Top Chef All Stars: Give Me Your Huddled Masses

E: Now that’s what I’m talking about.

M: Seriously, in the entire time I’ve been watching Top Chef there have been very few times where every single contestant nailed their dish in the elimination challenge. Even in the best seasons, even in finales, even in Top Chef Masters. In fact, the only other time I can think of was the finale of the first round of Masters. Continue reading

Top Chef All Stars: For The Gulf

M: For those of you paying attention, I was off by one week. After the Jimmy Fallon challenge I predicted that Dale would be the next to go. However, in the Muppets/Target episode he made me look bad, by winning both the Quickfire and Elimination challenges. In the end, though, I was vindicated, as he was taken out. Not that I’m overly happy about it, since I liked Dale a lot, but hey, a prediction’s a prediction!  😉 Continue reading

The Good Wife: Great Firewall

E: Well, that was some pretty fantastic internecine drama.  We had a good case this week, with some really nice guest stars, even though all that paled in comparison to the internal theatrics at Lockhart/Gardner & Bond. But, I have to say, I’m ready for a little white hat action, aren’t you?  Of course I like that the show lives in a gray area, but does it have to be charcoal gray?  I’m starting to long for a little of Cary’s moral clarity.  Can we get ourselves a little of that, please?

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Grey’s Anatomy: Not Responsible

E: Sorry I’m so late – what with the Oscars on Sunday, I spent the week watching pretentious and depressing movies.  What a relief it is to arrive back at Seattle Grace, where people at least sometimes laugh.  This episode was full of patented Grey‘s moments.  Lots of excellent, heart breaking patient cases.  Unexpected romantic moments.  Great lines.  And a lot of whiney speechifying where someone grandstands about how no one understands the depth of their need.  Blah blah blah.   Oh well.  I’m starting to wonder if any of these writers actually knows what a successful relationship looks like.

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