SAG Awards

M: Sanrda Bullock!  Jeff Bridges!  Meryl Streep!  Christopher Plummer!  Hollywood is taking a night off from Botox, and is all about SAG tonight.

Ok, so not THAT kind of sag, as I’m sure you already knew.  It’s the Screen Actor’s Guild Awards, where actors tell other actors how awesome they are.  I’t’s totally not narcissistic, really.  Seriously though, this is typically one of, if not the best, indicators for the acting award Oscars, and this year is no different.  After tonight we’ll have a good idea if Golden Globe winers like Sandra Bullock and Jeff Bridges are building Scott Brown-type momentum, or if their seemingly huge leads will evaporate like Martha Coakley’s did, leaving them high and dry on Oscar night.

We’ll be back with recap tomorrow, but until then you can see our reactions to the Golden Globes here, and enjoy all the sagging!


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