Grey’s Anatomy: That’s Me Trying

E: Oh, for the love of God, will somebody fix Cristina already?  I’m sorry.  I get that PTSD is a real issue.  I found it fascinating when Hunt had it.  So why don’t I have any sympathy for Cristina?  Sandra Oh is doing a fine job, but I have no interest in seeing Dr. Yang turn into season 6 Buffy.  As with Buffy, I fundamentally do not buy Cristina as a puddle.  Oh, we’ve seen her down before, but now she’s lost her self, and that does not hold water.  I know it’s possible for lots of people, but Cristina?  The woman whose ambition was set when, trapped together after an accident, she watched her father die?  No.  Not buying it.  Sorry.

So just get this plotline the hell over with and get the bleep ON with it, would you?


I dunno know how I feel about Callie and Arizona.  I ask you, could Callie be any more bipolar without actually being bipolar?  She’s up, she’s down, she’s happy, she’s resentful – what the hell.  Pick a personality and stick with it!  It’s not that the ending doesn’t make sense, but eh, it was so unnecessarily meanspirited, somehow.  You know what I am loving without reservation?  The evolution of April Kepner.  Screaming, determined, competitive, defiant?  Beating the Kobayashi Maru? Love it!

Poor Bailey sits in on Mary Portman (Mandy Moore’s) autopsy, which is inconclusive.  That’s frustrating. Mark and Lexie performed a butt implant, which somehow taught Callie she didn’t want to move to Malawi, because changing your life for another person never works.  (“Africa is your big rack,” Mark sums up.)  Derek tries in vain to write a grant proposal to study Alzheimers, and when he can’t, he tells Meredith it’s her fault because he loves her so much it overwhelms his professionalism and , and he can’t have her involved in the trial.  Meredith is much too preoccupied by Cristina to care about how their marriage impacts on her professional life, though.  Because these days, it’s all about Cristina.

Just in case we weren’t ready to buy the Buffy parallel, Amber Benson makes a moderately thankless guest appearance as the daughter of Roy, Cristina’s patient from a few weeks ago, who Cristina recommended for a transplant.  Cristina works all day to make sure Roy lives long enough to get the lungs that Teddy has gone off to get.  And she does it, including some surgical procedures (if not full on surgery)and managing some scary complications.  Along the way we learn that she’s pissed at Meredith for getting past the trauma.  It was Meredith’s fault, she says – she could have let Derek die if he was anyone else.  I don’t buy that, and neither did Meredith.  Poor Mer thinks Cristina hates her.  And maybe she does a little, but not in a long range way.  (That was actually the one thing that made sense to me of this whole mess.)  After managing to come out of her stupor enough to save Roy, Cristina quits.

Yep.  Quits.  She can be a surgeon – she just doesn’t want to anymore.  Blah blah blah.  Next week, it looks like everyone else freaks out about her choice, and Cristina’s just happy.  And I want to smother who ever came up with this damn plot.  Why, why, why can it not be over with?  This was not the critical breakthrough I was expecting/praying for, and I’m just so damn sick of it.

Then there’s the other big twist.  Callie.  Callie gets to stay, Arizona goes, which means that Jessica Capshaw’s time on the show comes to an end.  I liked you, Jessica, but I guess that’s better than losing both Callie and Arizona?  Right now I’m just annoyed with the selfishness and the lack of maturity, but I guess someone has to pick up the slack now that Meredith’s behaving like a grown up.

(Okay, fine.  It’s perfectly legitimate for Callie to be very stressed about Arizona moving to Africa for 3 years.  Callie runs with her emotions, so it makes sense that she’d decide to go and then regret it.   But I don’t know – Arizona making a speech about how fighting in an airport means they’re already over, like being over is some mystical thing that just happens instead of something they choose?  Yes, obviously these are extreme circumstances, and the break up was basically determined by those circumstances, but Callie and Arizona had a choice at the very least about how honest they could be with each other and themselves.  They had lots of choices in how they could respond to the circumstances. This is the sort of thing that makes me worry for the romantic lives of the writers.)

