Reaction to the Emmys

E: So of course the only person on our wish list to be nominated was Archie Panjabi, just as I predicted.  But!  There is other good news!  All in all, not a bad morning for Relatively Entertaining favorites.  There’s good news for Glee, The Good Wife, Lost, Top Chef, Project Runway, and even some smatterings for Chuck, Castle, Emma and Return to Cranford.  If you want an actual list, go here.  This is the run down of stuff we care about here.

The biggest success of the morning (from my point of view, anyway) is clearly The Good Wife.  Now, I’m a bit of a Gleek, and that show did really well, possibly the best, and I’ll get to that, but I love The Good Wife the most.  So I’m quite excited.  It’s nominated for best drama!  Now, Matt Czuchry and Martha Plimpton did not get nominated.  I knew I was reaching with him, but I can’t imagine how anyone could ignore her terrificness, so I’m pretty bummed about that.  I guess her new sitcom will have to be her reward for being so awesome as Patti.  But!  There is great news!  Not only did Julianna get her almost assured nod for lead actress, and Archie got her supporting nod, Christine Baranski got one as well!  And the show did score some guest appearance nods for Alan Cumming and Dylan Baker (Colin Sweeney) as well!  Woot!  There were nods for writing (the pilot, oddly enough – interesting, because that’s not nearly the best episode in my opinion), directing, costume design and some other fields.  Woot!

Among other RE favorites, Lost got a best drama nomination as well (for only the second time), as well as nods for Michael Emerson and Terry O’Quinn in the supporting categories and – for the first time – Matthew Fox in the lead category.  Good work, guys!

And then, Glee. It scored a bunch of nominations for episodes “Theatricality”, “Hairography”, and especially “The Power of Madonna”.  It’s up for best comedy, Matthew Morrison and Lea Michelle are up as leads, Chris Colfer and Jane Lynch in the supporting categories (wow, Chris Colfer! I didn’t see that coming!).  And for guest stars, there are nods for Neil Patrick Harris as Bryan Ryan, Mike O’Malley as Burt Hummel, and Kristin Chenoweth as April Rhodes.  Awesome.

Then, let’s see.  Chuck got a stunt nomination.  There are seriously Emmys for everything.  Return to Cranford got a bunch, including costumes and miniseries and lead actress for Judi Dench.  (Weirdly, only The Pacific and RtC are nominated for Best Miniseries, which is weird because Emma, among others, has lots of other miniseries category nominations. Didn’t we go through this weirdness last year?)  Ian McKellan got a nod for The Prisoner, and Michael Gambon for Emma.  And Betty White for hosting SNL V and Caprica got nods for visual effects, as did Virtuality, that show from last summer which they appear to be considering a miniseries.  Grey’s Anatomy scored almost nothing; I think this is the first time in the history of the show it has no acting nominations.  Sorry, guys.  They did pick up a make up nomination and a prosthetics nod for the episode “How Insensitive”.  Looks like that was a fat suit after all; I hadn’t been sure.  And I guess that’s why it’s up for an award.

There are cinematography nominations for Flash Forward, Top Chef: Las Vegas and Top Chef Masters.  Top Chef and Glee are among the contenders for best website.  Top Chef and Project Runway are up for reality competition series, and Heidi for host.  No Tom and Padma and Cat?  I can’t find the choreography nominations in this enormous list – maybe they’re tucked away somewhere weird?

I am happy to say, however, that what was perhaps our favorite episode of Castle this year – “Vampire Weekend” – is up for prosthetics, hair and make up.  Excellent!  I hope you win, guys.  I hope you win.  Those of you out there who like Modern Family are also having a good morning.  True Blood and Mad Men fans have reasons to rejoice as well.  And finally, my sibs favorite How I Met Your Mother is up for Best Orignal Song for “Nothing Suits Me Like a Suit”.  Legen- wait for it – dary.


12 comments on “Reaction to the Emmys

  1. MMGF says:

    AND BEST GUEST ACTRESS IN A DRAMA FOR ELIZABETH MITCHELL!!!! Sorry. I’m so excited about that. She should have been nominated last year for her outstanding work, or even in previous years. To see her sneaking in this year is wonderful. And I love all the other actresses, don’t get me wrong (although the only one I saw was Ann-Margret in L&O.) But ELIZABETH MITCHELL! Go Juliet!

