Grey’s Anatomy: P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)

E: Is it odd that Glee covered this song, and Grey’s Anatomy borrowed it as it’s title in the same week?

My verdict?  Not enough lives threatened, not enough great patients we had emotional connections with, and not enough snogging.  Let’s be honest.  That’s what we watch the show for, isn’t it?  On the other hand, Avery took his shirt off, and this time, it actually meant something.  So that was nice.

Okay, so.  What went on this week?  Stage one of non-traditional family life.  Arizona and Mark are micromanaging Callie’s pregnancy for her good and the good of the baby.  Oh, dear lord.  No one who hasn’t been pregnant can understand how long those 9 months really are, and in the beginning, when you can’t eat anything, to have everything that goes into your mouth dictated to you?  I was a caffeine free pregnant person, but I totally get Callie’s need to remain a person and not just a baby delivery system.  Plus, I just generally hate being told what to do.So I really enjoyed her little declaration of independence; Mark and Arizona get a vote.  Callie gets a vote for herself, one for the baby, and one for her vagina.  So damn funny.

Also, I really like Arizona and Mark talking about it being their baby. That’s kind of a neat thing, somehow.

Mark- inappropriate as ever with his use of students on his service – sics Avery on Lexie to see why she’s upset.  How much do you love him for not breaking Lexie’s confidence and passing on her frustrations and secrets to her ex?  A lot. That’s me, at least.  And it looks

I don’t know how to feel about it the idea of Avery and Mark fighting over Lexie.  Are we finally, finally going to see Avery actually kiss someone?  I like Avery, but what’s more to the point, I actually respect him.  He stood up for April.  He refuses to use his looks or his family connections to advance his career.  He’s an admirable person, and how often do you say that about Grey’s characters?  He’s a stand up guy, he’s cute and smart and funny.  I would set a friend up with him if he weren’t, you know, fictional.  So what the hell is wrong with the writers on this show? So far he’s had crushes on Cristina and Lexie which, while somewhat entertaining, went no where.  Now he’s going back to crushing on Lexie, who is still in love with Mark, but for the same old reasons (well, okay, maybe a new one) cannot be with him.

And really, it is the same reason.  He’s ready for marriage and kids – late, but he’s there.  She’s not.  What do you say about that?  That’s just one of those things; nobody’s wrong, nobody’s a bad person, they just want what they want, and that’s okay.  But it does make it really hard for them to be together, even though they love each other.

At the opposite end of the spectrum from perfect boyfriend in the making Avery, we have Alex Karev, and as surely as the sun will rise in the morning, he’s going to be getting it on with Goldilocks ob/gyn Lucy Fields.   I’m actually surprised they made it out of the elevator without ripping each other’s clothes off, and they don’t even like each other yet.  Well, that’s not quite right.  He likes her.  Because she’s pretty.  And has lady parts.  That’s all he needs at this point.

Anyway, I’m not sure whether that was all in my head, but that elevator ride seemed incredibly charged.  But maybe I was still thinking of Jackson Avery with his shirt off.  Alex and Lucy had their meet cute in Pride & Prejudice style; he came to the NICU looking for a heart for his in-utero patient, asking crassly where the turnip in the cabbage patch was.  Oh, and he also assumed she was a nurse.  Them’s fightin’ words, Karev!  How dare you accuse her of being a nurse just because she’s a woman?  Anyway, Lucy mellows toward Alex when she sees him haunting the o.r. even when Arizona has kicked him off the case.  For some insane reason, Teddy lets Cristina take lead on the delicate operation.  As if giving a 36 week baby a new heart was something she could be practiced on?  But with some trickery, it all turned out well, and Alex got to spend more time with the heart baby’s family, and apologized to Lucy, who explained how horrible it is to have your patient rip herself apart with the idea of getting this perfect baby – because you promise them this perfect baby – and when they go through a terrible labor and the baby is not okay?  It’s just not a good day, or something you take lightly.  And even though I couldn’t help thinking that the doctors weren’t the one who made the woman think she’d have a baby after labor (being pregnant itself is enough to do that), it’s clear it was an anguished situation.

What else?  The Chief offered Meredith a cool diabetes study based on ideas in Ellis Grey’s journal.  Which was super nice of him, but can’t compete with depressing research looking to see if people can or can’t remember the word spoon.  There really wasn’t any choice there, don’t you agree?  Meredith isn’t fascinated by diabetes, groundbreaking and awesome as the ideas may be.  She wants neuro.  I can’t even figure out how the other study was surgical.

Then, there was Thatcher Grey and his 20 year old “tatted up skank” girlfriend, which is what was wrong with Lexie in the first place.   Thatcher hasn’t been in touch for months, and when he comes in complaining of abdominal pain, everyone’s terrified that he’s rejecting Meredith’s liver.  But no, turns out to be an incredibly painful (but not life threatening) kidney stone instead.  But poor Lexie cannot get over the fact that he’s dating, and that the girl is maybe even younger than her own 27 years.  And yeah, that would give me pause too; when the older guy looks like Mark, it’s one thing, but Thatcher?  Well, it’s a surprise.  Girlfriend even gets in the way when Lexie’s attempting to stave off some extreme pain, and Lexie shouts at her.

She then tells Meredith that this is what their dad does; he makes a new family and moves on, and now he’s abandoning Lexie like he abandoned Meredith.  Nonsense, says Mer.  My mom cheated on him and took me away.  That wasn’t his fault.  And it wasn’t his fault your mom died, so if this girl could help him deal with his grief induced alcoholism, that’s awesome.  Get over yourself and grow up, she says, which is kind of astoundingly mature and mellow. Eventually with the help of some peanut butter cups (recommended by Mark for Lexie’s stress eating), Jackson sweetly talks her down from the ledge.  Well, really, he gives her the space to talk herself down.  And that’s really nice.  He gently asks (sans shirt) if she feels up to heading to Joe’s with him.  Not tonight, she says, but how about tomorrow?

Random thoughts.  When are we going to get more of Teddy’s fake husband?  I’m interested in that, if we ever get to see him.  Has Bailey given up tweeting surgeries?   Will Hector Elizondo show up now that Callie’s pregnant?  If the show lasts long enough, and Callie and Arizona last long enough, do they have Mark knock Arizona up? Maybe I watched The Kids Are All Right too recently, but it kind of makes sense – that way the kids would be siblings.  Why should Callie have to carry all their kids, just because she’s bi?  Arizona can use a turkey baster.


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