LOST Recap: Four Episodes To Go

M: Last night instead of a new episode of Lost, we got a rerun of one of the best episodes of the season, Ab Aeterno.  Obviously, with nothing new, I have no recap of this week’s events, nothing particularly new to share.  So all we’re going with this week is a little recap of our own, putting out some theories on what is happening and what might come in the final four episodes, which includes the 2 hour series finale.  At the bottom will be links to all my reviews from this season.

Quick programming note, the finale will be on SUNDAY May 23rd, not on it’s usual Tuesday night!

So what do we have going on, with so little time left?  Well, let’s start with the choice of showing the rerun of Ab Aeterno, instead of either a different episode or simply not being on for a week.  Why Ab Aeterno?  Because it has to contain important information to the last four episodes, obviously.  What information, though?

Well, the big info revealed in it was the background of Richard, but more importantly, some of the background of, and nature of, Jacob and Smokey.  We find that Smokey believes everyone is corruptible, and is likely evil incarnate (though there has to be more back story to him than that, as he was “once a man”.  We find that Jacob is bringing people to the island to try to prove Smokey wrong about their innate corruptibility, but that he doesn’t want to be actively involved the way Smokey is.  We also find that the island is a sort of prison for Smokey, keeping him from unleashing his nastiness on the world as a whole.  That last bit kind of begs the question of why Jacob would keep bringing people to the island, seemingly providing Smokey with opportunities to escape.

We’ll take that information, intentionally put back into our collective consciousness, into consideration as we look at where Lost is going to go over the final episodes.

Now, over the past five and three quarters seasons, there have been a lot of questions raised.  Right from the start of the show, though, we had some questions that were more important than others.  The earliest had to be:  What is the island?  As just discussed, that was answered, sort of, in Ab Aeterno, which also answered the question of why our castaways were there (to replace Jacob, to prove Smokey wrong).  So what have been, and still are, the other big questions?  Let’s look back:

Will they get rescued? –  They sort of did, but at this point so few of the 815’ers are left its barely even important.

What’s the monster? –  We’re still working on this, but we’ve gotten a ton on this lately.

Is Jack’s dad really dead? –  Yes, Smokey can appear as dead people, but also dead people can appear to Hurley.

What’s the hatch? –  The Dharma Initiative Swan station.  Going off of this, many of the second season’s questions were focused on the other hatches, and many of the questions we had about Dharma over seasons two through five have been answered.  We still have no clue what happened to the DeGroots or Alvar Hanso, who was still air-dropping food for the Swan (and why it stopped after that first drop).

What are the numbers? –  This has been answered a couple times/ways.  They were the serial numbers on the Swan hatch, and the numbers of the final six candidates in JAcob’s cave.

Why is Walt ‘special’, what are his powers? –  We may never know this one, because the actor grew up faster than the timeline of the show moved.

How can the island heal people? –  This is apparently tied to the electromagnetic energy of the island, but could be more mystical than that.

Who are Adam and Eve? –  I say it’s no coincidence that they showed up again in Lighthouse, as we have never gotten an answer.

Who are the Others? – The remains of the people that Jacob has brought to the island over the centuries.  Despite Ben’s assertions to the contrary, they are not good guys.  They aren’t entirely bad, though.

Why do pregnant women and their babies die on the island? –  We don’t know for sure, but my guess it is because the island isn’t meant to be colonized, it is the prison for Smokey.

What is the sickness? –  It is apparently being infected, and claimed, by Smokey.

What are Desmond’s special powers that allow him to withstand electromagnetic energy and to be “unstuck” in time? – We don’t know why, or how, or to what end yet, however, I feel this will become VERY important soon, since I have very little doubt that Sayid spared Desmond’s life in The Last Recruit.

What exactly is the deal with Eloise Hawking? –  She is a former other, but she seems somehow more important than just that, being unstuck in time in flashes, and in the sideways world, and always seeming to know what is going on.  I think we’ll soon find out more about her insight.

What are Jack’s tattoos all about? –  Sorry, couldn’t resist making a joke about the worst episode in the history of the show.

Who’s on the freighter (aka Not Penny’s Boat)? –  Widmore’s people.  They found their way there this season, and we still don’t know for sure if they are good or bad, but they certainly aren’t on Team Smokey.

What’s with the donkey wheel, the donkey wheel room, and the island disappearing into time? –  This is one I’m really hoping they answer, but they haven’t yet….

Who built the Egyptian statue, the temple, and other structures, and put hieroglyphics everywhere, like in the smoke monster shrine chamber? – We still don’t know this….

Who are Jacob and Smokey? –  …there’s an episode coming up that’s supposed to be about their back story, so hopefully that will explain this, and the donkey wheel stuff, the statue, the temple, and a lot more.

What’s the deal with the flash-sideways?  –  I’ve said before, I think they are very Matrix-y, or Truman Show-esque, fake with the purpose of deceiving our characters, who may be able to break out of that world, or at least learn where they really are, are supposed to be, or came from.  Unlike others theories, I don’t believe that the sideways world is the real end, and that it’s after the island events but with some time travel involved.  I think its completely unreal, and presenting them with something they should prefer to the island, but that the truth will come out.

Who’s the blond kid running around the jungle freaking out Smokey? –  The leading thoughts are either a reincarnation or apparition of Jacob, or Aaron, or both.

Who is the candidate, who will replace Jacob, if anyone? –  Consulting the magic 8 ball….  All signs point to Jack.

How will it end?  Will they go home?  Will Smokey get off the island?  Will someone replace Jacob?  Will everyone die?  Will the sideways world matter?  –  We don’t know the answers here yet, but we will soon.  I think most everyone, with the exception of a few folks like maybe Sayid who get killed, will get to go home.  I think the sideways world will end up mattering somehow, and I think Desmond, Richard and Ben will play prominent roles, that Richard will be allowed to die, that Ben will remain redeemed, and may die, and that Des will be reunited with Penny and Charlie.  But in the end, I think Jack is going to replace Jacob, and is going to be set up to struggle against Smokey/Locke for the rest of eternity.

Well, that’s it for my “little” recap.  Here are the season’s episode reviews.  Until next week!


What Kate Does

The Substitute



Dr Linus


Ab Aeterno

The Package

Everybody Loves Hugo

The Last Recruit

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