Grey’s Anatomy: Superfreak

E: Earlier in the day, I caught pieces of two old Greys‘ episodes on cable, and I was struck by how much the show had changed.  Those episodes – dealing with the fallout from Cristina’s miscarriage, and Alex failing an important exam – were funny, but they weren’t overblown or cutesy.  They were trying to be realistic, even a little gritty.

And I realized, as I watched, how much I missed that old Greys.

And then I watched last night’s episode,“Superfreak“, which epitomizes everything that’s gone crazy about the show.  The cases were so self-serving (which is to say, about the doctors) that I couldn’t make myself care about them. That’s okay, though, because the show didn’t bother too, either!   The old episode wasn’t overburdened with Speeches, either.  It wasn’t trying to be Desperate Housewives: The Hospital. What it did have was insight and heart.  I can’t help wishing that someone would tie the writers down and make them watch the first two or three seasons of this show again.

I’m feeling grumpy about it, so I’ll be brief.  Callie and Arizona think that Cristina and Owen ought to move out now that they’re married.  Sure, your roommate is in the middle of a horrible break down, it’s the perfect time to make sure she has less company!  Way to be an awesome friend, Callie.   (Fine, it’s a small apartment for 4 people, but still.)  Derek gets a useless visit from his sister, who is also a neurosurgeon and totally hot to trot.  She looks super familiar, but I’ve only seen her on one episode of Castle; she a Canadian child star, and she sort of looks like a grown up child star at that.  He’s grumpy, because his sister was with him when their dad (minding his store) was shot, and he wants to keep her world safe and doesn’t like to show vulnerability.  Which is to say, he wants to be rude to her and pretend he never got shot.  Um, okay?  That was odd. She brings him a dude with a brain tumor as a present.  It’s overly cutesy and impossible to invest in emotionally.

I was much happier with Derek when he attempted to rehabilitate Cristina.  He had her assist on the brain tumor removal lil sis Amelia brought him.  She stayed, but she wasn’t much good.  The rest of the Attendings wanted to downgrade her, but Derek says he’ll quit without Cristina.  Owen is weirded out by Cristina having spent the night with Mer and Der in his absence, but Derek understands; I loved the conversation where he tells her he wouldn’t have chosen her to be part of his life (“we wouldn’t chose each other”) but they’re family.  I like him telling Owen that Meredith and Cristina feel each other’s emotions like Elliot and E.T., and I like him making her operate on corpses after she freaked out (again) in the operating room.

Cristina has great hair this episode, as good as Derek’s, which is saying something.  Otherwise, she’s still a wreck.  “I can’t sleep when you’re not there,” she tells Owen, and I believe her.  She seems sadder and more desperate and lost this week even than last.  As her hostility leaches away,  there’s only the terror left behind.  I confess; in this case, I’m with the boys.  I want to fix her.  Perhaps Dr. Wyatt can where Perkins couldn’t?

I wish they’d given an indication that Callie and Arizona did the clothes flinging on purpose to drive Owen and Cristina out.  That would have been funnier than any of the attempts at comedy that took place last night.

So, what else?  Teddy’s hysterical because the hot shrink is leaving, and she likes him way more than she wanted to.  He’s happy to tell her that she only falls for unavailable guys.  Aw.  Why did they hire a guy that hot if they weren’t going to keep him, and hardly gave him any lines?  Oh well.  This bit was nice, and the funniest moment of the episode was probably when Teddy tearfully referred to herself as Attachment Barbie.  There’s a patient with HPV whose hands are like branches, covered with this crazy horny substance.  Wasn’t there a documentary about this on the Discovery Channel?  The tree man from Indonesia or the Philippines, or something like that? He’s the official freak of the title, but of course, the point is that we’re all freaks.  Whatevs.  Freak’s wife leaves him when she realizes that they can scrape the horns off (so nasty), but he won’t get skin grafts to replace them for a year.  She’s been living like a hermit for 4 years and she can’t hack it anymore.  Her speech about love not being enough inspires Mark (who otherwise has spent the episode pining over Lexie) to sleep with Amelia.  Ew.  Also, I don’t think his new beard is flattering, or the gray hair.  By far the best bit of this whole plotline occurs when a truly enormous spider crawls out of one of the horny protrusions.  So nasty!  I don’t even want to know how something like that would be possible. Bailey screams like a little girl.

