Grey’s Anatomy: Golden Hour

E: Okay, so it wasn’t one of the all time greats, but it was still pretty darn good, I thought. Maybe it’s because I’ve known people with the medical ailments detailed here, but I’m mostly down with this episode.  Well, sorry.  I don’t know anyone who had a knife stuck in his skull.

What I liked:

Meredith did quite the good job running the ER, don’t you think, all things considered?  She was calm, she was in charge.  She totally saved that dude having a stroke in the parking lot!  (I also enjoyed him waking up and dumping his girlfriend from hell, insisting on getting his key back before booting her from his hospital room.  Nice.) Sure, she wasn’t able to get everyone seen on time, but have you ever been to an emergency room?  That’s what it’s like.  Well, actually, most emergency rooms have waiting areas, but that’s beside the point.  You wait a lot, and yes, you do get pushed aside for someone whose aorta is about to blow out.

That storyline was devastating.  The guy seems normal.  Why can’t he take his kid to the ballgame?  Because, it turns out, he’s going to die here in the hospital, all alone.  I have a hard time talking about this one.  When the blood started running out of his nose – and then later when Meredith answered the son’s phonecall?  Oh, wow.

And of course there was the comic relief of the drunken idiot with the massive knife stuck in his head.  Most people have probably heard stories or seen pictures of this – someone who has a nail or a knife in their skull and turns out to be fine.  I almost feel like Grey’s has done this before. The comic angle made it so much more fun, though.  When the guys kept pulling beers out of their clothes?  I’m sorry, I laughed.  And holy crap, what an ending?  How much did you howl when the friend pulled it out?  YIKES!

My heart goes out to the family of that poor little boy who kept getting pushed aside for more emergent case, though.  And because of that, I could pretty much hug Alex for giving up his courtside seats to stay and help the poor little guy with the broken femur.  You knew Karev would cave as soon as he saw him – and I don’t know why Callie or Arizona couldn’t have helped – looked like they only had the former for one tiny scene and the latter not at all.

To my amusement, Meredith and Derek aren’t going to have sex in the on-call room or the elevator – he’s going to shoot her up with fertility drugs!  This cracked me up.  The fact that she was so pleasant and perky and capable while on those drugs?  That was even more impressive.  That regimen is not easy, oh no it is not, and I don’t know anyone who’s been on it who’s had an easier time being nice during it.

Avery and little Grey going on a date!  Now, is she sufficiently over Mark to give Avery a chance?  Should she date her housemate?  I almost don’t care.  Are they finally, finally going to get him a girlfriend?  I know lots of people love Mark and Lexie together, but I’ve never been able to see how they were going to get past their different relationship expectations, and with the baby on the way, those differences seem insurmountable.  Where as the handsome Jackson Avery is right where Lexie’s at.

What I was indifferent to:

Teddy, you need to wake up and fall in love with Henry, okay?  I was glad to see him, but I want more movement on this storyline, please! How cute was he, after he’d interrogated Teddy’s date?  “Let’s just say, I think we can do better.”  Also, I really wanted to know whether he explained the relationship to the date, and how that might go down with perspective suitors.  Henry, however, seems much too smart to have introduced himself as Teddy’s husband, since actively screwing up the date would have just pissed her off.

Bailey in the on call room.  She’s funny with nurse Eli, but I wouldn’t mind if the sex part was a little more sexy.

The idea of Cristina as Callie’s baby’s Godmother.  Meredith’s reaction wasn’t particularly attractive, but totally understandable (infertility takes that kind of toll), and I give her huge maturity props for being able to explain to Cristina what was bothering her.  She felt like somehow it meant that Cristina was assuming Meredith would never have a baby; they both acknowledged it was irrational, but like a true best friend, Cristina stepped up.  No, my confusion is with Callie.  I know that Cristina and Callie were good friends, former roommates, but really?  I still don’t buy it.  Why is Callie even talking about this at 3 months?  And, I don’t know, but do people who aren’t even remotely religious get Godparents for their kids?  Being a Godparent isn’t the same thing as being in someone’s will as a legal guardian.  I can see Callie’s family wanting her child to be baptized, although I don’t know if I see Callie going along with it – and if she did, it would matter to her family’s church that Cristina’s an atheist.

