Castle Review: “Anatomy of a Murder”

E: Ah, Castle.  You are so on your game.  Death at a funeral!  A wisecracking Jewish widow!  Multiple references to a famous hospital drama, and a family favorite action flick.  Mistaken intent, star-crossed love, and relationship songs.  Awesome.

C: I had to laugh at the nurse’s alibi being corroborated by “smoking hot” doctor Rhonda Chimes – I don’t have to be a Grey’s Anatomy fan to catch that that’s a nod to creator Shonda Rhimes!

E: ABC synergy.  It’s a thing of beauty.  (I’m not just being snarky; that really does make me happy.)  The episode was full of snarky little riffs like that – is hot, flirty nurse Greg McDreamy?  Is he McSteamy?  No, he’s McSchemey.  Richard Castle, I love you.  And Ryan, I love you for your “Galaxy of Greg” auxiliary white board.  Not only was it hilarious, it was useful!

M: Oh, the Galaxy of Greg was fantastic.  That got my award for this episode for best use of a wonder twin.

E: Oh, and of course motorcycle dude is a cardiac surgeon.  That’s so Grey’s, too.

C: Ha, yes. Beckett likes the high-achieving manly men, it seems.

E: Which makes her totally unique.  Although, she does like Castle.  Who is, erm, highly achieving, anyway.

M: Regardless, the “he saved a life this morning, what did you do” line was uncalled for.  Castle’s “I made waffles” reply was comic and endearing, and kind of saved the scene, but that was completely uncool.

E: You think?  There’s always been  a level of hostility in their banter, particularly from Beckett’s side.  She’s constantly trying to take him down a peg – didn’t seem unusual to me.

C: I wonder though, why, after giving us enough of Demming to see why she would be into him, they’ve chosen to play this guy as a mystery.  It adds to the unreal quality that both their current relationships have.

E: Hm, good point.

M: I think it’s to make them more easily disposed of.  We finally saw a little of the former Mrs Castle this week, and we need to see them to see that they are attractive, and successful, and maybe even likable, but I think that they learned from Demming that they are going to piss the audience off if they build them up too much and give them too much screen time.  Well, at least that’s my theory.

E: Woah, M, that’s another good point.  Perhaps an even better one.  Demming was frustratingly likable (and, dare I say it, “smoking hot”).  The evidence supports you thus far, but we’ll have to finish out the season to say for sure.

C: The episode plot this week was a good one, hard to guess.  I suspected the killer, but there were so many red herrings, I never had the plot figured out until the detectives did.

M: I loved that, there were so many options, and there was never an obvious choice, or more commonly for Castle, a “so obviously not it that it is” choice.  And the former drug dealer was pretty cool.

E: Tell me you weren’t calling out “Joan Wilder? THE Joan Wilder?”  when Castle’s name got him through the door at the former drug lord’s apartment!  Genius.   I think maybe we should start calling Beckett Nikki Fuego from now on.

M: Right there with you on Joan Wilder!  I actually said out loud…

E: Me too!

M: (which was odd, because Mrs M had gone to bed, so it was just me and the dog) “Write us out of this one, Rick Castle”.  Loved it.

C: Oh, I didn’t even think about Romancing the Stone, but you’re completely right.  And “Fuego” is just a great word, so I approve that idea.  But wasn’t it a little creepy that the young doctor ended up being romantically involved with the aging former drug lord?  I was convinced he was going to reveal that she was his daughter!

E: I’m not sure she was as young as her corpse suggested – that still from the loading dock camera made her look older.  Either way, no matter how poetic and literary he might be, the dude is still an aging former drug lord.  That’s not my idea of a high achieving manly man, anyway.

M: I’m with E, I didn’t think she was that young.  Younger than him, and someone who would likely never get involved with a drug lord, former or otherwise, but not so much younger.

E: Yep.  In other news, I was actually pleased to see Gina (ex-wife/girlfriend) and I liked the whole plot about Castle not wanting to let her into the inner sanctum/get close to Alexis.  It explains why we haven’t seen much of her. Of course, it also makes me feel sorry for her and a bit mad at dear old Daddy.  Why marry her if you weren’t going to let her act like a mother?  They walked an interesting line with her; I liked her more, I got her position – but she’s not appealing enough as a person to make me like her with Castle, or even by herself.

