Chuck Versus the Angel De La Muerte

C: If Sunday night’s episodes felt like a contrived return to form, Monday’s episode can only be described as the Chuck formula at its very best.  The big drama has its place, but this is what we watch for.  Welcome back, show.

E: What a completely delightful episode!  There was so much to love: Ellie’s stunning dress and fantastic hair, her new apartment, her cracks about the sudden influx of helicopters, and her dancing with swarthy dictators.  And ooooh, Armand Assante was hilarious.  I had no idea he could be funny.  That was pretty spectacular.

C: Sure, Ellie had some great moments, but this episode really belonged to Captain Awesome. The press conference, where he translated a question and responded in Spanish?  Getting embraced by a dictator as his hero?  We really got to see how he earned his nickname tonight.  But I think the greatest touch was his jealousy of Chuck.  Talk about a role reversal!

M: Agreed.  The exchange where Chuck says “You need more excitement? You’re an extreme sports cardiologist.” and awesome replies “I can do that in my sleep.”  Just great.

C: It was pretty funny to see Chuck putting on an air of authority and repeatedly telling his brother-in-law to “leave it to the experts.” I’m not sure if this represents a growth of self-respect on Chuck’s part, or a secret glee at finally being better-equipped to do something than Awesome.  I enjoyed Awesome’s marveling as Sarah, in the nurse’s costume, took care of the armed guards with her fists, and his look of amazement as Chuck operated on Casey.

E: Chuck was looking pretty cute in army green, but why are they pulling a Jerry Seinfeld and blowdrying his hair?  I cannot get behind that.

C: I liked his old haircut much better, but last night a friend of mine commented that with this ‘do he looks surprisingly like the young Tom Hanks.  And it’s true!

E: Casey also had some great material tonight. I adore his grouchy face; he looks just like my two-year-old when he does that.  The pouty face is even more adorable.  The line of the night was absolutely when the Ring assassin tells Casey that he’s got enough poison to kill an army platoon. “Lucky for me, I’m a Marine,” Casey responds.

C: As the children of a Marine, of course the Quibbling Siblings all loved that!

M: Absolutely, great line.  Deadpan Casey is one of the best things on the show, and they seem to have really found a good rhythm of giving him at least one stellar line per episode.  Interestingly, two episodes in row now they’ve made cracks about his age, first suggesting he pose as Carina’s father, then last night when the bad guy called him “an aging assassin.”  I’m sensing an inside joke between him and the writers.

E: I’ve never been so happy for the ‘scenes from next week’ – [SPOILER ALERT] I was convinced that Awesome was dead, which was devastating.

M: Mrs M and I were convinced, too, and sooooo glad to see him in the scenes.  Of course, even before the scenes, the analytical thinker in me was saying “he wouldn’t be in those Honda-trip-to-the-Winter-Olympics commercials if he was killed off the show,” but still, they did such a convincing job in that scene that I still thought that Awesome was no more.

C: It was a remarkable fake-out.  I almost wish they hadn’t reassured us, because it was so darn effective.  But if they hadn’t, I’d be feeling pretty bummed out today.  Killing off Awesome would be extremely – not awesome!

M: So in conclusion, no BuyMore this week, which was fine.  Ellie, Sarah, Casey and Awesome were awesome, and show is awesome.  Awesome all around.  Except Chuck’s hair.  That was decidedly not awesome.


2 comments on “Chuck Versus the Angel De La Muerte

  1. ThisMightBeJess says:

    Oh! OH! I watched this episode on Hulu, so I did not get to see scenes from next week. I was SO UPSET about Awesome! I am so glad they were just emotionally manipulating me!

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