LOST Review: Sundown

M: With a title like Sundown, you would have thought that this episode would have had something to do with Sun.  Nope.  Other than her brief appearance in, and then escape from the temple, she wasn’t in the episode.  Instead we got a healthy serving of Sayid, with a bit of Kate, Claire, Miles (first time in a while), Dogen and Smokey on the side.  We got some awesome fight and action scenes, and we got some serious happenings, but like with last week, we didn’t really get any answers.So, where to start?  Let’s start with what we found out about tonight’s official main character, Sayid.  Well, I don’t know about you, but I think that it’s pretty safe to say we can cross “16 – Jarrah” off the list.  My guess is when a candidate to replace Jacob goes all nutty and lets Smokey kill everyone they’re supposed to be protecting, that is everyone except the two that he kills himself, that’s the island equivalent of Gary Hart partying on the Monkey Business.  We found that no matter how hard he may have tried, no matter if it’s flash-backs, flash-forwards, flash-sidewayses or the present, he cannot escape his nature.  He is, was, and always will be… a badass.  And while it sure is cool to watch, it means he is, well, bad.

In the flashes we find that in the Jacob-less world, which I am leaning more and more toward that one being Bedford Falls, he has pushed away Nadia, and she married his brother.  Ok, kinda sucky, but still better than trying to find her for 15 years only to have her die after 9 months together.  At least she’s alive, and he’s got a niece and nephew.  On the island, clearly he has been claimed.  We still don’t know how he came back from the dead, I’m guessing we may never know, but we know it wasn’t a good thing he did.  The people in the temple would have been better off if Jack had given him the green pill, but I think the important thing in that exchange was Jack not doing it.  He stayed pure… or at least he made a decision that increased his belief in himself, and did not let himself get used like he usually does.

Another thing we learned…  ok, we didn’t learn this, we already knew it, it was just reconfirmed.  Kate is a moron.  Um, seriously?  Hey, Claire, I took your baby and have had him for the last three years!  Aren’t you happy?  Hmm, Kate, just a suggestion, but maybe you could have led with “he’s safe, he’s with your mom” and then gone on to the part where Claire abandoned him in the jungle, then gone to the part of searching for her, and after that to the part where you tell her you came back to find her and reunite her with him.  Maybe, just maybe, that would work a bit better than the crap that sounded very much like “I stole your baby”.  Of course, this could lead to a knock down drag out brawl between Kate and Claire where one of them ends up dead, so maybe it was ok that she did that.  Still, Claire was so much better off (as was the show) with Charlie, as opposed to her current advisor.

Speaking of advisors, Jacob has some ‘splaining to do.  As you know if you’ve read my It’s a Wonderful Life theory, I’m not sure if Jacob’s influence is a good thing.  Well, Dogen’s story certainly didn’t do anything to convince me that it is.  He got drunk and crashed his car, and a magical guy came to him and told him he could bring his kid back to life… but only if he went to some freaky island to protect a temple from a pillar of black smoke.  And that pillar of smoke also turns into a man who makes that very same kind of deal (I’m very temped to say “deal with the devil”, but won’t) with others to get in their good graces.  And he can never see his kid again.  This doesn’t seem like the work of a benevolent being, and the Others, who are at least supposedly Jacob’s people, have never seemed like the good guys, especially when they claim they are.  So, this has me puzzled, because Jacob really does seem FAR less foul than Smokey, but at this point its more like the lesser of two evils than good vs evil.

In the camp of not really good or evil, at least tonight, stood Miles.  He’s been missing from most of the season, but came back strong tonight with some really solid lines.  The exchange with Kate, especially, was great.  From the “I thought about going after him, but figured he’d just berate me until I left” line, to casually dropping “still hot, though” at the end of his recap of Claire’s return, Miles had a good night.

Unfortunately, there was yet another big question raised.  This time it was by Dogen’s death.  How, exactly, was he protecting the temple, and why did the ash no longer keep Smokey out once he was dead.  Obviously, we can assume that Smokey’s deal with Sayid was to see Nadia again in exchange for killing Dogen, but no explination about the ash was offered, just a heart-pounding scene of Smokey tearing the temple crew to shreds.  Like I said at the start, it was intense and highly entertaining, but again, in the “season of answers”, we are left without them, and with more questions.  Argh.

Anyway, there were two big takeaways for me at the end of the two timelines of the episode.  The big takeaway from the flashes was Sayid finding Jin bound and gagged in the freezer in Keamy’s restaurant.  We’ll find out, who knows when, why Jin was there, but more importantly how does tie together, and how do the flashes tie in?  If they don’t tie in, then they are wasting a lot of time in the final season.  The big takeaway from the island plot line is, of course, Smokey’s army.  He did pretty well recruiting on his trip to the temple at sundown (hence the name of the episode), and now has quite the group on his side.  For the moment it includes Kate, who he must know is only there to avoid getting killed.  At least for now “51 – Austen” (still a candidate, according to the dial on the mirrors in the Lighthouse) has definitely not joined Team Smokey.

Oh, one more thing.  The preview for next week said, while showing Ben in the graveyard, “The man who brought death to so many will face his demise”.  Now, since Lost promos are notorious for being tricksey, I’m not even sure that they mean Ben, though I think it’s probably safe to say they do.  On the other hand, the word that I find the most telling is “face”.  You can face death without dying, and my guess is that’s exactly what “Dr. Linus” (next week’s episode title) will do.  Until then….



Late addition:

Sorry, realized after the day I forgot to mention this.  Dogen was killed by drowning in the spring of resurrection, and Lennon fell into it after Sayid slit his throat.  I know that the whole thing with the water not being clear and Jacob being dead questions the healing power of it, but Sayid did come back to life.  Since we don’t really know how it works, I’m not 100% comfortable saying that Dogen and/or Lennon won’t come back to life either.  They probably won’t, but this is your warning, don’t be surprised if they do!

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