So You Think You Can Dance: Results Show, 7/15/10

E: Cat’s a mod, happening chick in a marigold vintage mini.  Good evening, Cat!  Sorry.  I know you don’t like Thursdays.  Me neither.

On the other hand, there was some nice stuff going on tonight.  Some fun guests, nice work by the All Stars, a sad elimination, and a surprise to round out the bottom three.  And, hmmm – perchance a bit of romance?

The show opens with “Charleston (Billion Dollar Baby)” from Jerome Robbins Broadway, and it’s got Tyce’s fingerprints all over it.  It’s got an early twentieth century look, and there’s an enormous bar like we’re in some sort of saloon.  There are a lot of jazz hands, and Ade does something really cool and slinky – did I mention that this week the All Stars got in on the group dance action? – which is the highlight for me. Ashley does not dance.  We do not see her in the audience – or at least, I didn’t.  As it was last week, we don’t hear anything about her injury.

After showing some uploaded videos and generally enthusing about National Dance Day, Cat brings out Kent and Lauren for the first set of news.  Kent and Lauren are holding hands.  They walk out holding hands, and they hold hands the whole time.  Hmmmm.  That is awfully cute.  Does this mean what I think it means?  What with that kiss and all.  That would be a really sweet thing.

Ahem.  Anyway.  It’s perfectly obvious that they’re both safe, but Cat takes quite a long time to get to that point.  “I hate you!” says Kent as he bearhugs her.  (Hmm.  Can you bear hug someone taller than yourself?)  “That’s the trouble,” says Cat.  “You love me and you hate me.  That’s my trouble.”  Ah, you’re so cute, Cat.  We all really love you.  Except the damn fool Emmy nominating morons.

Ahem.  Sorry about that again.  Kent and Lauren walk down into the audience holding hands.  Aw.  And then instead of hearing the rest of the results, we get – two tiny dancers from Mary Murphy’s school.  Why do we not get a proud Mary Murphy beaming in the audience?  Mary, I miss you!  I miss you a ton!  And I know I’m not alone, no matter how much people used to natter on about your screaming.  So anyhow, the kids, Fernando and Lauren, are adorable.   He’s 11 and she’s 10, she’s half a head taller, has the best legs you’ve ever seen, and the most ridiculous split ever.  They execute some really nice flicks, and cartwheel in unison, and all in all do better than the adults on Dancing With The Stars.  It’s alarming and impressive.  Cat, who used to be a children’s tv presenter in the UK, just loves them to bits, and engineers a little arm wrestling with Fernando, who is a card.  Cute, cute, cute and more cute.

Up next are Billy and Adechike.  Sigh.  You just know it’s going to be Billy, and it’s so undeserved.  What’s wrong with him, America?  Why don’t you all love him as I do?  He was amazing last night.  Not that Adechike was chopped liver, of course.  And I should add that when I was watching the replay I realized that part of what bothered me about Adechike’s posture in the salsa might be that he’s got sloping shoulder, and was wearing a shirt with a really large collar, and that might have thrown the look off for me.  So, I don’t know.  Maybe it was better than I thought?  The rest of America certainly thought so, because he’s safe, and poor Billy’s in the bottom again.  Ignore it, says Mia.  You’re on the right track.  You’re improving.  We love you.

When Robert and Jose take the stage, I’m convinced that Robert is once again in the bottom three, and that drives me nuts after his spectacular “Fix You”.  And given the fact that Jose had his worst week?  I’m prepared to be frustrated.  But no!  It’s Jose making his first trip to the bottom three!  Adam asks him how he’s been feeling about making it this far in the competition, and Jose says he expects to be in the bottom three every week.  This guy, I tell you.   It doesn’t feel like false modesty.  I’m starting to wonder if cartoon birds braid his cornrows in the morning.

Cat tells us that some Alvin Ailey dancers will be gracing the stage this evening – Jamar Roberts and Rachel McLaren (sorry if I misheard the names!) dancing to “Gravity’s Angel” by Lauren Anderson, which is part of Bad Blood by Ulysses Dove.  Jamal has on white pants, and Rachel a white halterneck catsuit, and they look stunning.  He’s got the longest arms I’ve ever seen, and throws her like a rag.  Their athleticism and grace is astounding; I’m always in awe of the Ailey troupe whenever I see them.  Now, on the otherhand, I loathed the song, which was some sort of spoken word set to music.  Really really not a fan.

I am a fan, however, of Twitch and Comfort’s Dave Scott routine set to Chris Brown’s “Forever.”  I was really kind of thrilled to see it again.  I like these costumes much much better than the futuristic tin foil they wore the first time around.  Am I nuts, or did they wear these on the finale?  He’s in a gold jacket with gold hightop sneakers; she’s in a silver bustier with silver sneakers.  They both have matching sunglasses, the kind that look like venetian blinds.  Anyway, it’s so much fun.  Seeing their audition footage makes me less satisfied with Jose than ever; the boy has soul, no doubt, but he can’t touch Twitch for originality and timing, or Comfort for her hard hits and musicality.

