V: Pound of Flesh

E: Alright,  I admit that was better.  Parts of this episode actually grabbed my attention, and held it.  I can’t think of anything to say that’s not a spoiler, though, so please follow the discussion after the jump!

The good: I really liked the use of the test to unite the Fifth Column.  Samuel totally faked me out – I kept thinking Joshua was going to kill Samuel or something like that. The pace and the action definitely picked up, and I appreciated it.   Can you tell me, though, if the general public is going to get “John May Lives” as a message?  Given that anyone even knows what it means, does the mere sign of a Resistance make people want to join it?  I mean, most people are still drinking the V cool aid, right?

M: I agree, I thought that the “embedded message” was going to be something more, um, substantial.  However, here’s my thought…  they needed something quick, and they were looking for something to unite and embolden the 5th Column, not create a human resistance just yet.  However, in addition what it will do is make people wonder two things.  First, who the heck is John May (something I’ve been wondering for 4 or 5 episodes now)?  Second, was that the V’s attempt at a subliminal message, or is there some sort of fighting or dissension in the ranks of the V’s?  People asking those questions, that’s good for your resistance.

E: Mmm, I suppose.  Still not sure they made the best of their opportunity.

M: I’m sure we’ll see more of the results in coming weeks, but I won’t argue with that.

E: What with next week’s episode being called John May, you could be right.  On a related topic, Ryan makes a terrible spy.  Has he forgotten how to act like a V?  He was so bloody obvious.  They walk around, looking neither to the right nor the left, and Ryan can’t control his twitching.  He drove me nuts.  And he leaves the jacket covered with his dna for Marcus to find?  Great.  Unless his human layer dna is untraceable?  I can’t think that it would be, though.

M: I agree.  Chevy Chase and Dan Aykroyd had better skills in Spies Like Us.

E: Ooh, snap!

M: Still, the parts with them deciding what to do were tense, even if you knew the decision that they were going to arrive at, which is a sign of good story telling.  When they can keep you interested when you know what’s going to happen they are succeeding.  Plus, MOST of the stuff on the ship was really well done.  Like you said above, the part with the security guard that turned out to be 5th Column was a very unexpected twist.  The plot of Anna coming up with a “test” to try to identify the 5th Column, and seeing Joshua have to be the one to administer it was also a good move.  More tension, but good tension.  On the other hand, as bad a spy as Ryan was he was better than Georgie.

E: Georgie drives me nuts anyway. Georgie is an idiot. I did not like the look of those implements, though – perfectly suited to carving out a pound of his flesh.  Although metaphorically, Georgie was the pound of flesh given up by the Resistance in order to get Ryan safely off the mothership.

M: True enough: poor, impulsive (and inconsistently written) Georgie doesn’t deserve that.

E: Other general points?  Hobbes looks good in glasses.

M: Him sneaking into the FBI was a pretty big reach.  Shave and throw on glasses and the guy that’s number one on that branch’s most wanted list wouldn’t be noticed?  Because, what, they don’t have facial recognition software on their internal surveillance cameras?  Even if they don’t it seemed like an unnecessary risk.

E: Anna seems unemotional to the point of irrationality. What’s the point of wasting loyal Vs by making them dust themselves? Mr. Spock wouldn’t make that choice.  That seems like vanity mixed in, or carelessness, or something verging on emotion.

M: Yeah, they are clearly not the Vulcan style unemotional.  The whole “everyone must have devotion to Anna” bit doesn’t follow reason and logic, does it?

E: No, no it doesn’t.  Isn’t devotion an emotion?  Also, I cannot believe that Fr. Jack gave Chad Decker his card!  And recruited him personally!  That took stones I didn’t know he had (and stupidity that’s less surprising).

Also, Jason Geddrick as Tyler’s father?  Hmm.  His dark hair with her blue eyes = Tyler?  More than that, as Erica’s husband?  There is no way that Jason Geddrick matches up to Elizabeth Mitchell in gravitas.  That’s just weird.

M: Um, we discussed this last week, that’s not Jason Geddrick, it’s Rat-boy Nicholas Lea, and I LOVED his addition to the show.  Of course, that’s the X Files fanboy in me.

E: Why do I keep misidentifying him?  That’s so embarrassing.  I still have trouble buying them as married; it’s not like Krycek has gravitas, either.  Anyhoo, Tyler thinks they got divorced because of his motorcycle accident, so it seems that the divorce is quite recent.  I don’t remember whether or not we knew that.  And dad seems to be living alone, which half surprised me.  So what the heck is “we have to tell him what he is” about? What he is?  What?  I was under the impression he was a kid.  Is he an avatar trapped in a cybernetic body instead?  An adopted lizard? Their ward, Dick Grayson?

M: That was definitely a “where the heck did that come from” comment, and a “wait, did they say ‘what’?” moment.  I love stuff like that.

E: Yeah, me too.  I’ll take the bait.  Lastly, I thought the baby with the tail thing was really cool – although there’s no way she’d still have a flat stomach with a baby that big.

And that’s about it!  I guess I’ll be watching next week to see if they can keep ratcheting up the tension.

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