TV Review: Lost – LA X Parts 1 and 2

M: Let me start by saying that I could literally write tomes about Lost.  Between emails and recaps for people I work with and message board posts over the past 5 and 1/2 years since the show debuted I probably have.  This has been one of my favorite shows of all time.  I was interested from the start, and hooked from the fourth episode (Walkabout).  I have watched every episode, most at the time they aired, and when almost every one ended it left me not wanting to wait until the next.  I could go on, but for the sake of a likely futile attempt at brevity, I won’t, I will just warn you that after the jump there will DEFINITELY be spoilers, and I will try to answer the one question that I have after tonight’s season premiere….

What the @#$& just happened?!?!?Now, if you have even watched a tiny little bit of Lost you will know that much of what happens is tough to explain.  You know that the show makes you ask far more questions than it answers.  And we knew, after last season’s diversion into 1977, that nothing appears to be out of bounds.  With that all said, I will ask again…  what the bleep just happened?  Most of the time after watching I can theorize one or many plausible (for the land of TV) scenarios or possibilities.  Many times I can find similarities to other works, be they movies or past TV shows or books.  Tonight, I’m at a bit of a loss.

Not, mind you, for the twists and turns that took place on the island.  For those I have ideas.  It’s for the other (or alternate) plot line that ran through the episode.  You see, we start where we left off last season.  Juliet is at the bottom of the Swan site, trying to prevent Oceanic 815 from ever crashing by banging away trying to make a hydrogen bomb explode, then seemingly succeeding.  The sky turns white, and we travel up to 35,000 feet, where we find Jack settling into his seat on Oceanic 815.  It worked!  Only… Jack seems a little off.  His hair is season five hair, not season one hair, and besides that, he seems shaken up a bit.  Rose comforts him, not vice versa.  Bernard comes back to his seat, and the plane gets through the turbulence.  We pan down to the bottom of the ocean to find the island, sitting deep under water, with all kinds of ocean life growing on our familiar sets.

In flashes reminiscent of the first few seasons, we get more scenes on the plane throughout the two hour episode, but they are all a jumbled mess of things that shouldn’t be happening.  Jack seems like he might know something, but can’t wrap his brain around it.  Desmond is on the plane, at least for a while.  Hurley is lucky, not cursed.  Boone was not able to convince Shannon to come back with him, Charlie tries to kill himself by chocking on his stash of heroin.  Ok, at least Arzt is still a tool.  Eventually, the plane lands and we see more scenes from LAX (which, unlike the episode title, does not contain a space between the LA and the X).  Kate escapes from the most incompetent US Marshall in the world, Jin gets detained by customs, Sun won’t admit to speaking english, Oceanic lost Locke’s luggage and Jack’s father’s coffin and corpse.  Jack offers Locke, who is still in a wheelchair, a free consult, while Kate hijacks Claire’s cab while escaping.  None of it adds up, and none of it is explained.  All we are left to say, at least at this point, is wtf, and that’s because while everyone is on the plane then in LA, everyone is also still on the island.

After the first commercial, we find Kate hanging in a tree in the jungle.  She runs into Miles, then stumbles upon the still demolished Swan station, around which we find Jack and Sawyer.  Sawyer once again wants to kill Jack, because the plan didn’t work, and it cost him Juliette.  But wait, as Jin comes to try to get Jack to come save Sayid (who was shot, also thanks to Jack, in last season’s finale), they hear Juliette yell for help from the rubble of the Swan.  Eventually, Sawyer digs her out, only to have her die in his arms, wanting to tell him something important, which Miles later reveals to be “it worked”.  Now, I could be wrong, but it doesn’t seem that straight forward.

While they are unburying Juliette, and ignoring Sayid who is bleeding out, the recently murdered Jacob comes to visit Hurley, who still sees dead people.  He tells him to take Sayid and the others to the temple where they’ll save Sayid and they’ll all be safe.  And…  that all happens.  Told you there’s be spoilers.  😉  Anyway, I’ll get to that later, back to Jacob.  When his people from the Ajira plane (the “shadow of the statue” people) try to storm the statue to help Jacob, fake Locke confirms all of last year’s suspicions, and turns into the smoke monster (or, turns back into the smoke monster) and kills them.  He even gets the big guy, who was smart enough to make a protective circle of ash (like the one around Jacob’s cabin) to keep smokey out, but smokey crashes the ceiling down, which knocks him out of the ash circle, allowing the monster at him.  We get the picture, he’s not a very nice guy… monster… thing.  Still doesn’t explain why they had him kill Mr Eko.  Jerks.  Sorry, I digress.  So, the nemesis guy has managed to get Ben to kill Jacob, seemingly winning their battle.  He then turns back into Locke, tells Ben that unlike Locke he wants off the island so he can “go home”, goes out, tells Richard it’s nice to see him out of his chains, kicks the crap out of him, and carries him off into the jungle.

Meanwhile, back at the temple…  we actually see the temple, not just the defense wall, for the first time.  I think it’s the temple from the beginning of Raiders of the Lost Ark, but I’m not 100% sure.  We find that it’s run by a scary looking Asian man, and a bunch of hippies, and that there is a spring with the power to heal.  We also find that the water in the spring is no longer clear, much to the surprise of the temple dwellers.  My guess is that this is due to Jacob’s death, which Hurley sprung on them, causing them to panic and get ready for smokey to pay them a visit.  They try to save Sayid, but he dies, and they say he was past the point where they could help him.  However, a significant amount of time later, as the episode ends, he sits back up and asks what happened.  Fade to black…


So, I will admit, Mrs M gave up on the show.  There were too many new questions, not enough answers, and she’s just ready for the answers at this point.  I, on the other hand, love the puzzle, the riddles, and the questions.  There were some answers tonight, like the smoke monster/nemesis guy, and the healing source in the temple.  Of course, as is always the case on Lost, they raised more questions than they answered.  What is going on with the flashes to the world where the plane didn’t crash and the island is on the bottom of the ocean?  Who is the nemesis guy really, now that we know some of what he is?  What is he planning next?  Is Jacob really out of the picture?  Always questions… well, at least for another sixteen episodes.  Then, whether we like it or not, the questions end.


5 comments on “TV Review: Lost – LA X Parts 1 and 2

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  3. Geo says:

    The smoke monster kills Mr. Ecko because the actor Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje wanted off the show. I believe he would probably still be alive and kicking otherwise.

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