Fall TV Preview 2010: Friday

E: Rather to our shock, it turns out that the networks are throwing some big names at Friday night and hoping they’ll stick.  It’s kind of exciting.  We’ll tell you right now, though: there is literally nothing on Saturday nights but college football and reruns so we are not going to go into a description of it. So you know what things mean:

  • Titles in blue are new this season.
  • Each * means one Quibbling Sibling will be tuning in.
  • Underlining means we’ll be providing a weekly review!
  • If you missed, or need to look back at any of the other days, they are here: MondayTuesdayWednesday, Thursday.


    Secret Millionaire (ABC, TBA)

    E: This looks to be similar to Undercover Boss: millionaires work for minimum wage and see how most of America lives. I saw something like this on cable and it made me bawl.

    M: Undercover Boss is/was good, and there is a British version that this is based on, so it has potential. Oh, and apparently FOX aired this two years ago.  It was so memorable that we all didn’t know it happened.  Not a good sign.

    E: Oh, then this WAS what I saw on cable.  It was really touching.

    Medium (CBS, September 24th)

    M: Two networks too many for my liking for this show…

    E: I watched this once and the husband was being such a jerk to the main character I couldn’t take it.  I’ve no idea if this was typical of the show (perhaps he was possessed at the time?), but I wasn’t really interested enough to check back in and see.

    Human Target (FOX, October 1st)

    E: Not a big fan of this show the first time around.  I understand they’re planning on making the show lighter and adding more explosions.  I don’t really know how much light (or more explosive) the show could get, given what I saw of it. Normally I’d say both of those were good things, but…

    M: Well, if they turn it into something like the Will Ferrell/Lonely Island “Cool guys don’t look at explosions” sketch from the VMA’s a few years ago, then it could be awesome.

    E: There is no way it could be as awesome as that video.

    Smallville (CW, September 24th)

    E: Rumor has it that to close Smallville’s tenth and final season, Superman is finally going to fly.  There will also be a parade of every single villain and superhero who has crossed into Smallville’s boundaries for the last 9 years.  Everyone, that is, except Lana Lang and Lex Luthor.

    C: Gee. I can hardly contain my excitement.

    M: I mentioned when we talked about One Tree Hill that there was another CW show that I couldn’t believe had been on the air as long as it has, well this is it.  This show was cute for a while at the start, but early in the second season they ran out of plots, and for most of that year they either recycled plots they had already done (and not with different twists, just flat out the same thing) or they brought in ridiculous antagonists like werewolves and other nauseating crap.  Again, that was the second season.  This is the TENTH.  I can even begin to imagine how many plots have been recycled, and how many times they have figuratively pissed on the comic book origins of Superman.  Go away.

    E: Good that it will be, then.  I watched this show through the first two seasons, as well, and yeah, I’m surprised it’s still on the air.

    School Pride (NBC, October 15th)

    E: Yay, organizing volunteers in local communities!


    Body of Proof (ABC, September 24th)

    C: Isn’t there are movie or something called Body of Evidence?

    M: Yes, a thoroughly crappy Madonna vehicle with Willem Dafoe (Willem…..  Dafoe!   Willem…..  Dafoe!)

    C: Weirdly similar title.

    E: Burden of Proof, Proof of Life, Body of Evidence, Body of Proof – they all run together after a while.

    C: Body of Lies was something too, right?  Anyway.  I quite liked Dana Delany on Castle… too bad that here she seems to be playing yet another “strong” female protagonist who can’t handle the horrible, horrible dilemma of working and having a personal life.  (Funny, isn’t it, how male characters have been achieving this feat since TV was invented, without comment or applause?)

    M: That’s because most male TV characters neglect their families.

    E: Male TV characters have families who exist to be kidnapped or threatened.

    C: Yes, if it’s a high-tension show. Otherwise they just seem perfectly fine and it’s not made an issue of.

    CSI: New York (CBS, September 24th)

    M: Love the theme song, love Gary Sinise, not going to watch unless nothing else is on.  Sorry.

    E: Yawn.

    M: On an odd note, I searched “CSI: NY” on IMDb to make sure I spelled Gary Sinise’s name correctly (I didn’t) and the first three results for the search were Star Wars: The Phantom Menace, Farscape and Star Trek: The Motion Picture. Most peculiar, mama.

    The Good Guys (FOX, September 24th)

    E: I really wanted to like this show when it came out last spring.  The commercials convulsed me. Bradley Whitford’s mustache convulsed me.  And I really like Colin Hanks.  But somehow, the few episodes I saw did not deliver on the laughs.

