So You Think You Can Dance:Results Show 6/17/10

E: I do not like this at all.

And no, I’m not talking about something else that went on in L.A. last night.  I am resolutely not talking about that.  I mean, this elimination, come on!

I guessed only one of the three people in the bottom three – although I’m not at all surprised by the gender distribution.  I figured at most there might be one guy.  But most of the people I thought were in danger turned out not to be, and someone I like a ton went home.  I guess that’s what interesting about the start of the season, though, and about this new format.  People don’t just stay in because they’re good.  People don’t end up in the bottom just because the judges have – justly or unjustly – called them out.

So not cool.  Like Cat says, I hate Thursdays.

Speaking of Cat, how awesome was her dress?  Part early 90s, part today, part Braveheart, and so freaking cool.  Yes, there was a level of little girl’s Christmas dress to it.  So what?  Cat can pull off anything.

The opening number was fine.  Didn’t knock me out, like the top 23 tour de force by the Robsons, but the costumes were nicely reminiscent of the Solid Gold Dancers, so that made me happy.  They danced to “Acapella” by Kelis, and the tone was really upbeat and fun; the choreographer was new (Sandy Chavez, did they say her name was? Apologies if that’s wrong!) but promising.  Good stuff.  And, actually, that crazy thing where Alexie got used as a jump rope?  That was pretty fantastic.  I’m weirded out that Melinda mimed tapping in her bare feet again.  Just odd.  Really odd.

Nigel blathers about Dance Day in America (July 31st) and how you can “download” a NappyTab routine to learn at home, for the exercise value if nothing else.  Interesting.

Without further delay, Cat calls up the dancers to give the results.  Kent, Alex, Robert and Lauren are all – safe!  Cat’s faked them out, implying that either Kent or Lauren is in the bottom three – but no.  There’s jubilation.  I’m a little surprised.

Next we have Melinda, Ashley, Billy and Alexie.  It seems clear to me that it’ll be Melinda and Ashley (you know, what with no one knowing who she is, the camera missing her solo and the judges ranking on her perfectly nice routine) but I’m incorrect; it’s Melinda and Alexie in the bottom.  Well, I suppose I can’t argue with it, exactly; I just really like Alexie.

Finally Jose, Cristina and Adechike get their news. Of course the b boy isn’t going to get the axe the first week, so he gets his news first.  Clearly of this pair it ought to be Adechike; in this case I agree with the judges that she did really well and he was a huge disappointment.  But no!  It’s Cristina!  Oh, I’m not happy about this at all.

First, we’ve got a fantastic pas de peux from the musical Come Fly Away; I was super excited about this because I’d seen bits of this on the Tonys on Sunday, and was completely blown away by the female lead dancer, Karine Plantadit.  This is a Twyla Tharp show, in case you hadn’t heard, where she tells a story through dance using the music of Frank Sinatra – very like the Billy Joel musical she did a few years ago, which was fantastic.  Anyway, Karine and her partner Keith Richards (hee hee) were astounding.  She’s got this wild hair, and she’s ridiculously ripped and sexy and fierce.

Then we have the solos.  First Melinda, tapping away to James Brown’s “I’ve Got That Feeling”.  I thought she was terrific, actually, and this is tough because I’d hate for the show to be rid of her tapping.  Then there’s Alexie, dancing to Otis Reddings’ “I’ve Been Loving You Too Long”, which was really nice.  Why is it so hard for contemporary girls to put together great solos?  Why is this easier for the contemporary guys?  I don’t quite understand it, but there it is.  Cristina, dancing to “La Guarachera” by Celia Cruz and Tito Puente, manages to avoid looking silly while dancing salsa without a partner.  She did really really well, I thought, but Melinda’s was probably the most interesting to me personally.

So while Usher brings in his legions of dancers (perfectly good but not, in my eyes, extraordinary) and a Justin Bieber/Usher video plays (yawn) I’m wondering.  Who goes home?  I’m thinking it has to be Melinda, if Nigel will relinquish the lone tapper in the competition. He’s been pretty hard on her, going on about how she’s not warm and vulnerable or even sufficiently sexy.  (And, okay, I know I said that her ambition was likely to turn people off, but now I’m starting to feel sorry for her.  It all seems quite sexist, somehow.  It’s not like Nigel’s telling Jose he needs to be more vulnerable.)   That said, I’d definitely prefer Alexie to stay, and probably like Cristina better than Melinda.

But the judges, they decide to boot Alexie instead, sweet little luminous Alexie, who tried out four times and finally made the show to last a single week?  That makes me totally bummed.  All the other dancers down in the pit start sobbing.

As soon as Nigel lowers the boom, Mia and Adam quickly reassure Alexie that she’s incredibly commercial and cute and people will love her and she will find lots of work.  And we know from the Oscar that Adam hires contestants, don’t we?  So, good.  Good.  But I wanted her on this show!  So freaking painful.  Like that other athletic event that I could name. But won’t.

