ETV: Grey’s Anatomy – A Perfect Little Accident

E: So, yes, I know it’s super late, ridiculously late, appalling late and you should all shun me for it, but I’ve already mentioned my issues with Directv last week.  AND there was that little thing called the Oscars that controlled my every waking moment last week.  If you still care, I’ve managed to finally get through last week’s episode, and (in preparation for tonight’s new episode) am here to offer a few limited thoughts.

First of all, I love Cristina and Teddy as friends.  That’s fantastic.  They ought to be friends in a perfect world, right?  They work so well together.  They love the same things.  And where they’re different, they challenge each other to be better.

Jackson Avery is Harper Avery’s grandson.  Now, that’s kind of cute.  It makes plenty of sense; why didn’t we see it before?  Apparently Shonda Rimes has had that planned since she created Jackson’s character. I like that HA’s over as Mass Gen, too.  And I don’t think he’s anywhere near as evil as Ellis Grey.  Used to getting his own way, sure, and arrogant, and pretty convicted of his own supremacy, but not vindictive.  Wasn’t it great that he had an allergic reaction to the suture material he forced Richard to use?  Petty, but there it is.  I thought Derek lost out once again on a chance to credit Meredith with the idea for his glioma surgery technique, though, and that still rankles.

I do love grown up Meredith, though, and it’s a pleasure to see her back in her groove with Cristina.  And, what’s more, it’s nice to see her talking Jackson through his familial difficulties.  She’s all wise woman Meredith now, not dark and twisty Meredith.  I love her opening shot at Lexie, explaining why she shouldn’t fool herself into thinking she can have meaningless sex with Alex: “Your heart lives in your vagina.”  Heh. That was far and away the funniest line of the week, especially as they continually riffed on it.  (“My heart lives in my scalpel,” Cristina muses.)

I love the idea of Richard as a doctor, doing groundbreaking research.  That’s pretty cool.  It’s good to see him back, even if the drug test cup full of pee was less welcome.  (Dude needs to drink more water, and that’s all I’m going to say about that.) Now I want Izzie back.  Where the hell is my cast?  Arizona and Callie and Teddy and Owen and Jackson and Lexie are all very well, but I miss Izzie.  I miss the old school stuff on this show.

I actually feel a little bad for Alex, even though I laughed when Arizona told him she wanted to hit him in the face with a brick for sleeping with Callie.  (Even though I still don’t believe there’s any way that Alex could have slept with George’s girlfriend/wife and not rubbed it in.)  First Arizona, then Sloan, and Sloan just won’t leave him alone.  I’m glad Sloan worked it out, though. The writer’s website says that Sloan is going to do a lot of growing up in the next few episodes.  That’s about bloody time.  What’s he going to do, though, do you suppose?  Make a play for Teddy?  She’s a grown up, she’s single.  He might be able to convince her to have a baby. I would actually love to see how Owen reacted if something like that happened.  And it would give Teddy something to do.  Wow,  I totally bet that’s going to happen.  Otherwise they’re going to have to introduce new characters as love interests for both of them.  This is more economical.

Course, I really believe Teddy belongs with Owen, and I can’t imagine being in love with the (albeit complicated) goodness, the heroism of Owen, and then ending up with pretty boy, not quite a grown-up Mark, but who knows?  Maybe it’ll give him the chance to be the man he wants to become.

What did you guys think?  I almost wanted the lung kid to die – I know it was a cool surgery, but that would have been more impactful.  That wasn’t there point this week, but that may be why this episode felt so glossy and shallow.  Maybe I’m wrong.  Maybe they don’t all need to be tragic.  Maybe it wasn’t funny and zippy enough to be a fun episode, and certainly not sad enough to be a sad one?  It felt most like a place holder; we’ve started to move people where they need to be for something interesting to happen.  I hope in tonight’s episode (Bailey and Warren dates, hee!) we get a little more intensity.

2 comments on “ETV: Grey’s Anatomy – A Perfect Little Accident

  1. ThisMightBeJess says:

    It bothered me that Meredith wouldn’t tell Harper Avery whether or not she would have accepted a saved position, had her mother offered her one. I suspect she would have done exactly what Jackson did, so why wouldn’t she say so and stick up for him? Old, dark-and-twisty Meredith would have.

    Meredith doesn’t actually seem to be the through-line for the show anymore; she is just another character, now. It is *realistic* that she would mature and stabilize, it’s a natural character arch to make, but I don’t think she is nearly as interesting this way. I liked her better as the antihero.

    • E says:

      I wonder if she thinks she would have taken the position? Because that would be a total lie. She’d have gotten as far away from her mother as she could. (She DID get as far away as she could!)

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