January Movie Preview

E: Welcome to the doldrums of the movie business.  This is the time to see all those Oscar contenders, the smaller, brilliant movies that are only starting to appear in theaters outside of NYC and LA.   Movies like The Fighter, True Grit, Blue Valentine, The King’s Speech and Rabbit Hole should all be moving into theaters near you in January.  Otherwise, folks, pickings are slim.

M: Let me state once again my view that movies that ACTUALLY come out in January or February should not qualify for the previous year’s Oscars because they stuck them in a theater each in NYC and LA.  They should need to be put in wide release, or be restricted to no more than double the screen total that they were in the year they were released!

E: Good luck with that idea, M.

M: Yeah, I’m not optimistic that it will happen, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t!  Now, on to the crappy January movies!

C: Oh, I’m sure they’re going to want to read on now!

January 7th:

The Season of the Witch

E: What’s going on with Nicholas Cage these days?  He’s making very, er, interesting looking films.  He’s lucky that everything else officially opening this weekend is French.

M: I haven’t seen it yet, but have been told by a lot of people that The Sorcerer’s Apprentice was, while not great, was at least very fun.  This looks like that to me, something pulpy, and it lets him wear a wig.

C: Yes, which is exactly why I won’t be seeing it.

M: Neither will I, for the record.January 14th

The Green Hornet

E: This might be the only non-Oscar movie that even remotely piques my interest this month.  Not that I’m going to see it in the theater, of course, but I might rent it some day.

M: Same here.  I like Seth Rogen, and can see him pulling off this role despite Quibbling Dad’s objections to him as too crude.  Also, I could have sworn that Kato, being played by Jay Chou, was actually being played by John Cho, of FlashForward and Harold and Kumar fame.  Like REALLY thought I had read that, and that the guy in the trailers was him.  Then I looked it up and was shocked.

C: I’d be way more interested in that movie if it was John Cho.

E: True that.

The Dilemma

E: Remarkable largely because the gay joke stayed in the trailer, despite protests.  How sad is it that that’s the only reason to remember this film, the product of hundreds of hours of human labor?

M: You know, I don’t even remember what the joke was, and every time I’ve seen the trailer for this I’ve had my TV muted.  It just looks poor, despite a phenomenal cast, kind of like Grown Ups.

E: I didn’t ever know what the joke was.  I just know there was one.  Ron Howard, the depths you’ve sunk to!

Barney’s Version

E: This is clearly the big weekend in January.  You might not have any real interest in this comedy about a blustery Dustin Hoffman, but you do have three new film choices with stars you’ve actually heard of.

M: Having not heard of this one, I tend to disagree with you.  I assumed when I saw the title it was a move to the big screen for Neil Patrick Harris’ HIMYM character.

C: M, I think her point is that we’ve heard of Dustin Hoffman, not the movie itself.  Point to E, such as it is.

M: Not following you…  who’s this Dustin Hoffman fellow?  😉

January 21st

The Company Men

E: Failed attempt at an Oscar movie about downsizing.  Supposed to feature good performances by Chris Cooper (duh) and Ben Affleck.

M: One seems like a no-brainer, the other like a virtual impossibility.

E: That’s a little harsh!  I haven’t seen The Town yet, but he’s supposed to be quite good in that, among several other recent roles.  At any rate, I’ve no real interest in this movie.

M: Oh, from what I have seen, he can be good when playing a guy from Boston.  Outside of that, view at your own risk.

January 28th

The Mechanic

E: Jason Stathem action flick.  Yes, that’s how boring January is.

M: Wasn’t this the title of that indie movie that Christian Bale dropped down to like 97 pounds for the year before Batman Begins?  Nope, wait, that was The Machinist.  Maybe I’ll RedBox that that weekend instead of going to this!

C: Sounds like a plan.


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