Emmy Reactions, or E’s Search For an Edible Hat

E: Ah, Emmy.  What a fascinating mixture of same old and shockingly, awesomely new you are.  There are jokes (lame and also funny).  Everyone is shocked and fluttery.  There’s the expected excruciatingly lame banter between presenters.  We’re privy to crushed dreams and career boosts. And I’d never have guessed it, but Jimmy Fallon rocks the house.

I mean, can we talk about that opening number?  I’d forgotten that Fallon sings (what with him living in the late late night graveyard), so the whole thing completely blindsided me.  I loved all the clever little inside touches.  Jimmy agrees to help Cory Monteith, Chris Colfer, Lea Michele and Amber Riley win a singing contest so they can afford Emmy tickets.  Cute.  Along the way they round out a group with Joel McHale, Tina Fey, Jon Hamm, Betty White, – I think that’s Nina Dobrev from Vampire Diaries?  – Hurley from Lost, and Jane Lynch.  There are costumes, and hilarious dancing (and wildly, wonderfully inappropriate White wit).  Tina and Jimmy get slushied.   Did I mention Hurley dancing?  Kate Gosselin even shows up and laughs at her herself (“I’m a great dancer!”) and I don’t hate her.  Tim Gunn gets them into wardrobe!  Can I mention how happy it makes me that these people aren’t just shilling for NBC, but are taken from many networks? All in all, it’s beyond awesome.   They continue the singing and dancing live on the stage.  If the sound mix had been a little better it would have been perfect.

Seriously, I didn’t think there was any way that Fallon could outperform Neil Patrick Harris, but he did.

So, erm, the awards.  Well, first let me say that Michele’s dress, when she’s finally changed back into it, is stunning.  And her necklace!  The girl is a red carpet dream.  I don’t have a lot to say about Eric Stonestreet winning supporting actor in a comedy.  I figured one of the Modern Family guys would win.  Those of you who watch (S!) will have to tell me if he was the right pick.  I did notice that the category is all about the gays; three gay characters out of the six nominees, and at least two actors I know about.  Also, there was Ty Burrell’s enormous bow tie and gray suit.  Guy has quite the personal sense of style.

How great was John Hodgman doing color commentary?  Once they got the sound mix figured out and we could hear him, that is.  I do think it was weird that they alternated between him and a “straight” commentator for the people who aren’t famous.  Aren’t the writers and directors the best chance for totally making up entertaining wacky stories?  No one would know, or even be able to verify, what he’d fabricated.   Or perhaps that’s the problem…

Modern Family‘s winning writer was led off stage by a sleek blonde fembot with a bump it and some serious shellack on her hair, did anyone else notice?  She kind of alarmed me.

Thanks to Jane Lynch, I only have to find one hat to eat.  She was awesomely different from Sue Sylvester, looked gorgeous, and seemed overflowing with happiness.  She’s just so frickin’ funny.  I loved her thanking her parents for being “unintentionally hilarious.”

Speaking of hilarious, I loved the Modern Family meeting with the fake network exec, especially all the George Clooney stuff (and, again, the fact that it wasn’t just shilling for NBC shows), but did anyone else think it was weird that Modern Family basically got a commercial in the middle of the telecast?  I mean, I’m sure 30 Rock would have appreciated the exposure.  It’s just weird that it was really the only show all night to get that sort of extra time.  It kinda worked, though; maybe I’ll catch another episode sometime.  The whole thing actually made me laugh.

Ryan Murphy won best direction in a comedy, so Glee tied Modern Family with two awards each.    But then Edie Falco wins her fourth Emmy and wrecks the math; I wonder how many actors have won major awards for their roles on two different tv shows, in two different genres?  I loved Hodgman’s crack about her Swedish and Italian heritage meaning that everyone in her house spent all their time making meatballs. “I’m not funny!” she protests.  Cute.  She does not thank her teamster driver this time, although someone else remembers the teamsters later.  It wasn’t Jim Parsons, but I’m happy he won.  Not as happy as M is, I’m sure, since he loves that show, but happy to see a nerd inherit the earth.

The lone Reality award is for competition program; we don’t get to see Host or anything.  I’ll have to look that up.  I’m pretty giddy that it went to Top Chef, though; I was expecting The Amazing Race to continue it’s dominance.  Las Vegas was the best season of Top Chef, hands down, so it was the perfect time for it to have happened.  Well deserved, Magical Elves, well deserved.  I hope the Voltaggio brothers are still celebrating.