C: I agree. I was in sympathy with her, especially when she talked about things being that way during their marriage.  (I do think she should have called Castle to let him know she was getting the tickets. He is the dad.)  Now, when they’ve only been back together a few months, I can understand his hesitation about making her a full part of Alexis’s life.  But there’s an intermediary place between “new mommy” and no role at all, and I appreciate her desire to be involved.  As you say though – they still haven’t given Gina much personality, or given us a reason to invest in her character; she’s still a plot device/stalling tactic, same as Motorcycle Man.

E: That’s Doctor Motorcycle Man to you.

M: I could see both sides of it.  I think she should have called, but she also had a right to be upset about not being allowed to be too close to Alexis.  However, I can see Castle, having been burned by Alexis’ mother, not being open to letting anyone, even his new wife, interfere with the special bond between them.  Obviously it was wrong of him, but I can understand it.

E: Have either of you actually heard that Taylor Swift song, “Mine,” the one that’s Alexis and Ash’s song?  Here’s the refrain: “You made a rebel of this careless man’s careful daughter.”   He is surely a careless man when it comes to romantic relationships, and Alexis is as surely the perfectly careful daughter.  Beckett keeps telling Rick to watch out for the good girl’s rebellion…

M: Wait, you listen to Taylor Swift?

E: And look how it paid off! Is that line on target or what?

C: I hate to say it, but good call. I wasn’t as sold on the beautiful romance of Greg’s story as Castle and Beckett seemed to be (like the average Taylor Swift lyric, actually).  I guess if you’re going to break someone out of prison, emotionally manipulating a bunch of doctors is a small price to pay, but I still got a creepy vibe from that.  And if the case against his girlfriend was so flawed, wouldn’t appeals have been the way to go before resorting to a jail break? I feel like I’d pursue every legal option before breaking my beloved out would occur to me, if it ever did… maybe I’m just not enough of a romantic?

E: I’m kind of impressed that Greg got all those doctors to do his bidding, and yet managed to be faithful.  I will say, however, I don’t know how the little things he did caught the attention of the FBI’s smuggling unit.

M: Well, technically we don’t know that it was the things he was doing that caught the FBI’s eye, but it did catch the victim’s and that was what mattered.  As for appeals, they are lengthy and expensive, and if she had to have a public defender and he’s a nurse, well, I’m guessing there wasn’t much cash for that.

E: Hmm.  Maybe, on both counts.  Interesting to see Castle and Ms Fuego reading love letters to each other, no?  Just in case we were getting lulled into thinking their spark had faded.  Who knows, maybe they’ll break each other out of jail next.

C: Now that I would pay to see.  Castle, getting his research geek on to bust Beckett out of the pokey.

E: Nathan Fillion, with Wenworth Miller’s Prison Break tattoos…

M: My eyes, my eyes!

4 comments on “Castle Review: “Anatomy of a Murder”

  1. Victor Quayle says:

    Young, tall, dark, handsome, muscular, charming, confident and he is not only a biker but – here it comes – he’s cardiac surgeon who saves lives! How perfect – for a sloppy novel – so what more can Beckett possibly want – except perhaps intelligence, imagination, dry humour, real help in solving her cases and wonderful novels in which she is Nikki Fuego?
    When the writers lay it on that thick they are clearly telling us: ‘Don’t worry. Castle will see him off in next to no time. Besides, he’s got hands like dinner plates so I wouldn’t want him to be reconstructing my mitral valve.

  2. Gina says:

    At first I was thinking, “Isn’t Alexis a little too sophisticated for Taylor Swift?” (I listen to her myself, but I’m not very sophisticated.) But then I thought of “a careless man’s careful daughter” and also “you say we’ll never make my parents’ mistakes” and thought, “Ooh, right.” Good one, writers. I hope poor old Castle never actually listens to the song. Might make him wince.

    I thought Gina (I hate that she shares my name!) was a shrew, before they revealed that Castle had always had issues with letting her get close to Alexis. But I still think she’s a bit shrewish. Of course he was going to feel a little upset that she didn’t call him and that her present supplanted his. He IS the dad, as you say, and that means something.

    Beckett saying she’d get Castle out of jail was PERFECT, especially after what Martha said.

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