Chuck Review: “Chuck Vs. The Suitcase”

E: Now that’s more like it.

M: You think so?  I though it was a bit on the right track, but it was too focused on the Chuck/Sarah relationship for my liking.  First of all, I know it was the title of the episode, and turned out to be a metaphor, but seriously, I couldn’t give a crap if she unpacks her suitcase.  I don’t watch Chuck to see relationship drama, I watch it to see goofy, geeky action-comedy.  The Chuck-Sarah relationship is good as a few minutes mixed into an episode sidebar – it should NOT be the main focus.

E: Huh.  I don’t really agree with that.  Chuck/Sarah is essential to the show!  I wasn’t in love with the suitcase metaphor, but on the other hand, I did think it was a reasonable dilemma.  I can see why you might want more mama drama, but as you know I was disappointed with the tone of last week’s episode, and this felt more like the Chuck I love.

C: I’ll agree with both of you; this was a more satisfying episode overall, but Sarah’s inability to commit is not high on my list of interests.  Seeing them do their awesome spy thing together?  Now that I love.  Particularly when they wear really nice clothes while they’re kicking butt!

M: See, that’s it exactly.  I want to see them be awesome and/or goofy spies together, not do laundry, or worry about what will doom their relationship or quibble (they should leave that to us) over relationship-y things.  Be a couple, I love that, but let the show focus on them being spies, not on them being a couple, let the couply stuff be the interludes from the main plot.

E: Speaking of interludes (and moving on from your craziness, which I clearly can’t cure), how genius was the sequence when Morgan walked around the store, tipping over items just to see how quickly the spy-employees would pick them up?

M: Not only best scene of the night, best scene of the young season.  So perfect.

E: And the Old Spice Guy, Isaiah Mustafa, shooting price stickers from first 25 and then 30 feet away, right in front of a terrified Awesome?  Dudes, that was awesome.

C: The Old Spice Guy was a huge highlight of this episode for me.  Why can’t he have a regular cameo spot in every episode – just to show up, do something effortlessly perfect, deliver a smug comment in that unmistakable voice of his, and walk off again?

M: Pretty much everything in the Buy More was great in this episode, now that I think about it.

E: And how often can you say that?  I was unreasonably happy to see the frizzy haired nerds.  Though I, too, hope we haven’t seen the end of Isaiah Mustafa, C.

M: I hope so, too.  I think the mix of CIA too good to be true staff and the original Buy More crew will be a great way to keep the Buy More side of the show entertaining, fresh and hilarious.  Imagine the things Old Spice Guy and Casey can do to Jeffster!

E: I’m trembling, just thinking about it.  I even love his name. Oooh, Mustafa, say it again!

C: I wasn’t as excited as you guys to see Jeff and Lester back.  Frankly, I think their side-plots have been dead weight on the show for a least a season, maybe longer.  Now that the BuyMore is a CIA base they might do a slightly better job of incorporating scenes there without them feeling completely extraneous, but I really don’t want any more episodes where Jeff and Lester spend ten minutes of our precious hour being obnoxious or trying to sell me a sandwich.

E: Yeah, I knew you’d be unhappy about that, although seeing them on the lam was pretty fun.

M: I agree about there being too much Jeffster last season, but remember, no Jeffster would have meant no Mr Roboto, which is one of the greatest scenes in TV history.  I’ll take them back on the off chance that they can pull out a scene that even approaches that one.

E: The Morgan/Casey show is totally on track, however, and I’m sure all of us are much happier about that.

M: I am so enjoying their odd buddy-cop relationship.  Oh, and I don’t know if you caught it last week, but in the “this season on Chuck” clips – in addition to showing Chuck telling Ellie the truth (I’m assuming we have to wait until at least Christmas for that) – Morgan told Casey he’s dating his daughter.  Love it.

E: Yep.  Awesome.  How could they not go there?

C: Who called that?  I think it was me. (She says smugly.)

E: (Rolls eyes)  Yes, dear.

M: And good for Morgan, getting promoted to manager.

E: Yay, Morgan!

C: Yes, better him than Big Mike, who I liked as an actor but who was completely inconsequential to the story.

E: Who is still in the credits, by the way, so don’t get too cocky about that.

C: And this is a clever way of keeping Morgan “working for the CIA” without having him actually, you know, spy.  Since he has no qualifications whatever.

M: And since they actually failed Chuck out in the start of season three, despite his two years of field duty and the intersect.  But we don’t need believability from Chuck, we just need plausible deniability.  As for the plot of the episode itself, it could have been a really good episode if they had spent more time building it, not just working in dribs and drabs of it around the relationship drama.  There was a lot to like, like Lou Ferigno as the supermodel spy’s lovestruck body guard, the disguises, and especially Chuck’s tranq-gloves.  Those were great!

E: I loved the gloves.  And I do wish we’d gotten to spend more time with Lou Ferigno.  But then, any day with Lou Ferigno in it is a good one.

C: I thought the Milan fashion setting was kinda fun, particularly when Chuck and Sarah really got into costume – him with the hilarious mustache and her with that fantastic red wig.  And my male viewing companion enjoyed the fight on the catwalk quite a bit.  I thought the villainess was a bit flat, personally.  Did they perhaps stunt-cast a famous model instead of an actress?

E: However did you guess?  I did think the dress was great.

M: C, um, did you mean flat as far as acting, or, um, flat like a 12 year old boy flat?  Cause, well, she was both.

C: Har har.  It was nice to see Awesome this week, even if his immediate perception that something was up at the BuyMore – and his immediate impulse to hide this from his wife – did emphasize that the show’s put Ellie back in “the clueless one” status yet again.

E: Ah, but I really liked her calming him down, but having a hidden stash of family memorabilia.  That was a very sweet moment.

C: And M, even if you didn’t like the Chuck/Sarah romance plot overall, tell me you at least liked my favorite moment of it: “Spiderman kiss?” “No.” “Okay, maybe later.”

M: See, that’s the Chuck-Sarah stuff I love, witty pop culture reference and goofiness without angst and boring emotional decision making.  Bring on more of that!

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