Anyway, here’s my point.  My friends who have their kids baptized have Godparents.  The ones who don’t, don’t.  I can’t see either Meredith or Callie baptizing their kids, so what gives?  Is this some sort of fad?

Lucy in the Strawberry Fields with Diamonds flirting with Alex by helping him forge his signature.  I think I’m going to like them – I like the way she teases him, and made him ask her out even when she couldn’t go to the basketball game – but that was both obvious and (as April pointed out) illegal.  (Don’t even get me started on Alex asking April for help cheating.)

What I didn’t like:

Adele’s early onset dementia.  Whether or not it’s Alzheimer’s is beside the point. Is too much.  You can’t do that Adele, she’s too good a character, and you can’t do that to the chief, but even if that was okay, it’s played out.  We’ve been there with Ellis.

“We call it ‘the golden hour’ – sigh. Was it just me, or did the opening voice over seem much more trite than the show?  Even more so than usual?

The preview for next week.  How 90210 is that?  This week, Meredith suddenly goes blind!  Will she ever operate again?  Oh no!  Whatever will they do if she can’t operate?  Right, cause that’s going to happen.  (Tell me it’s a symptom of the fertility drugs, please!)

And that’s it for me.  What did you think?  Did you enjoy it?  Are you looking forward to next week’s very special episode?


5 comments on “Grey’s Anatomy: Golden Hour

  1. Nancy W says:

    okay – so first my comments on Hollywood being so unreal when it comes to medicine! A sugeron running the ER for the night? Umm….ER nurses will have to fill me in on this one, but just doesn’t seem possible to me! Was it overtime for her? And why were all the surgeons in the ER that night, if all the ORs were full? shouldn’t they be doing surgery? Nurse Tyler, must be a float nurse, because he seems to work on every floor depending on the episode! As a mom who brought her son to the ER for a surgical need, I can appreciate the parents frustrations about waiting – and it took for ever just to see a surgeon, and then it was just a clueless resident!
    For the stroke guy – Merideth said to “lexie, “look at the signatures” – umm….a doctor never would see the paperwork! that is a nurses job! The nurse signs them in and out! The Doctors give “discharge” paper work sure, but well, the nurses usually give it to the patient!

    as to other things…..when I was on fertility drugs, I was well….happy, if you catch my drift. I didn’t have to get the shot in the butt though -just in my belly, and my b\hubby wouldn’t do it -but then again he isn’t a doctor that is use to medical things.

    I agree Teddy needs to fall for Henry – although I can see it happening on his deathbed, and her crying over it for episodes to come…

    As for the Godparent thing – I think in tv terms, some how Godparent turns into guardian – just someone to name…..not a religious thing – for me it was, and I picked people that I knew would “take over” the religious upbringing if need be – the guardian I picked doesn’t even go to church – but I have seen this before on TV for non-church goers to pick a Godparent

    • E says:

      Well, it’s better than the time they took over the NICU, which was plain ridiculous. But yeah, Grey’s overstates the importance of surgeons to the running of the hospital at the expense of all other medical fields. I can’t tell you how happy I was a few weeks ago to see nurse Eli be the one to figure out Bailey’s fistula problem. Not that he got any credit for it, or that she respects him the way she would if he were a fellow md…

      And wow, that’s funny about the fertility drugs. I guess that wasn’t as odd a comment as I thought.

  2. Tobaspoon says:

    I LOVED IT! Very very nice moment. I agree with most of the stuff you said E., but what I liked most was the Meredith rocked that OR! It is great to finally see her being a great surgeon. I mean, it’s cool that Alex and Christina are being amazing too but it was important to re-focus on Mer who’s not just some random girl who has bad romantic encounters. She is a damn surgeon.

  3. Crystal says:

    I enjoyed it and *shhh* hubby even watched it and enjoyed it! 😉

    Did not like the trailer for next week…and yes, I called out as soon as I saw it that it’s going to be a side effect to the fertility treatments. It has to be.

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