Fall TV Preview 2010: Saturday/Sunday

M: Saturdays is a vast wasteland in the TV universe where networks throw up reruns of what people may have missed during the week or college football (which I am a fan of, but E and C would rather watch paint dry).  Sundays are somewhat more populated, so we combined them.  Without further ado:

  • Titles in blue are new this season.
  • Each * means one Quibbling Sibling will be tuning in.
  • Underlining means we’ll be providing a weekly review!
  • If you missed, or need to look back at any of the other days, they are here: MondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFriday.



    Cops (FOX, continuous)

    M: The Grandfather of all reality shows.  Bad boys, bad boys, whatchya gonna do…  they’re still gonna get busted by cops, that’s what, and we’re still not going to be watching, but for a Saturday night show, lots of people will.

    Crimetime Saturday (CBS, 8:00 to 11:00)

    M: Three hours of reruns of crime dramas and 48 Hours Mysteries.  Enthralling.

    College Football (ABC, September 4)

    M: Not really much to say here, and since it’s not Monday night I can’t even say “Are you ready for some football?”  By November, though, there are usually some HUGE games on Saturday night with major national title implications.

    E: Why can’t you use the catch phrase?  Ridiculous. I hate this idea that someone owns the English language.  Say what you like!

    C: Saturdays — a great night to catch up on shows you’ve DVR’d or are watching on Hulu!  (Alternately, a great night to spend time away from the TV with other human beings… if you’re into that.)

    E: Or if you can get a babysitter.

    M: Or watch remarkable finishes to games like the Norte Dame-Michigan State tilt.  Your loss.

    9:00 PM

    America’s Most Wanted (FOX, continuous)

    M: Another original reality show, except this one has a track record of actually helping law enforcement over the run of the show, not just making fun of idiot criminals like Cops does.  So, more value here, but still not watching.

    Amazingly, that’s about it on Saturdays.  Over the year we expect some things to pop up on channels like SyFy or BBC America or HGTV, but right now there’s nothing of note scheduled.  And now for the final night of the Fall Preview!


    8:00 PM

    Extreme Makeover: Home Edition (ABC, September 26th)

    E: It’s funny to think that this was just an offshoot of that awful plastic surgery show, isn’t it?

    M: I’ve said from the start that if that “you’re not good enough unless you drastically alter the way you look” monstrosity was necessary to bring about the Home Edition, which has changed the lives of hundreds of people for the better at this point, then it was worth it.  I don’t watch it every week like I used to, but it’s still just as emotional, just as well done and just as good.

    The Amazing Race (CBS, September 26th)

    C: Like so many long-running reality shows, I’m amazed that people continue to be interested in this year after year, but that’s a personal taste thing. My taste just happens to be more particular than other people’s 😉

    The Simpsons (FOX, September 26th)

    C: Now on season twenty-two. Wow.

    E: Yeah.  This is usually funny when I catch it, but despite it being on for most of my life, I never think to watch it.

    M: I love that it’s still going strong.  Like E, I don’t usually think to catch it, but still love it.  Don’t forget, too, that it’s almost as old as the FOX network.  Pretty sure it came about in FOX’s second year.

    Football Night in America (NBC, September 12th)

    E: This is the pre-game, which runs from 7 to 8:30.

    C: The only thing more thrilling than watching a four-hour football game — adding an hour and a half of listening to people talking about the game!

    M: I’m not even watching the pre-game.

    8:30 PM

    Sunday Night Football* (NBC, September 12th)

    M: The games, however, I will watch regularly.

    The Cleveland Show (FOX, September 26th)

    M: Cleveland….  not so much.

    E: No, not so much.

    9:00 PM

    Masterpiece Theater (PBS)

    E: The venerable PBS series switches it up during the year, between Mystery!, Masterpiece Classic and Masterpiece Contemporary.  Right now, we have the Inspector Lewis mysteries, set in Oxford, England (usually at Oxford University).  Classic is usually costume drama, and Contemporary can range from sci fi to thrillers to political and literary bios.  If you’re looking for smart mysteries, or enthralling miniseries, there’s no need to pay for HBO.  The best of the best is on PBS for free.

    C: If I ever watch live programming on Sunday nights, it’s this.  If I’m not watching Masterpiece, it’s usually because I got impatient and watched it ahead of time after it aired in Britain! Keep an eye out in late October/early November for Sherlock, the BBC’s super-stylish new modernized take on Holmes and Watson! Even if you’re not into the classics, you might be into this.

    M: What does it say about me that PBS never crosses my mind?  That I’m less intelligent, or that I’m less of a pretentious snob?

    E: Who’re you calling a pretentious snob?   😉

    Desperate Housewives (ABC, September 26th)

    E: I think Vanessa Williams is going to take this show up a notch.  She’s perfect casting, and I’m glad to see her still working after Ugly Betty‘s sad demise.  On the other hand, she’s going to be working it without me in the audience.

    M: I don’t watch this partly out of principle, and partly out of it just plain sucking.

    E: I found it surprisingly clever and funny for the first half of the season, as a dark satire, but then the show lost me.

    Undercover Boss

    M: As I said during the bit about Secret Millionaire, this show is definitely worth watching.  I won’t catch it often, but the concept is great.

    E: When I catch this, it’s definitely fascinating.  They did a horse racing episode recently which was quite cool.

    Family Guy (Fox, September 26th)

    E: Like The Simpsons, it’s always funny when I think to watch it.  Which is almost never.

    M: Love Family Guy, but mostly watch it in reruns.  That way I can fast forward through the awkward moments that make The Office‘s awkward moments look enjoyable.

    Boardwalk Empire (HBO, September 19th)

    E: This is one of those shows that makes me wish I had HBO. I know, I know, I said it was unnecessary, and that’s largely true, but they do come out with some jewels. Bootleggers and gambling during Prohibition!  The costume drama geek in me is intrigued. Steve Buscemi and Kelly MacDonald!  This is far and away the best reviewed show of the new season.  Now, sure, it’s made by one of the Sopranos writers, which surely thrills other people more than it does me.  The pilot was directed by Martin Scorsese, which does thrill me.  Either way, I’d be in if I could.  I don’t suppose you want to send a blogger some free dvds, do you, HBO?

    M: Can’t hurt to ask.  Is it bad if the name that gets me the most interested in that whole bunch is Steve Buscemi?  I loved him before 9/11, but the fact that he, as a former NY fireman, volunteered and worked 12 hour days helping dig through the rubble?  Seriously?  How can you not give anything that guy’s in a chance?

    E: The man is good.


    American Dad (FOX, September 26th)

    M: Much like the Cleveland show, I can’t seem to get into this Seth MacFarlane animated vehicle.

    E: It surprises me how bad this looks, considering how brilliant The Family Guy can be.

    10:00 PM

    Brothers and Sisters (ABC, September 26th)

    C: The question here is, is anyone even aware that this show is still on?

    M: Wait, it’s still on?

    CSI: Miami (CBS, September 26th)

    C: Will moving to a new (less popular) night effect the popularity of this show?  We shall see.

    M: For my money it’s still one of the best comedies on TV.  Carusso tilts his head to one side, starts a cheesy pun, pauses… wait for it…  removes his shades… then finishes the pun.  YEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!


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