Chuck Review: “Chuck vs. Operation Awesome”

C: After last week’s cliffhanger, they had me on the edge of the seat by the start of the episode this week!  Of course, they immediately began with more levity of tone than the previous episode ended – clearly, nothing will be ending in tragedy tonight.

E: And thank God for that.

C: In the opening sequence we had one truly great moment: Chuck’s intersect activates and he takes out Lester with one kick.  Fabulous.  Though I wasn’t expecting it to lead to the starting of a Buy More fight club…

E: Could that have been more outstanding?  You had to know the electrified fence was going to come in handy eventually.

M: In a good way.  And the Buy More Fight Club was fantastic.  I thought they were going to drop it after the “I want you to hit me as hard as you can” line, but Morgan’s first walk through as the “Ass. Man.”, where everyone including the recurring curly-haired nerd was beat up, was great.

C: Second moment of greatness: Chuck explaining Awesome’s absence to Ellie by telling her that Casey was messy-drunk and got arrested!

M: I beg to differ.  That was the third moment of greatness, and paled in comparison to the second, which was Awesome trying to lie to Ellie as Chuck did his best Cyrano de Bergerac in the background.  Chuck motioning the “cut” sign to try to get Awesome to stop talking turning into Awesome saying that he decapitated a bear?  I had to pause it and rewind because I missed the next three lines.  THAT was greatness.

E: So, so fantastic.  I was also a fan of another movie reference Morgan made late in the game, when he put Lester on double secret probation!  Woo hoo!

C: I didn’t get that one.  Little help?

M: Oh, our much younger sister, you are showing your (or our) age.  That would be from the comedic masterpiece Animal House, which, by the way, is of great use when playing Back to Bacon.

C: Ah!  So as the episode gets going with the mission to infiltrate the high-rise, I must admit it made my heart sing a little to see Chuck coolly taking charge of the situation and tranqing with pinpoint accuracy.  I wouldn’t want him to be like this all the time, but it makes a nice change for his character to see him growing in confidence!

E: It does, doesn’t it?  And Awesome’s faces of horror are brilliant.  Awesome is an even worse spy than Chuck was!

C: That’s kind of great, right?  Certainly unexpected.  Less great: Angie Harmon’s guest spot as the leader of a Ring terrorist cell looking to recruit supposed CIA operative Devon Woodcomb.  It was fine but nothing special.

M: Agreed.  Is she really still a”big name”?

E: No, but her character’s name was the one great part of her appearance.  Sydney!

C: True. Gotta love Bristow Family references! Brandon Routh’s guest spot – which will be an arc – was something more, though.  I expected to find him immediately unlikeable when I read Routh’s comment that, as a huge fan of the show himself, he kinda hated his own character!  But in fact, there’s no denying it, Superman has appeal.  You’ve got to admire a dude with the chutzpah to stop his own heart!

Of course he’s not exactly lovable.  What struck me, actually, was that they seem to be playing him as the male Sarah.  Maybe to show how much Sarah has changed?

M: I’m going to disagree again.  To me, chick-flick Superman was equal parts boring and unenjoyable.  He was wooden, his character only bring plot lines we have already dealt with, an unnecessarily put Awesome and Chuck in danger.  Blech.

E: I think that’s because you’re comparing him to Bryce Larkin. And sure, he’s not as suave as Matthew Bomer was.  Who would be?  He can do well enough without being Bryce.  But what’s with that wedding ring?  That’s what I want to know. Please, puh-leeze tell me he was not married to Sarah!  I think his comments to her about friends and family being a liability might have been a little pointed.

C: I assumed those comments were pointed in an “unlike some unprofessional spies, I keep my head in the game” kind of way.  I didn’t even think of the idea that he might have been with Sarah.  That would be weird, since we know she was with Bryce before Chuck; it would have to have been quite a while ago, and would imply quite the pattern of involvement with coworkers!  I assumed Shaw had a wife still kicking around somewhere that he had estranged himself from on account of being a spy, but a friend I spoke to is guessing that his wife is dead.  We’ll see how it pans out!

M: As for the wedding ring, my immediate thought was “dead wife,” but the Sarah thing is entirely possible.  We know she has more relationship stuff in her past that we don’t know the details of.  But yes, that would be one hell of a pattern.  On a similar note, the longing look Chuck gave her in the dinner scene at the end just further proves my point from last week that there is no way in hell he would have turned down the opportunity to run away with her.  But I digress.

E: What was it that the General was protesting in conversation with Shaw in a previous episode, do either of you remember?

C: I don’t.

M: I’m pretty sure that it was just the General wanting to tell them the truth, and him telling her not yet.  Very mysterious, but nothing illuminating.  Now here’s the last important thing.  Chuck is as quotable as ever!

In summary:

Casey’s Fab Line of the Week (after all the comments on Chuck refusing to use guns, and Shaw not liking them): “One thing you should know about me: I love guns.”

Awesome’s best line: “I took an oath, dude.  I can’t cut out a guy’s eye!” (or “I decapitated a bear.  In self defense.”)

Chuck’s best line – a toss up between “Duck hunting.  Nintendo.” (as the explanation for his trank shooting prowess) and his insistence he couldn’t kill Shaw because “I have rules against such things!”


One comment on “Chuck Review: “Chuck vs. Operation Awesome”

  1. thepresidentrix says:

    Oh no! Brandon Routh hates Shaw, which must mean he eventually decides to make Chuck miserable! Oh, I’m so sad, I liked him.

    Or – I liked who I anticipated he’d turn out to be, anyway. :o(

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