Fall TV Preview 2010: Monday

Last fall we ran through the new TV schedule on a day-by-day basis, prepping you, our loyal readers, for the things that we were interested in and the things that we felt like being nasty about (Jay Leno at 10).  We thought it was a good thing to bring back, as this time of year provides the most changes in the TV schedule, and also the most structure to those changes.

So, for the next week we’ll be reviewing the prime time schedule. One or two shows have already started up, some won’t start until later, but here you’ll find the times and channels to tune in at, and – as last year – our suggestions. So without further ado, here are the 2010 fall season previews!

  • Titles in blue are new this season.
  • Each * means one Quibbling Sibling will be tuning in.
  • Underlining means we’ll be providing a weekly review!



Chuck*** (NBC, September 20th)

E: It’s all about Chuck, baby.

M: Looking forward to this so much.  Hopefully they won’t be constantly on the bubble with NBC again, fighting for more episodes and having to make changes to keep the network happy, because when they’re just keeping the audience happy it is one of the best shows on TV.

C: When it comes to a combo of funny dialogue, clever action sequences, lovable characters, great tunes, and nerdy allusions, nothing comes close to Chuck.  Tune in!

E: What could be more awesome than the casting this season?  Nothing.  None more awesome.

Dancing With The Stars (ABC, September 20th)

E: Sometimes Mr E and I have gotten sucked in when there’s nothing else on (i.e., when the fool network starts Chuck in the spring), or when the cast is particularly awesome (hello, Evan Lysacek!).  Not this season, though.

M: You’re not going to watch to see how “The Situation” does?  No?  Me neither.

E: I’ve shocked you, I know, but no.

How I Met Your Mother** (CBS, September 20th)

M: C and I love this one, E foolishly shuns it because of her “I don’t like things that rule” ban on half hour sitcoms.  Last season we were teased with a couple of moments where it looked like we might actually meet the eponymous mother.  Given the arc of the show and the life of most sitcoms, the age of the cast, and a few other factors, I think they are running out of time to introduce her and this will be the season.

C: I hope you’re right, M! Though I’ve long suspected that Ted will meet the mother of his children in the last scene of the last episode, winding up with the line: “And that’s the story of how I first met your mother.” Just to spite us.

Speaking of spiting us, why must this be on at the same time as Chuck?  Sorry, HIMYM, it’s Hulu for you.

E: No such conflict for me for once!  Though I genuinely wish I was into this show, because it pains me not to like something starring Jason Segel, Alyson Hannigan and Neil Patrick Harris.

House (FOX, September 20th)

M: House is a strange one for me.  It’s a fantastic show, but I can’t seem to pull myself to watch it live.  I watch it in syndication or reruns or on demand, but not when it first airs.  No clue why, really.

E: I watched it pretty faithfully for the first year or so, but I guess my ardor just cooled off.  Maybe it felt like after a while every episode was essentially the same?

90210 (CW, September 13th)

M: They’re already on the third season of the dreadful remake of a very dated show, and yet there is no buzz about it and no one seems to watch.  How is this still alive, and yet remarkable shows like Flashpoint are relegated to Canadian TV and the summer schedule in the US?  (Quick aside, if you’ve never watched Flashpoint, check it out on Hulu or Netflix, it’s one of the best shows on TV, and easily the best one no one’s heard of.)

E: I should check Flashpoint out when I get the chance – but no interest in checking this one out.


Rules of Engagement (CBS, September 20th)

M: Yawn.  Next!


Welcome to the battle between Lonestar and The Event, two of the most buzzed about freshman shows.

Lone Star* (FOX, September 20th)

E: I hear good things about this one. The production values look really nice, and there’s a double life/reluctant con man aspect to it, which could be promising.   I’m not entirely sure how long they can sustain the idea, but I’m curious enough to look up the pilot. Jon Voight has a role (terrific actor who appears in more chaff than wheat, as it were), but most of the actors are unknown. I hear the lead, newbie James Wolk, shines.

C: Meh. Cheaters never prosper, and this concept looks too flimsy and soap-opera-ish to carry a show.

M: I haven’t seen much promotion for this, and what I have seen hasn’t piqued my interest.  Let me know how it starts, and maybe I’ll check back in later.  Right now The Event is winning the battle for me, though a week ago I would have bet on “watching something I DVR’d” winning.

E: I definitely will.

The Event** (NBC, September 20th)

E: As opposed to Lone Star, and despite the fact that I like Laura Innes, Jason Ritter and Blair Underwood, I’m suspicious of The Event.  I’m not sure it’s actually buzzed about so much as heavily promoted, and the ad campaign (especially in print) isn’t as clever as I’d want it to be. It could easily be a dumbed-down Flash Forward.  So, like I said, I’m suspicious.  I can’t wait to hear the advanced reviews on it (not that the critics were right about Flash Forward, either).  I’m in for the pilot, at least, because I do like the cast and I feel like some sort of mystery event show could work if done properly, but I’m nervous.