I genuinely thought it was Melinda.  Which is not to say that I’m sorry she’s stuck around.  You know, these cuts are going to hurt right from the start.  There’s no cannon fodder in a cast this small.  It’s like getting a tattoo on bone; there’s no fat to protect you from the pain.  Or so I understand it.

9 comments on “So You Think You Can Dance:Results Show 6/17/10

  1. sapience says:

    I thought Adechike deserved to be in the bottom 3, and that they should have cut him before Alexie. But, as a friend pointed out, Nigel just doesn’t get quirky, and he wasn’t going to let their one ballroom and one tapper go. I’m terribly afraid that the end of this season is going to be three contemporary guys and a breaker (My bet: Alex, Robert, Kent, and Jose). They’ve put all their dance diversity among the girls, and the girls just aren’t as strong as they have been in other years.

    • E says:

      The girls haven’t gotten nearly the same level of attention, either. But yeah, I should have guessed they’d axe the contemporary dancer rather than lose one of the more unusual styles.

      I wouldn’t be at all surprised at that top four – although I’d probably sub in Billy for Robert. I’m not sure how Robert’s mugging for the camera is going to play, or the fact that no one knew who he was before last week. And I’m curious to see if Kent’s cuteness will grow old. Poor Alex; the technical dancers never win. I think at this point it’s Kent’s game to lose. But then I could never have called Jeanine as a winner at the beginning of the season, so perhaps there’s something coming up we don’t expect.

    • E says:

      Oh, and yeah, I would totally have cut Adechike. But perhaps that’s because I’m still a little mad at him for taking Anthony Burrell’s spot.

      • Sonia says:

        Poor Alexie! I’m not as attached to her as you, but nevertheless it was very painful to lose her. The dancers’ tears really got to me.

        So glad Cristina is safe. Melinda better knock our socks off next week!

        I hope somebody does an intervention with Robert — he needs to take it down a notch or ten. Such a beautiful and talented boy, but he so quickly becomes annoying.

        And I know what you mean about Adechike taking Anthony Burrell’s spot. I still don’t get that! I wouldn’t be upset if he left next week.

        • E says:

          I guess I’m resigned to things today, but it’s still sad.

          Don’t you want to corner Robert and use Diane Wiest’s famous line on him – “Don’t speak. No – no – don’t speak.” I listen to him and think, sigh, theater people. Theater people are a lot of fun, but also really exhausting. (Having been a theater person myself, but never truly theatrical, if that makes sense.)

          Adechike seems like a sweet kid, but everything he didn’t bring this week made me just furious on Anthony’s behalf. I mean, can you imagine the sexiness AB would have brought to that routine? Smelling salts would have been necessary.

          I was intrigued that Ashley and Robert were able to easily overcome their lack of screen time. And even Adechike – the biggest thing we knew about him before last week was that he did a stupid tap solo that almost got him cut. But clearly people like him (and Lauren and Robert and Ashley) despite lack of screen time and negative criticism.

          How’s the All Star format working for you? Or can you not make up your mind yet, like me?

          • Sonia says:

            YES about Robert and theater people in general. It’s just exhausting after a while.

            I’m still optimistic about the all star format. I’ll miss the bonds that form in the pairings, but now I don’t have to worry about good dancers getting cut because of a dud partner, OR feel annoyed when weaker dancers move on because of a strong partner.

            It’s early days and Lord knows I’m still foaming at the mouth for Wednesday nights!

            • E says:

              I am TOTALLY foaming at the mouth for Wednesday night.

              I do think you’re right, that there won’t be lesser dancers getting pulled through by popular partners. It did occur to me, though, that there are dancers like Jeanine who might have been cannon fodder had not they been originally paired with a popular partner like Philip. She hadn’t gotten any air time before the top twenty and it took a while to see how good she was. But on the other hand, people voting Ashley and Robert through, despite their lack of screen time, so perhaps that’s not the factor I think it is?

  2. MMGF says:

    1. E, stop tattooing your bones.
    2. I’m with you on that top 4 – Kent, Billy, Alex, Jose (in that order.)
    3. Kent’s “cuteness” has already gotten old.

    (I like to keep in mind, at least, that the two times girls did win – Sabra and Jeanine – they came out of nowhere, at least halfway through the finals. Then again, is there enough time with this mini-finals for something great like that to happen? Another reason the top 10/11 sucks in comparison to the usual top 20/21.)

    • E says:

      1. I know, I know. I just can’t help myself.

      1.a. Does it scare me or not that people who don’t know that will read the above snark and believe it?

      2. It seems incredibly likely to go that way, don’t you think? Of course, we over estimated Legacy last year, and it remains to be seen if Jose can hold a candle to the big L.

      3. I still like Kent, but I’m not sure it will last all the way through – in which case, we’ll have to revisit that predicted order. I have to say, I hope Alex can make a surge; hurray for great technical dancers! Hurray for just being a regular person and having people like you anyway!

      4. The only redeeming factor of the top ten/eleven format is that we don’t lose two contestants a week, so perhaps that will help? I don’t know if that’ll be enough to save any of the girls, though.

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