    Not surprisingly, I’ll have more reaction later, when I have more time to peruse, but a couple of quick things I note:

    I love that Nurse Jackie got a Best Comedy nomination. It’s such an excellent show. The entire cast should be nominated – it’s a shame they only recognize Edie Falco.

    Love seeing Elizabeth Moss and Christina Hendricks both get noticed in supporting. (Although, January Jones is one of the two worst actresses on TV. Her monotony ends up somewhat working for her Mad Men role, but still. Oh – Rose Byrne, another nominee, is the other worst.)

    Nothing for Ugly Betty at ALL, eh, Emmys? Nice. Nice little FU to that poor show. Way to make ABC think they did the right thing in cancelling a wonderful little show that was coming back into its own after being treated so poorly, a show with a ridiculously talented cast and that broke down all KINDS of barriers and prejudices (racial, sexual, gender, class, appearance, etc.) A true shame.

    Is there seriously a Best Website award?? Stop it.

    Choreography looks like a nom for Mia (uh, wasn’t she not choreographing last season?? Or was there a summer and fall season this past year? I forget.) And one for Stacey Tookey. Then two for Dancing with the Stars and one for – wait for it – the Oscars. For Adam Shankman – wonder if they’ll mention that on SYTYCD tonight, since he got that nom for another show on another network.

    Betty White’s Snickers commercial even got a nomination. The woman is unstoppable. (And I don’t recognize the other commercials, so I’d guess that’s the front-runner. Not that SHE wins it, but still.)

    How the heck does Best Theme Song work? Most shows have the same theme song every year, no? Seems like a silly category. (Or one ripe for new shows to appear.)

    Monk? Curb Your Enthusiasm? These shows are still on?

    Don’t watch it myself, but still happy to see the Friday Night Lights leads get some attention. I hear Connie Britton is just fantastic.

    Comedy Lead Actress is interesting. Does Glee girl Lea Michele get it, for the buzziest show? Does Toni Collette repeat her Emmy and Golden Globe wins? Does Emmy-loved Edie Falco, with her show nominated for Best Comedy, get it? Does also-Emmy-loved Julia Louis-Dreyfus get a farewell gift? Does Tina Fey come back to her winning ways? Or does Amy Poehler and her growing popularity sneak in? That one’s pretty wide open.

    I’m surprised they didn’t throw Patricia Heaton a nomination for The Middle. They loved her in Everybody Loves Raymond, and that’s a FUNNY show. I guess it’s too far under the radar (and, well, that category is stacked, like I noted.)

    Poor Ed O’Neill. Looks like the entire adult cast got nominated for that horrible Modern Family show except him. (And, oddly enough, I’m pretty sure the kid who plays his stepson on the show is one of the funniest on the show – but no noms for kids, sorry.)

    How funny would it be if after years of losing as the front-runner for How I Met Your Mother, NPH won for his Glee guest appearance instead? Man, though, if there’s any justice, that one’ll go to Mike O’Malley. Love to see Ted Danson win for Damages, too, in Drama. Didn’t see this season, but he was scorchingly amazing in the first season, and should have won. Wins for he and Elizabeth Mitchell would be nice consolations. And then Betty White for SNL would be nice. She was better than Fey, Chenoweth was a little too over the top in Glee, as is Stritch in 30 Rock, Lynch is better in Glee than in Two and a Half Men, and Baranski, well, I’m just not a Big Bang Theory fan. And Joosten, well, she’s part of the actual cast of Desperate Housewives – I’m not sure what she’s doing in the guest category.

    Any chance this is the year Amazing Race loses? Nahhh.

    What about non-competition reality? Jamie Oliver over Kathy Griffin? (Or are her acceptance speeches the only thing that keep those “Schmemmys,” as she calls them, from being a snooze-a-rama?)

    How do Ryan Seacrest and Tom Frickin’ Bergeron keep getting nominated for Best Reality Host while Cat Deeley and Padma Lashki do not? Come on. Tom Bergeron. Seriously.

    Writing, Glee Pilot? Really? Can that count? Wasn’t that on last May?

    No Jay (not surprisingly,) no Dave. Interesting. Although, how they can skip Craig Ferguson, I have no idea.

    So much for just a few notes….