    M: No it did not, and Bradley Whitford looked baaaaad.

    E: He certainly does.

    Supernatural (CW, September 24th)

    C: Like its main characters have done so often, this show died to rise again.  After announcing that it would end last season, the producers backpedaled – no no, they would just be ending the story arc, who ever said they’d end the show? I know many who were thrilled about the reprieve; my own interest petered out after Season 3 or so.

    M: Ok, I have to amend my previous comments when discussing One Tree Hill…  there were TWO other CW shows that I can’t believe have been on as long as they have.

    Dateline (NBC, September 24th)

    E: Snoozorama.


    Outlaw (NBC, September 14th)

    E: Don’t ask me why NBC decided to premier this on a Wednesday.  Will they re-air the pilot on the appropriate night, or just go from here?  Bah. Also, don’t ask me why Jimmy Smits’ character thought he could do more good as lawyer by leaving the Supreme Court.  It’s the Supreme Court, dude.  You get to decide what the laws mean.  The basic premise of this show annoys me so deeply I can’t even tell you.  On the other hand, the character is reportedly a womanizing, glib Republican, so even in a fictional world I guess I’m glad he’s not on the Court.

    M: At the risk of going into one of our contentious political discussions…  the Supreme Court doesn’t decide what the laws mean, they determine if laws that are passed, or are objected to, are in adherence with the Constitution.  Yes, it is a very powerful position, but it is the Legislature that determines what the laws mean… by writing them.

    E: Except when they don’t write them in accordance with the Constitution, you mean.

    M: When they aren’t written in accordance they are struck down and aren’t laws any more.  As for not having a womanizer on the court, I’m with you there, though if it didn’t impact his ability to properly interpret the Constitution as it’s written then I’d rather have a womanizer than an activist who wants to legislate and create laws from the bench.  Remember, you brought this up.  🙂  Oh, and as for the show…  hadn’t heard of it until now.  I’m just glad Jimmy Smits got off Alderaan before the Death Star blew it up.

    E: Oh, then I’m happy to see you’ve forgiven Bill Clinton, then.  I guess my point isn’t so much that he couldn’t party and be a Supreme Court Justice (or regular lawyer), but that I’m uninteresting in seeing him do it.

    M: Bill Clinton was on the Supreme Court?  😉  Back to the show, the concept reminds me a bit of the the John Grisham book The Street Lawyer.  It didn’t work for me in the book, not sure it works as a TV show.

    Blue Bloods** (CBS, September 24th)

    E: So this is why Donnie Wahlburg left Rizzoli & Isles!  I’ve said it before; the boy can act, and he’s a huge draw for me. And it’d be nice to see Bridget Moynahan (best known in these parts as Tom Brady’s baby momma) do well.   What – you were perhaps thinking that I missed the most famous actor in the cast?  Oh, sure.  Walburg is a cop, Moynahan is a prosecutor and their dad is the police commissioner.  Their dad Tom Selleck.  The mustache is back.

    M: I have to say, I love the cast, and hope this is good.  I’m skeptical based on the commercials, but did I mention that I love the cast?

    E: No, I don’t think you did.

    M: I love the cast.  Happy?

    E: Yes, thank you.


    4 comments on “Fall TV Preview 2010: Friday

    1. MMGF says:

      Boy, am I with you, M, on wondering how those three CW shows are still on the air.

      I’m also going to defend Medium a little bit. Admittedly, I haven’t watched it in a few years. And I wasn’t with it from the beginning. But, what’s superb and special (and I might also tag as somewhat unprecedented) is not that she’s a medium. Nor the plots and how she helps solve crimes. It’s the show’s depiction of family life. The most compelling scenes of that show are the scenes with the family. The kids are just astounding little actors – the little one is goofy and little, the middle one is weird and cute and comes up with the funniest things, and the older girl is awkward and angsty and ordinary. And Patricia Arquette and Jake Weber are this great parental couple who aren’t perfect, but are perfectly fantastic dealing with regular problems (alongside her being a medium.) Anyway, I went on longer than I expected, but I myself might just go back to watching the show this season – this is a nice reminder that it’s still out there. 🙂

      • E says:

        I had a feeling that you’d rise to Medium’s defense. It’s interesting what you say about the family thing; in the one bit I saw, the husband seemed ghastly and patronizing. Do her family members turn up in her visions? Could I have seen something that wasn’t actually indicative of her character?

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