Alex works up a sweat avoiding the elevators, and the Chief figures out why Karev has been stinking up the joint, and rides the elevator with him until he stops freaking out.  That’s totally the sort of thing that ought to make me cry, and yet, this episode felt completely off, and I remained unmoved. Finally we have the case Dana Davies (of Heroes and The Nine, hurrah!) shows up as a virgin bride who accidentally aspirates a condom at a bachelorette party (attempting to learn some, erm, fancy party tricks for her wedding night).  Of course the guy (who has been understanding of her desire to wait) feels betrayed.  Honestly, wouldn’t she just have gotten a friend to take her to the hospital?  Or let the docs kick hubby-to-be out of the room so they could tell her in person, like they tried?  I feel like this case would have been a lot funnier if the writers hadn’t decided that we should find all this out from April and Meredith, who had to tell the fiance when Dana couldn’t.   Not that it wasn’t funny hearing April stumble over the world banana.  Still, lame.

This did lead to a funny discussion of how, and with who, the residents first had sex.  It comes out that April hasn’t had that first time yet (she’s about as good at faking sexual knowledge as Steve Carrell’s character in The 40 Year Old Virgin).   I like the plausible way she explains it; she wanted to be in love, for it to be special, but that didn’t happen (“I think men find me annoying”) and by then she’d waited too long to just have sex to get it over with.  She takes huge amounts of crap about it until she finally explodes, over at Joe’s, and starts speaking the truth her coworkers have kept hidden, the stuff she won’t normally talk about because she’s too polite.  Alex won’t ride the elevator, Avery cries through nightmares every night, Meredith’s afraid Cristina won’t return to normal, and Lexie complains all day about Mark watching her because he thinks she’s going to break down again, but obviously he’s just in love with her and can’t keep his eyes off of her.  That was probably the most satisfying scene in the episode.  “April, I’m liking you more and more,” Meredith grins.

(Random connections: April’s virginity issue did make me think of Puck singing “Only the Good Die Young” on Glee this week, and how if I’d been his baby momma Quinn, I’d have smacked him in the face when he got to the bits about “I might as well be the one” – so unromantic, so April’s dilemma – and how Catholic girls miss out on a good time by not getting it on early enough.  Because, you know, pregnancy was a really fun time for Quinn.  However.  I digress. )

Of course, it’s at this point that Lexie slaps on some make up and goes over to Mark’s, only to find him ripping the clothes off of Derek’s sister.   So, I guess Lexie’s over being feeling suffocated with him, then?  Well, she’s always been a romantic.  But as for the other stuff – ick.  Ick because it’s his best friend’s kid sister, ick because he told her at the beginning of the episode that she’d always be 12 to him, just ick.

Better luck next week, I hope.  The previews did look promising.  What did you think?  Did you like Superfreak better than I did?  Should I just not watch the reruns?


11 comments on “Grey’s Anatomy: Superfreak

  1. nancy says:

    they really need to change the actress that plays Derek’s sister – I have been watching her on Private Practice, and sadly I think she is there to stay! I think she is horrible and not belivable at all as a neurosurgon! (okay – forgive my bad spelling) I liked April going off on them all when they were teasing her about being a Virgin…as if that is a crime!? Plus, wasn’t there a bit of a syphyliss problem a few seasons back? She wouldn’t have to worry about that now would she!?!?! this episode left me wondering again why i keep watching…..

    • E says:

      I have to agree with you. I was so annoyed with this episode (and those old ones were so good) that I started to wonder if I should just give the show up.

      I did like April speaking up for herself, though. How juvenile was everyone else? Good grief, they’re adults, not teenagers to be teasing her about that! Really annoying. I’m glad Meredith stuck up for her, though.

    • E says:

      And heck – forget about the syphilis, what about the guy turning into a tree from HPV? Talk about an std nightmare!

  2. Crystal says:

    My three highlights of the night – the scene with Christina and Derek and him helping her through the mock surgery, the spider crawling out of the limb-hands and Bailey screaming and the last scene with April at the bar – I have to say, this episode felt like things were coming together a little bit more – a month ago they were all getting shot. I’d give it some time, but I’m sure in a few weeks or so they’ll be back to some of the old Grey’s…personally I like the drama with a hint of comedy.