M: I’m nervous, too.  Like I said, a week ago I thought I’d be catching up on stuff or watching MNF during the 9:00 hour.  The “such and such is not the event” ad didn’t interest me at all.  The ads they’ve shown this week, though, have me curious.  Cautious, but curious.

Two and a Half Men (CBS, September 20th)

M: Another year continuing to break the Jon Cryer curse…  good for him.  I’m still not going to watch regularly, but if and when I catch it I’ll probably laugh often enough.

E: Really?  How peculiar.

Gossip Girl (CW, September 13th)

M: No interest, no comment really.  I’ll let you two take this one on.

C: No interest either. Catty rich sexbomb “teenagers” live wild lives of secret pain or somethingorother. Bleh.

E: Gross gross gross gross gross.  And, gross again.


Mike and Molly (CBS, September 20th)

E: Good: people who don’t look like American TV stars on TV.  Bad: since they’re in a sitcom, chances are the joke is on them.  Most puzzling to me: the idea,  which I’ve seen in reviews, that this is a show about the working class, when Molly is a teacher.  Why are teachers considered working class?  By whom?  I’m willing to bet the average teacher has more advanced degrees than the writers calling Molly working class.

M: Yeah, that’s a bit odd.  Mrs M will be pleased to see she’s played by Gilmore Girls alum Melissa McCarthy, and I love the name of one of the cast…  Nyambi Nyambi.  It’s like Boutros Boutros-Ghali, but without the Ghali!  Just awesomeness.


Castle*** (ABC, September 20th)

E: Rick has a girlfriend and Kate has a boyfriend.  Who is not Michael Trucco.  Bah.  C, will we ever see him happily, satisfactorily paired off?

C: Hey, hey, hey, how about a SPOILER ALERT? I want to be surprised.  I’m more excited for this than for anything but Chuck!

E: That’s only half a spoiler, since Rick ended last season paired up – but sorry.  I won’t tell you who the boyfriend is, then.

M: The Wonder Twins will be back, as will the witty banter and the Castle family, so who cares about the relationship drama!

C: I’m with you, M. This show shines primarily as a clever ensemble comedy.

E: Yep.  I don’t really have any interest in them getting together. I can’t really see it working, at least not now.

Hawaii Five-O*** (CBS, September 20th)

E: Speaking of Cylons, Castle has a little competition in another show that’s pushing all my casting buttons.  In their continuing quest to get Alex O’Loughlin a worthy show (having foolishly canceled Moonlight), CBS has sent him to Hawaii (opportunities to doff shirt: check!) to remake an old classic.  And to help him out, they’ve sent Lost‘s Daniel Dae Kim and Battlestar Galactica‘s Grace Park to help ride the wave.  They’ve also gotten Scott Caan of the Oceans films, and James Marsters of Buffy, and as far as I’m concerned, that’s deeply good news.  All I can tell you about the original show is the theme song and the logo.  It’s a cop show, and Danno (Caan in this incarnation) books ’em.  And you know, I care whether it’s good or not, and I won’t be easy on it if I don’t like it, but I’d watch the pilot even if they were just the hottest sanitation crew on the planet.

C: Hee.  Agreed!  (Though it’ll have to be a next-day-watch for me.)

M: Well, I agree that the cast looks good, though I prefer their skills as actors to their hotness.  I don’t remember the original well, either, but everyone knows the theme song and catch phrase, which look like they’ll be brought over.  Either way, Jin is in it, and it looks interesting, so I’m checking it out.

E: We should at least blog about the pilot, then.  Even if 3 shows on a Monday is probably too much for us to write about!

Chase (NBC, September 20th)

E: Looks pretty generic.  Yawn!

C: U.S. Marshals chase down fugitives… yeah, that’s not something I’ve seen on TV, but it’s something I feel like I’ve seen.

E: Well, there was the brilliant but canceled Karen Sisko (about the marshal from Out of Sight) and there’s something on cable right now, and of course The Fugitive, and probably also The Incredible Hulk, but I take your point.

C: I meant me personally. I realize it’s been done.

M: I think it looks like it could be good, actually.  I thought you’d be pleased with the strong female lead, too.  Just no space on the DVR, can’t record three things at once, so right now this one’s the loser.

E: Well, of course I think it’s cool that the lead’s a woman, but that unfortunately doesn’t guarantee it’s a well made show.  What was the mid-season show that the lead actress, Kelli Giddish, was in last spring, where she was boring?  Past Lives, that’s it.   Big blah.  And it’s not like there’s going to be space on our dvrs anyway!  Feel free to rub my nose in it if it’s the hit of the fall season.


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  1. MMGF says:

    “…because I do like the cast and I feel like some sort of mystery event show could work if done properly…” So, you mean something a little like, oh, I don’t know – maybe The Nine? (Sigh.)

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