So You Think You Can Dance: Results Show 8/5/10

E: In which the three finalists are revealed, gracious speeches are given, and E learns to respect the power of the judges.

The results show opens with Cat in a frothy cream lace slip dress, with hair like Miss Piggy in her seventies glam period (not the 80s perm) and she looks amazing.   Opening the show is an All Star group number (they gave the contestants a break?  that’s kind of great) set to ” The Drumming Song” by my favorite new band, Florence and the Machine.  The men (Dominic, Ade, Neil and Mark – yay, Mark!) wear suits in various neutral shades, and the women (Kathryn, Allison, Courtney and Lauren) are in shortened Victorian gowns.  It’s twisty and neat, but unremarkable; I think I was so distracted by the awesomeness of the music (and trying to figure out who thedancers were) that I hardly noticed the dancing.   Cat lets us know we can blame or praise Dee Caspary for this. 

Things of note in the introductory remarks: Cat introduces Tyce as an Emmy winner.  Does this mean he won for the Cancer Dance?  Must research.   But what’s with releasing this information in dribs and drabs, Emmy?  Where’s the fanfare?  Also, we see some clips from National Dance Day, which are nice, especially the shot of Harlan (baby of one of the show’s producers).  We find out that Nigel will tap in the finale, and that some mysterious dance legend – someone on the level of Desmond Richardson – will play Alex’s role in the amazing hip hop piece “Outta Your Mind” from earlier in the season.  Oooo0h, I’m fascinated. 

Next, we’ve got a performance from Janelle Monae.  Didn’t someone dance to “Tightrope” this season?  She’s wearing a skinny black tux, and cool black and white shoes with no socks; her hair is puffed up into a sort of afro-pompadore topiary look, and it’s neat.  Her face is round, and it’s reminiscent of a young Janet Jackson.  She’s got back up dancers (mostly men) in the same outfits, and they’re doing amazing, twisty footwork, and it’s cool.  The song is a total throw back – very James Brown, Motown, and I’m liking it a lot.  OH!  I know.  Kent and Kathryn, a Sonya jazz piece.  They totally used this song – that was the one about celebrating dance.  Janelle and her dancers do some sick group moonwalking.  Her voice is a little quavery, but I’m digging it.

Lauren dances a solo, to Wasted Time by Me’Shell Ndegeocello.  It’s really good – there are amazing bends.  She rips off the white shirt she’s wearing over some work out clothes, and really it’s one of her best solos.

There’s a quick piece about how dance really is a sport and Gatorade tests the dancers to prove it in their special gatorade performance lab.  Turns out Twitch is in the same level shape as a top tier professional football player.  Well, duh! 

Kent is up next, and before he dances, we not only get to hear the praise of his second performance, but the criticism of his first one.  Wow.  He does a gymnastics routine to Taio Cruz’s “Dynamite.”    Cat hustles all four dancers to center stage, and Kent – thinking they were off air – says something apparently inappropiate or personal to Lauren.  I wish I knew what!  I don’t mean inappropriate in a bad way; it just wasn’t something he meant to say live.  Cat lets us know that 10,000,000 votes were cast last night, and only 2% separates the top two vote getters (although, out of 10 million, that’s what, 200,000 votes, which is still a lot).  In no particular order, one of the top two is – Lauren! 

Lauren is crying, and Adam says he went home and prayed in his bed last night that she would be in the finale, because she deserves it.  She cries more.  Aw!

Up next, Adechike does a solo, to something called “Sir” by Various Artists.  This is a collection of beats and pinging noises and he does an interesting (but not as clever as it wants to be) robotic dance in time with the pings.  There’s a lot of locking, which is well done, but it reminds me of his tap solo in Vegas week. 

“Mr. Muscle” by Rusko is Robert’s musical choice.  It’s very Mark-like, angular and jazzy.  Robert’s face couldn’t be more serious.  Cat calls the three boys up and lets us know that Kent is the other member of the top two.  Before you get too excited, Kent fans, Nigel informs us that the number one spot has been changing hands for quite a while.  Interesting!  That’s not going to be the walk in the park that I imagined.  Kent has been jumping around, making a goofy nut of himself.  Someone in the audience has a cut out of his face (making one of his patented faces) on a stick.  Awesome.

Desmond Richardson performs, wearing black jeans with the right left cut off, and a black lace shirt with the left arm cut off.  He’s dancing to “Sympathy for the Devil”  and he’s both manly and effeminate, and when I hear the line “what’s puzzling you is the nature of my game” I know exactly what he’s going for in the piece.  It’s neat.    We get to see Flo Rida performing a song from Step Up 3D (and, for what it’s worth, I’ve read that the 3D is actually really cool even if the acting isn’t) with some All Stars backing him up.  There’s good dancing and I kind of like the song, which surprises me.  It reminds me of Chris Brown’s “Forever”.  Cat tells him he smells nice.

Did I mention that the top four got to see the movie which I’m a bit tired of naming?  It was cute.  Well, they were cute.  Adechike wore a bow tie, and Lauren sassed people, and Kent was a nut.

Finally Cat has Adechike – who has never been in the bottom but took yet another drubbing from the judges last night – and perpetual bottom dweller Robert.  Robert tries to look like he doesn’t care and fails utterly.  To my shock, it’s Robert who’s the third finalist.  Lauren is thrilled.  I’m kind of thrilled, although I really do like Adechike as well. He’s so gracious in defeat.  We see a sign that calls him the people’s champion.  He tells us that the best part of the show has been his “homies over there.”  Who knew that homies came from Wapakonetta, Cat observes, and we’re out. 

So, wow!  Who else was surprised by that?  Next week, my thoughts on what routines I want to see reprised in the finale.   And the finale itself!

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