  Surprise!  Stark lets them take the baby home early because they can monitor the machines; Callie freaks out about it, and I’m kind of with her.  Do you know how terrifying those machines are?  Trust me, you jump every damn time they go off, and they go off constantly because the baby twitched and the machine can’t get a good reading.  Course, these people are doctors, so maybe they’d be more calm about it than me.  Anyway, Callie freaks out about getting in a car with Sofia, and taking her out of the safe hospital, and I’m with her there, too; taking a baby out of the NICU is pretty terrifying.  Bailey talks her down, though – parenting is terrifying, but you get over that part pretty quickly because you just don’t have a choice about it.

By the way, the baby’s full name is Sofia Robbin Sloan Torres.  Why Robbin and not Robbins?  Have I mistaken Arizona’s last name lo these many seasons, or did the show, or did they just decide to make it her middle name, or what?  Weird, right?  Speaking of weird, Teddy made a habit of dropping in on Henry for a post-blind date post mortem, somehow still ignoring how perfect Henry is for her.  Just when Henry’s ready to approach her again, the psychiatrist from the beginning of the season shows up and they take up right where they left off.  What’s her self esteem issue, seriously?  Because she’s not just “yay, at least I’m going to get to boink someone this time!” and but she can’t really think that they can be together, so why’s she’s getting all excited?  And when he knows that she’s all about unavailable men, doesn’t it seem kind of yucky that he’s willing to just show up and sleep with her anyway?  When he knows she’s too invested in him?

Or is that just me?

Doris Roberts guest starred as a nasty old biddy, there to die and make Alex’s life miserable in the process.  Alex hit her up to fund a project – which, ew, gross.  Even if it was to get surgeries for impoverished African children (ones that Arizona was supposed to help, except she has to be in Seattle with Callie and Sofia), it really felt like it was just part of this mythical race for chief resident.  Ah well.  Maybe we just need to see Alex with the actual kids for it to seem like something he cares about this project for the right reasons.  Also, why can’t we just say these kids are from Malawi, where Arizona was supposed to be?  Why be less specific?  Anyway, Roberts eventually promises him the money (in a funny/awful negotiation scene) but dies before she can sign a check – or so he thinks.  Turns out she’d already instructed her lawyers to send him double his money before she’d capitulated in person.  Good thing those lawyers are so on top of it!  Looks like the next episode’s going to feature a lot of adorable, severely handicapped African kids.  Each resident gets one, just like those preemies (quints, were they?) from the second season, remember, when Addison gave Izzie the one that was going to die just to toughen her up?  Because that’s totally how NICUs work, you have a surgical intern assigned to nurse every baby.  This is how it will be with the pan-African children.

And, let’s see.  Stark’s ignoring April, and actually like a petulant nasty little twit.  He was so gracious when she rejected him; what a shame that couldn’t last.  He’s being nicer to other people, though – specifically Arizona.  Still not so nice to Alex (whose trailer got towed out of the hospital parking lot finally, by the way; I’d wonder how the Chief let that happen, but then I think of Callie living in the hospital basement) but hey, it’s something.

And finally, the ugly.  Oh, God. Didn’t I call it?  The stupidest thing ever happened.  An Alzhiemer’s patient died on the table (his family had withheld details of his heart condition, and he freaked out during the surgery and had a heart attack – NOT cool) so Derek had room for a rapidly worstening Adele in his study.  Adele at one point mistook Meredith for Ellis and begged her to let Adele keep Richard.  It was pretty awful, yes, but not as awful as what comes next; Meredith fudged the trial so that Adele would get the drug instead of the placebo which she would have gotten in the random draw.  And sure, it’s cool that Meredith used the x-ray reader to find an envelope with the drug in it, but eh.  Could this have been any more predictable?  Mer feels inappropriately guilty.  And she does a stupid, impulsive thing that will probably wreck the study if she gets caught, and you know she’s going to get caught, and the study is not only hugely important in Derek’s professional life (and, oh, her own) it’s also his way of making sure that his beloved post-it wife doesn’t lose her mind, so, yeah, the wrong thing to mess with.  I’m not even sure why, because I’m sad for Adele (and pissed at the writers for saddling her with this ridiculous disease; what are the chances, come on), but I have no sympathy for this plotline at all.  Maybe it’s because it’s been so damn obvious.

Bah!  So irritating!

What about you?  Are you more into this than I am?


5 comments on “Grey’s Anatomy: It’s A Long Way Back

  1. joy says:

    Nope I agree with you, the best part of the episode was when Callie started to freak and everyone was trying to reassure her with platitudes, Bailey saying Yes cars are dangerous, life is scary, welcome to motherhood ~ go home!

  2. yaarao says:

    Hey… Thanks for the recap E!
    I dunno… I just felt so sad for Mer this episode… You can see she was really affected by Adele’s mistaking her for Ellis by how it takes her longer than usual to adjust and reply in a way Adele can understand (and we know she’s really good at it). Because of that mix up, Richard’s saying to her that he chose to live with Adele (and not her mother) resonated on an extra level in my mind… it was as if he was rejecting Mer.

    What Mer herself did in this episode, is choose Adele over herself, sacrificing her future (professionally, personally and health wise) for the sake of Adele. She is AGAIN putting herself in harms way for someone else. Didn’t that shrink say she was suicidal? Her many brushes with death have been somewhat by “choice” (with the bomb, drowning), and this seems like a more subtle way of doing that again, although her sacrifice enters greyer areas and she might face serious consequences and more anger from her environment over this.

    And yes, this is predictable…

    BTW Callie rocks worlds. What a great actress.

    • E says:

      Yaarao, that’s a really great point. It’s definitely consistent that Mer would put someone else before herself in that way. And I agree, I did like the scene where Adele thought she was Ellis and she was slow to respond.

  3. Nancy says:

    the clinical trial part of this episode really upset me. Forget about her messing up HER career – I really don’t care about that – but she is putting the whole trial at risk, and the other patients! how dare she “choose” who will get the drug. I don’t understand why the Envelopes that the drugs were in were not sealed as well as the drug itself. Or why that envelope, once it “left” the room was allowed to be put back in even though it wasn’t used.
    As for the baby – in the real world, Dr. Stark, the SURGEON, would have passed her off to the NICU team long before, once she wasn’t a “surgacal” case anymore. While he might still be checking on her, he wouldn’t be discharging her. And as for Callie – I didn’t know they had a “rehab” wing of the hospital – she too would have been shipped off to another facility, and the surgeon would have been long done with her! Oh Hollywood, can you please get something right?
    I can appreciate Callies fear of taking the baby home – I had that same fear the first time we took Alexander home after he was diagnosied.

    • E says:

      Ugh, I know – the surgeons don’t do the discharging in the NICU! I try not to get too mad about the baby stuff on this show, since it’s the only medical stuff I know well enough to see how badly they do it. Although, come to think about it, I’m with you on the rehab stuff, too. (That was my worst moment – leaving the hospital without my baby. Horrible.)

      Like Alex said in last night’s ep, Mer put the whole hospital at risk. Stupid stupid stupid, trying to make up for her mother’s mistakes.

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