The meat of the episode – and something I really enjoyed – was Hunt’s trauma lab for the residents, where they worked on dummies with index card diagnoses in the pouring rain in the ambulance bay, waiting for a helicopter that never comes.  Karev, Kepner and Avery were on team together, of course, and lasted when everyone else’s patients’ died.  (Meredith started off with them, but Hunt sent her off to get yelled at by a resentful Cristina.) Sopping wet, resentful,  stressed, the three responded in characteristic fashion.  Feeling that Hunt was playing with his emotions – trying to teach them about the randomness of trauma and fate – Avery started spouting about how the shooting already taught him that and walked out.  Alex worked harder, declaring that the helicopter was a fiction that would never come.  April believed in the promise of authority.  Somehow this felt like vintage Grey’s to me. I liked that Avery quit, and that Hunt called him on it and made him come back and finish the exercise.  I loved Alex’s fatalism.  Most of all, I loved the way April rose to the challenge, first anticipating the upcoming medical crises for her last remaining “patient” and then pulling a Captain Kirk, declaring that if Hunt could change the rules mid game, then she could use her imagination and surrounding to do the same.   She coopts an ambulance (one Hunt tries to insist is broken) and drives it over to the next bay (ie, a new hospital), hefting her patient and Alex’s into it. That’s the determination that Hunt’s been looking for – to use all available resources to save your patients, to look out of the box – and he declares that the reduced blue team has won. April explodes.  It’s really cute.  I don’t see how, as an exercise, this could have prevented Charles Percy’s death, but I still loved it.

What worries me about April is that look she shot Alex in Joe’s, after he complimented her fierceness.  She’s not used to compliments, and the poor girl imprints on men like a baby duck. Considering yourself on notice, Shonda Rimes; if April gives Alex her v card and he tramples on heart, I am going to be pissed.  I saw that look.  Don’t tell me I don’t know what it means.  If there’s a worse person she could pick, it’s hard to imagine.  (Well, there’s Mark, but she’d never pick Mark.)  Could Alex develop feeling for her, as he did with good girl (glamor girl) Izzie?  Maybe?  It is interesting that he ends up with the bleeding hearts like Lexie and Izzie.  Do you hear me, Shonda Rimes?  No sex for April and Alex Karev unless he falls in love with her, are we clear?

And that’s where I am.  What you did you think of Grey’s, trying?

* Random note:  did you realize all Greys episode titles are really pop song titles?  I didn’t.  This song, according to the writer?  Performed by one William Shatner.  That’s right, Captain Kirk, the man who re-wrote the rules on the Kobayashi Maru.  Love it.


6 comments on “Grey’s Anatomy: That’s Me Trying

  1. Nancy says:

    I agree a good episode overall. What will Christina do?? Hmm….take take off, then come across a car accident and do an emergency surgery in the field and then come back? Likely I think…
    I agree, April better not just give it up to Alex! that would be so wrong! But, at least it won’t be (I hope!) Mark. Mark gives me the creeps…he is like a dirty old man! How anyone can like him is beyond me (sure he has that cute smile, but it is a slimy smile!!)
    Poor bailey and Mary’s death….will they ever find out???

    • E says:

      I don’t know how they’re going to get Cristina over this. I just wish they would figure out a way and do it, for the love of all that is holy! Or snarky. Or whatever sort of holiness they value over there.

    • E says:

      It’s not like the show can’t do bad decision sex well; there’s George and Meredith, after all, which was horrible and yet also genius. But on the other hand, there’s George and Izzie, which was bad decision sex that made for really bad tv. So, I dunno.

  2. Joy says:

    Loved April, like watching Mark and Lexie start to find their back to each other, was impressed with Mark”s advice to Callie ~ am also so frustrated with the Cristina storyline and hoped that handling the patient waiting for Teddy would have been a solid step towards finding herself back to the OR.

    Will miss the Arizona character and agree that Meredith and Cristina’s friendship can weather this if the writers don’t go off the deep end.

    • E says:

      Hee – Lexie was so cute at Joe’s when she walked right up to Mark, wagged her finger in his face and told him no. I loved that.

  3. Tobaspoon says:

    So true. Someone needs to fix Christina quick, because I’m getting tired of this. And she cannot leave for good. NO, I surely won’t allow it.
    The episode was good on the overall with the great moments of Alex and April, whom eventually we all start to like. Arizona leaving…eh. I liked Callie more and anyway it’s time to move on I guess!
    Again, I am looking forward to next episode, hoping really hard that Christina’s gonna be ok again. Back to herlself.

    Very nice review E! Totally agree on the Alex&April issue.

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