    I like April and Avery getting more airtime – looks like Avery will be getting to show off his abs next week too. 😉

    • E says:

      I’m all about Avery getting more screen time, and hey, if his abs happen to wander in, I won’t complain. 😉 And like Meredith, April’s growing on me.

      I love Greys with the funny, I really do. I just don’t want it to be all funny or over the top. I liked it better when there was a little more realism; it’s been changing so gradually I didn’t realize how different it was until I saw the older episodes. I’m not ready to stop watching – I liked the first two episodes a lot – but this one left me cold. I’ve been hard to please this week!

  3. orangetree says:

    i agree with you E, the show has changed so gradually that i didnt notice it either until recently wen i went back and watched the older eps. its hard to pinpoint exactly wat it is that has changed.the way the writers are writing the stories? the plotlines themselves? etc. i miss the original characters too, i think thats half my issue. i miss george a lot, he was such a great character.and i miss addison cuz she was charming and funny in a quirky way:) izzie got annoying after awhile, but its still sad they are gone cuz they are what made greys anatomy. i still love the show, but we need less lengthy speeches and more funny wise cracks like old times:)

    • E says:

      It’s funny how awful Addison seemed to be in the beginning, and then how great she was by the end, isn’t it? I wish I liked Private Practice, I really do, cause I loved her by the end.

      I miss George like crazy, all the time. It’s only natural that people would leave, but I miss old Izzie and Burke, too. Some of the new characters are terrific – I love Owen and Teddy, Arizona has amazing moments, Avery has great potential and I’m starting to really like April – but still, it’s hard.

  4. Tobaspoon says:

    Have to agree with everyone, this episode was far from being good though it was nice, of course, to see all the characters from Grey again. And as E said, the medical cases were so close to everyone’s own history that it seemed really fake, and I didn’t like it.

    The Alex story was good, but I had the feeling they made it just to give Alex something to do this episode, because otherwise it doesn’t really seem he’s important at all. And it makes me sad, because I like Alex, and he showed tremendous potential in Peds last season and I would like the writers to do something about it.

    On the overall, this episode was like…patched, from rags to some kind of whole episode. Bits and pieces of everyone’s life and stories, put together to make an entire episode. And I didn’t like it. Grey’s Anatomy should not be about keeping us updated on the different characters (like checking a list: ok we’ve done Christina and Mer, now Alex…). It should be about seeing them interact with each other without this feeling of amateurishness.

    @Orangetree, I loved Addison too, she was smart, fun and yet vulnerable, and though she had to play the bad guy she showed that she had reasons and you ended up loving her.

    @E, yes, it is hard to get to like April, but I guess we’ll end up considering her like the annoying little sister that we have to put up with.

    I am not scared for Christina’s career. The entire episode is about her and people being afraid that she could not be a surgeon ever again, but I don’t really see how they could kick Christina off. Without her, the show wouldn’t be the same. So I’m waiting patiently that she becomes better.

    And Teddy? Arf. I liked her, but she is not interesting in this episode. It is sad what is happening to her, but like I said, there is too much stuff happening in this episode.

    And Lexie and Mark? Oh come on, again? Getting bored of this.

    • E says:

      Oh my gosh, you’re so on target. This episode was a total mishmash – a little bit of this character, a little bit of that one, but it all adds up to very little.

      It’s true that Cristina will have to be able to operate again, so there’s not a lot of suspense. Maybe that’s part of what makes this episode so frustrating.

      Heh. At the risk of infuriating the Mark/Lexie shippers (who’ve been mad at me before), I’m bored of it all, too. I don’t get Lexie. Is she ready to marry Mark and have his babies? Because she has to know that’s what getting back together with him would mean. Bah.

      I think I have actually arrived at a point where I do like April. Sure, her passive aggressive behavior is annoying, and I HATE her crush on Derek, but she’s got heart, and she’s a very specific, different character for this show. And I didn’t mind Teddy so much as I minded her patronizing shrink boyfriend. If he thinks it’s so inappropriate for her to like him, why did he date her at all? I’m so with you on Addison, though; I hated her at first, but she won me over, and made me like an sympathize with her. The same with Alex – I wish we had more time with him and The Chief dealing with the aftermath of the shooting together. That could have been a really nice plot if it had more time. Or more something.

  5. Tobaspoon says:

    I hope I made myself clear, I am actually French so English is not my native language and I find it hard to express myself sometimes, especially when it comes to subtle stuff ^.^

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