    • E says:

      Don’t hate me, but I think Tom Bergeron is pretty quick on his feet. Not nearly so charming as Cat, obviously, but he’s not just there because the show is popular. I’d get rid of Seacrest and Keoghan.

      And yeah, Craig Ferguson is one of the smartest and most entertaining people on tv. Don’t know how he gets dissed.

      Trying not to think about Ugly Betty, trying not to think about it…

      And, let’s see. With you on Kristin C – love her, but hated April Rhodes. Totally did not notice Elizabeth Mitchell – woot! Where did you find the choreography stuff? If Mia got a nod, it must have been from last summer. Ooooh, I wonder if it was her group dance to that Stevie Wonder song? LOVED that. Nothing for Travis and The Necklace, huh? That’s too bad. Must find those…

      Oh. Got them:

      So You Think You Can Dance • Routines: Gravity/Addiction & Koop Island Blues & One • FOX • dick clark productions and 19 Entertainment
      Mia Michaels, Choreographer

      So You Think You Can Dance • Routine: Fear • FOX • dick clark productions and 19 Entertainment
      Stacey Tookey, Choregrapher

      Okay, Stacey’s “Fear” was for Legacy and Kathryn, which was terrific. Yay! So that means Mia was nominated for 3 different routines in one nod? That’s weird. How does that work? The awesome creepy “Gravity”, the group dance “One” – which was super overrated – and The Butt Dance (“Koop Island Blues”) which I loved. Weird.

    • E says:

      So they definitely will mention Adam and the Oscars, network be damned.

      Guest categories are odd. Dylan Baker, for example, was on 2 different episodes of The Good Wife. Alan Cummings was on maybe 6-9 and will be a series regular next season.

      And yeah, it’d be wicked funny to see NPH win for guest appearance rather than supporting actor. I can actually see that happening. I missed Christine Baranski in the guest categories – double nod, woohoo!!!!

    • noypi says:

      im sorry but i beg to disagree. i feel sad that a lot dont appreciate ms. jones’ work on mad men. however, i think that the very fact people feel a strong dislike for betty draper(and by extension january jones the actress) is testament to how effectively she plays the character. her character is supposed to come off as thankless and a brat. she is stifled and unhappy. see the season3 episode “THE SOUVENIR” where she and don went to rome. there you can see her be a very different person, only to be back as a lonely housewife once they went home after the trip. brilliant work

      • MMGF says:

        No, I think she’s fine as Betty Draper. But I think that’s more indicative of that character matching to January Jones’s acting style than to her necessarily being a great actress. The character is sort of stoic and and troubled and sharp, and having seen Jones in other things (Love Actually, Bandits, We Are Marshall, SNL,) I think that’s a case of her being the right actor for the role. In those other things I’ve seen her in, I’ve been less than impressed. That said, I actually tend to root for Betty Draper, and think she’s just fine in that role. So, I can clarify by saying I don’t begrudge her this nomination for this performance. She’s good in the role, as opposed to my other complaint, Rose Byrne, who’s always been pretty bad in Damages.
        Anyway – new Mad Men season, this Sunday at 10pm on AMC!

        • noypi says:

          fair point. sorry, i must have reacted strongly to your statement about january jones being 1 of the 2 worst actresses on tv. surely there are actresses out there worse( as u put it) than her? anyway, i see your point. she does fit her role perfectly, but that doesnt mean she’s not good at it. looking the part is 1 thing, but embodying it is another. there are a handful on emotional scenes between betty and don and i dont think a bad actress can pull off what january has done. her reactions and facial expressions are spot on, including her body language. but thats just my opinion. she has always been underappreciated as betty draper. some as far as calling her the weak link on the show which i think is just crazy

          • E says:

            She’s going to be in a big movie this fall with Nic Cage and Guy Pearce, with a super dramatic role. So I guess we’ll see whether she can go beyond Betty Draper when The Hungry Rabbit Jumps hits theaters! I don’t watch Mad Men, so I can’t take sidesin your debate. 🙂

  2. Kiki says:


    So happy for the women of TGW!!! YAYY!! So happy!!!

    And Dylan and Alan…YESSSSSSSSS!!

    Gosh such a great day for TGW!!!!

  3. koz says:

    Suprized too that Martha Plimpton was not nominated. Enjoyed Patty’s fight with Will in Crush and Heart and her female tricks to win at all costs. One of the best guest stars at TGV.

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