LOST Review: Recon

M: Going into this week, I was apprehensive.  I know that next week’s episode, Ab Aeterno, is centered around Richard and supposedly tells his back story.  I am VERY excited for that episode, and was cautiously pessimistic that Recon would be a let down, kind of like a “trap game” for a sports team that’s playing a lousy team the game before they play their rival or some other big opponent.  Well, Recon isn’t one of the best episodes of the series, and it certainly wasn’t as good as last week’s Dr Linus, but it stood up far better than I expected it to.

I have to admit, I thought with a title like “Recon” and it being a Sawyer-centric episode, that it would be a play on the word, and that it would be revealed that he was conning Smokey.  Turns out the title was really just because Sawyer does some recon for Smokey, who even uses the word when sending him.  As it turns out, while Sawyer is playing all sides, he’s not really conning Smokey, or Widmore (more on him later), he’s just playing them against each other and hoping they duke it out.  And I’m pretty sure that neither of them actually trust him, so he’s not doing so well on that front.

There were a few tidbits of importance in this episode, first and foremost among was the tidbit let loose by Smokey in a nice little beachfront chat with Kate, that he once had a mother, and she was mad as a hatter.  Now, the context was that Kate came back to find Claire, who is now bonkers, so little turnip head is in potential trouble of becoming a black smoke monster, or maybe just messed up.  Claire, of course, proves she’s nutso by first trying to kill Kate then by bawling an apology to her while hugging her.  It was also thinly veiled, because Locke’s mother was loopy, so they threw that in to potentially throw some people off the scent.  Not me.  I know that the really important point is that while every other character on Lost has daddy issues, Smokey has mommy issues.  Will the mommy issues stem back to he and Jacob being brothers, perhaps even back to the Jacob-Esau theory, as the biblical brothers’ mother loved Jacob and despised Esau.  Their father loved Esau over Jacob, but their mother, Rebekah, always favored Jacob and helped him to steal Esau’s birthright.  I’m back to wondering if this is where they’re going with it.

As for the scenes with Kate and Claire, ugh.  The fight was a poor scene, I was expecting much more, and was then followed by Smokey pulling Claire off, tossing her like a rag dog and then smacking her around.  Very uncomfortable to watch, which, as opposed to the fight itself, means that it was actually done well, or else we wouldn’t have cared.  The hugging-crying apology?  Way too Harry Potter-Cho Chang.  Just awkward.  And not in a “oh, that was so well done” way, more like when Oceanic 6 Kate went bawling to Jack then jumped him.  It really didn’t work.  In fact, the whole scene I was expecting Claire to pull a knife or try for Kate’s gun, so I’m still thinking there may more Kate-Claire fighting left.

Now, before I get back to the Widmore stuff, let’s address Sawyer.  In the flashes, Sawyer is a cop, not a con man.  We get a decent reveal of that, where he tries the old money in the suitcase con on a woman who’s married to a con.  When it goes south and he uses his codeword “LaFleur” (how clever) his backup, including his partner Miles, come bursting in to save him.  We also find that he’s still chasing after the real Sawyer, and is very touchy about it.  He hides it from Miles, and then later, after getting set up with and sleeping with Charlotte (back from the bloody nose’d grave), kicks her out for snooping into his “Sawyer” folder.  He eventually comes clean and shows the folder to Miles, but lets him know he’s planning on killing Sawyer, who he knows is actually a man named Anthony Cooper.  So, Sawyer’s life, like everyone else’s, is better off without the island.  I’m becoming convinced that they have to have SOME huge happening at the end of the show to make the the island timeline actually appear to be the better one.  Right?

Ok, and if Sawyer’s a cop, explain to me why in What Kate Does he helped Kate, who was clearly cuffed, get away from airport security?  That plot hole comes full circle at the end of the episode as Sawyer and Miles chase than catch Kate running from the cops again.  So, worlds collide again.  Sawyer, Miles, Cooper, Charlotte, Kate… like I said last week, it’s getting old.

On the island, Sawyer is firmly playing both sides against each other, but being completely honest with both while doing it.  Pretty strange strategy for the master liar.  He tells Jin he’s “with Locke” (true-ish), but tells Kate he’s on no one’s side (true).  He does Smokey’s recon, but while there tells Widmore what Smokey’s plan is (true).  As soon as he gets back he tells all to Smokey (true).  He lets Kate know that he’s gonna let them fight it out, while they slip away in the sub (true, or so he thinks).  I’m willing to bet that that’s not going to work.

Meanwhile, in what looks like a really tiny sub Widmore has brought a pretty big group of folks to the Hydra island, where they killed all the remaining Ajira survivors, and is now putting up pylons to make a sonic fence (note to the folks that were in the temple…  sonic fence = much more effective than ashes and a temperamental Samurai).  He is clearly not on Smokey’s side.  The strange thing is that he pulled strings to get Locke back to the island, did he not know that Locke was going to die first, allowing him a way to kill Jacob?  Or did he think that a living Locke back on the island would close the loophole that Smokey used to get Jacob killed?  And how the heck did he find and get back to the island?  Hasn’t he been searching for it for 20 years?  And don’t say it’s because Desmond turned the key and the island can be seen now, because that happened 3 years earlier.  Ah yes, I forgot, the time for questions is over!

Anyway, last week I predicted that Sawyer and Jin would be all grouped up with Smokey by the end of this week, and they were.  However, we have three groups again, as the Widmore interlopers have joined the party.  We’ll see if Jack’s group teams with them or not, but more excitingly next week we’ll learn about Richard.  Until then….


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