Lost Review: What Kate Does

M: First, before we get into this weeks’ episode, What Kate Does, ABC played the pop-up video version of the second half of the premiere right before it, and there were some interesting tidbits that they let out.  Of course, in case you missed it, we’re here to help.  First and foremost, they lied to us.  It may be a subtle lie, but it’s a lie.  In the pop ups they said, when they flashed over to Kate escaping US Marshall Edward Mars (who is nowhere near the law enforcement agent that former sheriff Keith Mars was), that these scenes are neither flash backs or flash forwards, but flash sideways (sidewayses?).  OK, so far they’re fine.  But then it popped that: “It represents what would have happened if Oceanic 815 hadn’t crashed.”Now, clearly this is a lie…  from a certain point of view.  If they are saying it’s what would have happened had the flight that we saw in the pilot hadn’t been pulled to the island by Desmond not pressing the button, then it’s a bold-faced lie.  We all saw the differences…  Hurley being lucky, Desmond being on the plane, and so on.  My guess is that they are saying that this is what would have happened if Oceanic 815 didn’t crash because the island was blown up by Juliet in 1977.  Or sunken by some event that we haven’t seen yet.  Or something else of that sort that ends with the island on the bottom of the ocean on September 22, 2004.

In addition to that we learned that the Asian man in the temple is the “Master of the Temple” and his name is Dogen, while the hippie translator dude is named Lennon (of course he is).  More interestingly, we find out that the book that Hurley found on the skeleton of the French guy from Rousseau’s team in the temple outer wall.  In case you didn’t know, the books they show on Lost are always little clues of some sort.  In this case it was “Frygt og Bæven” (Fear and Trembling) by Søren Kierkegaard, which is based on the story of Abraham and Isaac in Genesis.  The story of Abraham has come up a few times in Lost now (one of the others being on Mr Eko’s “Jesus stick”).  This definitely helps to make the case of the people who think that the smoke monster/black shirt guy is Esau, the Biblical twin brother of Jacob (a-ha!), and that they are still playing out their battle for their inheritance.  One thing to recall is that the Jacob of the Bible is most famous for wrestling the angel (as any good U2 fan knows), but many scholars think that it was not an angel, but actually his brother Esau that he wrestled.  Well, if smokey/black shirt guy is Esau, then this kind of combines the two, right?  I’m not sure I’m on board with this theory yet, but it’s growing on me, and there’s now a tiny bit more evidence to back it.

Ok, I warned you last week I could write forever about this show.  On to tonight’s episode…  Tonight we have two dueling plotlines centered around Kate and Claire.  Oh, the island plotline doesn’t seem like it is, but it turns out its all about Kate’s search for Claire.  On the island, Sawyer is restless in captivity (no surprise there), and grieving over Juliet (ditto), so he escapes from the temple.  Kate, with Jin and two Others in tow, leaves to track him, as the Others are very intent on bringing him back.  Awfully possessive, those Others are.

All the while, Jack is dealing with the rebirth of Sayid, and his testing/torture by Dogen and Lennon.  There was a great nod to The Empire Strikes Back, when Sayid says he doesn’t know why they tortured him, and they never even asked him any questions.  After that I was half expecting to see Hurley sitting on a bench tinkering with C3PO’s blasted apart body.  Ok, I wasn’t really, but that’s exactly what I’d do if I were spoofing this episode.  Anyway, Lennon and Dogen talk about how Sayid failed the test, so it apparently isn’t a test to see if he’s possessed by smokey, since they put ash on him and stuff.  Dogen tries to get Jack to give Sayid a pill because of his “infection”, and after a bit Jack mulls it over.  More on this in a minute.

In the flash-sidewayses, Kate has taken the cab she hijacked, and after a brief obstruction by Atrz being a total Artz, as well as the desertion of the cabbie and a drop off of super-prego Claire on the side of the road, she’s able to find a sympathetic guy to help her out of her cuffs.  However, after she sees the baby things in Claire’s bag (apparently the huge belly didn’t tip her off) and with pangs of conscience she head out to find Claire and help her out.

Back on the island, after some hijinks to escape from the Others that were with her, Kate splits up with Jin, who heads off to try to find Sun.  She heads to the barracks, where she finds Sawyer grieving over the ring he was going to propose to Juliet with.  After an emotional talk in which Kate apologizes for a couple of the times she has royally screwed up Sawyer’s life, she lets him know she came to find him to get him to help her look for Claire.  I love it when our plots come together.

Meanwhile, in the flashes, Kate and Claire bond while Claire finds that the couple that was going to adopt Turnip Head have split up, and the woman was too broken up over it to tell Claire before she left Australia.  Looks like Aaron caught a break on that one, sketchy folks those people that can’t figure out phones.  Claire, in the stress, starts to have contractions, so Kate rushes her to the hospital.  There, Ethan is her doctor, but is concerned about not wanting to inject her with too many needles if he doesn’t have to.  Excellent turnabout there.  They settle her down, she calls the baby Aaron instinctively, and in one of a couple of “there’s more going on here” moments in the flash sideways (the other being when Kate saw Jack outside the airport), Kate gives a look like the name and baby are familiar to her.  In the end, she escapse the police (again) thanks to Claire’s help.

Back on the island, things ramp up a bit.  Jack refuses to give Sayid the pill because he doesn’t know what’s in it.  Dogen keeps telling him that it’s medicine for an infection, and to trust him.  Jack calls his bluff, and swallows the pill.  Dogen immediately freaks, and half beats up Jack while performing the Heimlich to get Jack to spit it out.  After he does he confides in Jack that it’s poison, and that Sayid is infected with a “shadow” that will consume him if it gets to his heart.  Jack asks how he knows it will happen, and Dogen says it happened to Jack’s sister.  We cut back to Jin in the jungle, where he is first jumped by the two Others that had gone with him and Kate, and as one of them is about to kill him, they are shot…  by crazy Claire!

So, we’ve found that Claire has taken Rousseau’s place as the crazy loner island survivalist chick who lost her baby, and that the “infection” that Rousseau, Ethan, Desmond and most of the Others used to talk about, but that had seemingly disappeared over the last three and a half seasons, is in fact for real.  Since what the sickness is has been a question since the first season, there really aren’t any new questions from tonight, and we got a dribbling of smaller answers.  All in all, good stuff.  Until next week…


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