Grey’s Anatomy: This Is How We Do It

E: I thought this was a moderately likable episode.  A lot happened.  A lot got set up, including the infamous musical episode.   New relationships.  Deanna Troi!  Drugged up propositions!  Is any of it going to stick with me?

So, the patients.  Adele has Alzheimers.  I hate this.  Lorretta Devine is great and I love them giving her more to do, but I think it beggars belief that both Ellis and Adele would have this disease. I am, actually, kind of surprised that nobody bent the rules to get her into Derek’s study once Star Trek: The Next Generation’s Marina Sirtis drops out so her son, who moved to Seattle from London to help her through the study, didn’t have to break up with his boyfriend.  The son was played by Pej Vahdat, one of the squinterns from Bones.  The moment where he tells his Meredith how his mother stood by him when he came out – even though it destroyed her own marriage – was one of the nicest of the episode.  I’m so relieved that Derek didn’t break all the protocols to get Adele into his study, though, and I did like her sad monologue coming to terms with her illness.

Henry arrived at the hospital after fainting during a jog, and just when Teddy had persuaded the chief that she could operate on the mass near his heart without problems, Henry tells her that he wants them to be together.  The way he does this is totally adorable, and it flustered Teddy, not least because it’s public and totally embarrassing.  Cristina gets the surgery, which she rocks, but Teddy fusses through it like someone with skin in the game.  Then, somewhat to my surprise, when Henry brings it up again when the pain killers wear off, she cuts him off.  It’s just a great story, she says, but I don’t have those feelings for you.  Do we believe her, or is she just sabotaging herself?  You’d think that Henry, being basically doomed, would be right up her alley, what with her general love of inappropriate men.  Oh well. I’m sure the writers aren’t done with this.

Lastly we’ve got Clara, who has diabetes and has not been responding well to anything Bailey, Webber and Avery do.  Eli is also on her team, and steps in to comfort husband Sean (Rick Peters of Veronica Mars and Dexter, to name only a few).  Soon, the Chief is deciding to enroll Clara in his new, Ellis inspired insulin study, even though he hasn’t yet gotten FDA approval.  He gets a waiver (after he’s installed the device).  This plot didn’t really work for me, though.  It was too bound up in Derek’s study and Adele and just felt muddied.  Plus, I didn’t feel how desperate the doctors were to find alternatives for Clara; I felt Sean’s desperation, but the rest?  Oh well.  Was this case more than an excuse for the Chief to be angsty, and for Eli and Bailey to work out their work/relationship power issues?

And, let’s see. There’s lots about the doctors.

Let me say for the record, I really like PDA Lexie and Jackson.  They’re cute!  Come on, admit it.  They’re cute.  I know lots of people think Mark is her soulmate, but isn’t it nice to see her just happy? Not worrying about having to have somebody’s baby or get married when she’s not ready?  They have fun.  They like each other.  It’s not deeply serious yet, but it is deeply cute.  And it’s sort of refreshing for this show, where so much is high drama (or melodrama).

I don’t quite know how I feel about Stark and April, and their whole weird are we friends/not friends thing.  I can see why she panicked – even though she does really enjoy his company – because the whole “sex date” thing would be really panic inducing, especially since she hadn’t talked about her romantic past/lack there of with him.

I can tell you one thing, though.  I did NOT like Nurse Eli’s whole “I am a man – now get in my bed!” argument with Bailey.  Confidence is sexy, no doubt, but having to dominate someone at home because they’re your boss at work?  Not sexy.  Also, woman has a kid!  She can’t just cat off any old night she pleases!  I love him for standing up for patients, and I hate the way the show (or maybe I mean Miranda) minimizes his contributions and obvious intelligence.  She might have been right, however, that when he interrupted her pitch for the study, he made it look like she wasn’t going to explain the risks, when of course she was.  Some surgeons might have minimized them, but I don’t think Bailey is that way.

I like Lucy approaching Meredith to get the scoop on Alex, but I find it interesting that Meredith chose to defend her friend by telling some of the bad things that happened to him on the show. Those aren’t why he has this jerk facade!  He had that when he arrived!  It’s more the abusive father/crazy mother thing that gave him his crusty shell.  But perhaps that’s too personal for Mer to share with a stranger?  Anyway, it was enough to get Lucy to make a move on Alex, out in front of the trailer (Derek’s old one?) which he’s got parked in the hospital parking lot.  Which, for the record, is sillier than Callie living in the basement.

And, finally, Callie.  Callie is now 23.5 weeks pregnant, which, by the way, is like a mutant alien high speed pregnancy, isn’t it?  I think the first two seasons could have fit into the time that’s elapsed on the show between the last several episodes.  Callie has a baby shower (a weirdly early one) throughout which Mark and Arizona (you guessed it) bicker bitterly.  Arizona is a huge pill.  Bridesmaids do not hate the brides!  Or if they do, there is seriously something wrong with their relationships.  All women are not catty.  Best part?  When Arizona snaps that Mark is a better girl than she is.  Also?  Onesie decorating station for the win!  Wow, some of those were very impressive.  That’s not easy stuff.

To make up for suffering through the shower (albiet with terrible sportsmanship) Callie gets a reservation for the night at an adorable Victorian B&B.  A text alerting Callie to Mark’s world rocking discovery of Lexie’s new relationship starts a slide of bickering that ends in a marriage proposal and a car crash.  Yikes!  It didn’t look like Callie was going to say yes to Arizona (and one can imagine that her brief and impulsive marriage to George would have something to do with that), but the smash came first.  Moms and medical professionals will note that Callie’s pregnancy has arrived at that terrifying place where the baby’s viability outside of the womb is possible but quite chancy.

So, Greys fans, what did you think?  Are you looking forward to hearing who can sing (hello, Broadway star Callie!) and who can’t?  Or is the idea of a musical episode just too weird?  What’s going to happen to Menage-A-Baby?  Will Teddy break down and let herself love Henry so he can die already?   And what on earth are we going to do with Adele?

2 comments on “Grey’s Anatomy: This Is How We Do It

  1. Yaara says:

    “…Will Teddy break down and let herself love Henry so he can die already?” LOL!

    Can’t wait for your comments on this week’s episode! MILD SPOILERS AHEAD (I guess…). I imagined they would stick to Callie’s banging her head as the reason for everyone singing (meaning the singing would only happen when it’s her “point of view”), and they didn’t really… Kind of ruined it for me, because it made for some akward moments. I don’t think all the actors were feeling comfortable with this. And they should have used only the -really- good singers… I really enjoyed Sara Ramirez, but could have done without so much of McKidd’s and little Grey’s (I forget her name) singing…

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