And on that note, Billy floats around to Ben E. Kings’ “Stand By Me”.  It’s nice, but the look on his face suggests he’s a bit beat down.  I’d be frustrated if I were him, too.  It’s not that you aren’t great, Billy!  It’s that the judges are extra tough on you because you are great, and then America just likes lesser dancers better.  I mean, that’s got to hurt, right?  That people don’t vote even when you do your best because they just don’t like YOU?

Jose’s picked “Chicken Bone Circuit” by RJD2.  His solo’s all floorwork.  I was impressed with some of the flares, but in general, he just doesn’t amaze me.  Perhaps I don’t know enough about b boying to know why his stuff is so great.  Usually, the b boys shock me with their originality, but I never really feel that with Jose.  I like him, but I wish I felt that.

While the judges deliberate, we have a special guest.  Cat reminds us that SYTYCD has given us the tv debuts of One Republic, Katy Perry, and Lady Gaga.  Wow, really?  That’s nuts.  Well, two weeks ago Stacey Tookey used this cool song, “Jar of Hearts”, in her routine for Billy and Kathryn.  I liked it a ton, looked it up afterward, and had trouble seeing it anywhere outside youtube.  Well, that’s because it turns out the singer, Christina Perry, was a waitress up until two weeks ago, and now because of the show, she’s on the itunes top twenty and has sold a hundred thousand copies of her song.  And now that I know it’s up on itunes, she’s going to sell one more.   She sits at the piano and sings, accompanied by two violins, a cello and an unseen backing singer.  Allison and Neil dance in the contemporary standard – flowy white.  She’s in a floaty dress, he’s got an open shirt to whip around in.  The costumes might as well have been culled from previous performances.

Anyhow, I really like the song, although the studio version is a bit better than the live one.  I love the backstory, though.  Christina Perry, you’re talented (if a little hyperbolic.)  I hope you can make this work, particularly without losing yourself in the process.

Anyway.  Ashley’s finally on stage, the judges are ready.  Jose had his game face on and Nigel was blown away by his tricks (really?).  Billy, on the other hand, was resting on his laurels.  If Uncle Nigel says it it must be true!  (Actually I think he might be a tiny bit right.  Don’t tell.) Thankfully for both of them (but unfortunately for us) Nigel immediately lets Ashley know that her doctors need her to rest until her either broken or cracked rib heals.  The tour this year will be comprised of Season Six, Season Seven and All Star favorites, and they’ve guaranteed her a place on it.  Like they say on American Idol, it’s a really nice paycheck to do what you love, so good for her. She cries, and seems as young as she is, and we get to see a montage of her amazing dancing and even more amazing stomach.  Girl would have no trouble selling a workout video, in case I haven’t mentioned.

And there it is.  I can’t believe that two of my favorite got sidelined by injury within a week.  Lousy, but them’s the break.  You won’t hear a word of conspiracy theory from me unless Billy ends up hurt next week.  What do you think?  Having a good end to the week?  Are you jealous of Lauren?  Let me know!


7 comments on “So You Think You Can Dance: Results Show, 7/15/10

  1. Karla Bond says:

    This season has been rough for the dancers. It was sad to see her go but hey she made the tour!

  2. MMGF says:

    Sigh. Hate these results. And what IS wrong with America, all not voting for Billy. Really?? How can people not just adore him? I don’t get it. That Boogie Shoes routine he and Lauren did this week is probably my favorite so far this year. It was so cute and fun and entertaining and smooth, and he was *excellent* in it. Ugh. C’mon, people, vote for him from now on, OK? Sheesh. If you can all of a sudden start liking Robert for who knows what reason, you can certainly do the same with Billy. Right? RIGHT??

    • E says:

      Apparently Nigel has to tell us to like someone before we do? I don’t know. I don’t get it either. I adored that routine, and I thought his jive was fantastic.

      • MMGF says:

        And what the deal with poor Ashley? Alex was invited back to Vegas next year, but they very conspicuously did not extend that same offer to Ashley last night. It was all about “Well, you made the tour! Yay you for that!” Which, actually, how does that work? Will Alex be on the tour, and then make it again next year, when he inevitably cracks the top 5 or 10? Oh, wait, or was only the top 7 making the tour this year? So Ashley’s the first one on it? Maybe that’s it. I’m so ignorant of how it works in this all-mixed-up season, ugh.

        • E says:

          It sounds screwy, actually – they’re doing a combined tour of people from this season and the fall season. Alex would very likely not be able to make the tour because it’s probably going to start before his three months of complete rest are over (and even after that I’m sure he’s in for some pt), right?

          And yeah, Ashley is not Alex. Poor Ashley.

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