There were great dresses to be seen on Mariska Hargitay and Elizabeth Moss as Fallon moved us into the Drama portion of the show, though I could have done without Christina Hendricks’ cleavage buffet.  Aaron Paul wins the applause-o-meter among the supporting actor nominees, and then the award itself.  I’m sure he’s fantastic, but I can’t help feeling that Michael Emerson was robbed.  I loved Hodgman’s crack about Fraggle Rock and crystal meth, though.

The highlight of my night, of course, was demure Brit Archie Panjabi taking home the supporting actress gold for her role as Kalinda Sharma on The Good Wife.  I wouldn’t have thought it was possible to respect her more, but Archie’s physicality provides such a stark contrast to Kalinda’s power and confidence.  Thanks, she told the audience in a hilarious moment of honesty, this is really going to help my career.

Bryan Cranston scored his 3rd consecutive win – blah.  Jimmy Fallon’s musical tributes to 24 (a la Elton John), Law and Order (Boys II Men), and Lost (Green Day – “I didn’t understand it but I tried” to the tune of “I hope you had the time of your life”) rocked the house again.  So impressed with him.

Of course, my happiest moment was followed closely by the most astounding; Tina Fey walks out in a great dress and announces that Kyra Sedgwick has won lead actress for her role in The Closer after 5 years of losing.  I didn’t see that coming in the least.  I like Kyra Sedgwick, but I’m kinda pissed about Julianna Margulies losing.  I mean, what IS that?  At least Julianna got to present (the humanitarian award to her former tv paramour and husband, George Clooney) and to sing with Fallon.  I had no idea she could sing!

Really, the only thing I cared about in the Variety section was the clip they showed from Boston’s July 4th celebration, and that John Stewart won.  (Stewart wasn’t there, and the writers who accepted for him did not have his sense of timing.)  Oh, that’s not entirely true.  I liked the Bucky Guntz jokes.  And I loved that he won.  The Vancouver Olympics WERE spectacular, and I was pleased to see them rewarded.  Otherwise, lots of outdated jokes about Conan and Jay.

Tom Hanks is the only person not to sing with Fallon as he introduces the Movie/Miniseries category (perhaps to appear more modest than Kim Khardasian, who helped with Reality?) but I actually remember their ‘dialogue’:  “don’t tell Spielberg we’re running out of wars!”  Hee.

Temple Grandin wins big.  I’ve always found her fascinating, so that’s cool with me, and I like that she and her mom were there and got time in the spotlight.  I loved Claire Danes’ jeweled column dress, too.  How stunning was that?  Talk about old Hollywood glamor!  I’m glad to see Julia Ormond reviving her career, even if people got offended when she pretended to forget her costar Catherine O’Hara’s last name.  (Loved Hodgman’s crack about how she stole the role he was born to play, Sabrina Fairchild.)  PBS and the BBC get shut out (no love for Emma, Return to Cranford, or Endgame) but we do get a long winded, charmless speech from Al Pacino during which he makes us all clap for Jack Kevorkian.  This is weird.

Jewel performs to the In Memoriam slideshow, which was nice enough.  The miniseries is The Pacific, so Tom Hanks gets to give one of his patented awards acceptance speeches.  I’m totally going to Netflix some of these movies; I love that you can do that.  I never even heard of Moonshots, and I love stuff about the space program.  Temple Grandin wins the movie, like I said, but I’m particularly moved when the woman who accepts talks about her autistic son.  Man Men wins best drama for the third year in a row (sigh), and Modern Family takes comedy as expected.  I should be happy because it’s new, right?  Jimmy Fallon sends us home with the word that the after party’s at Betty White’s house.

Ah well.  What did you guys think?  I was so impressed with Fallon.  I was stunned that the show actually ran on time and ended at 11.  I mean, that is RARE.  Some good dresses, some moderately decent speeches (hmm – no one made me cry, though – not even the guy who waved his statuette in the direction of heaven and told his dead mom “this is for us”), one awesome surprise, one total let down, some stuff that was expected and some that was boring.  Betty White and Neil Patrick Harris winning the Comedy guest appearance Emmys was a thrill; Ann-Margaret and John Lithgow taking the Drama guest spots was considerably less so.  I’m quite grumpy about it.  Alan Cummings!  Dylan Baker!  Ah well.  I know a lot of my friends are celebrating the winning shows, though.  Are you one of them?  Let me know!

4 comments on “Emmy Reactions, or E’s Search For an Edible Hat

  1. Del says:

    I fully agree with the blog. And Mariska was simply perfect. She is a goddess

  2. Kiki says:

    I was so mad about Julianna not winning. I am still mad! But at least Archie won and that made the night easier.

    • E says:

      Oh, I know. I mean, it’s very nice for Kyra, who has apparently never won an Emmy (as Julianna did for ER), but I’m still stunned when I think about it.

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