ETV: Grey’s Anatomy, Project Runway and Models of the Runway

E: Does anyone else find it hard to believe that we’re so close to the end of Project Runway, and that there are so few impressive designers left?  There’s an easy top three, surely, and they’ve all done stuff I like, but is anyone blown away by them?

Yeah, didn’t think I was alone there.

And what do you know, a Grey’s totally devoted to a single medical case.  Again.  Probably less unsatisfying than last week, but not by a whole heck of a lot.  This better be leading someplace, people!

Project Runway, “The Best of the Best”: Althea starts off the show by correctly assessing that she, Irina and Carol Hannah are the strongest designers left.  I love Althea, I really do (at least when she isn’t trashing her fellow designers and trying to buddy up with Meana Irina) but the so called paper bag pants?  What the hell!!!!  I’m sorry, but I don’t get the fashion industry. (I know, big surprise.)  The thing is, I want to, but what could be more unflattering than a skirt or pants with tons of fabric gathered at the waist?  Who wants to look like a someone’s lunch bag?  Apparently Heidi Klum, Nina Garcia, Kerry Washington, and whoever the hell the judges were the first time Althea won for this look.  I’m sorry, but I do not get it.  I want to have Stacy London and Clinton Kelly come on this show and explain to me and the rest of the viewing public exactly why it’s a good thing to add enormous amounts of volume to a woman’s waist, hips and thighs, and why we should want to have big ole baggy butts.  I want to know why someone looks at a lunch bag and thinks, gee, I would LOVE to wear that. Is this about being so thin you can wear clothes that make you look like you’re pregnant or in diapers?  I don’t even care that I am not cool enough to understand why this look allegedly works.

Now Carol Hannah’s dress, on the other hand, I did get.  I’m sure that’s why it lost.  It was sweet, exuberant and playful, and it looked great.  (I also loved the red leather belt she wore – she looked like a tiny little pixie. Maybe that’s why she told the stylists to “think Tinker Bell” about Lisa’s look?)  I loved Irina’s brocade, although not her insistence that she holds a patent on baggy sweaters, and not the side-panels on the bottom of the dress.

As for zippergate that turned into oversized sweatergate, well, whatever.  I can’t help feeling that making a collar out of zippers is a lot more unusual than making a really large cardigan, and so seeing Althea’s case rather than Irina’s, but whatever.  I actually thought that Christopher’s look was marginally more egregious than Logan’s, but Christopher has an amazing facility for sticking around when he shouldn’t, surviving his fifth consecutive trip to the bottom three.  (I can’t believe he didn’t get auffed for using cheap looking lining fabric on the “bed skirt” part of the gown – cheap is the cardinal sin in the Book of Klum.  Maybe he’s right when he observes that he’s “meant to be here”.)  Irina finally said something funny about Christopher’s gown instead of simply mean; “why is one dress throwing up the other?”  Christopher is delusional beyond compare.  “The judges told us to step up our designs: mine have been stepped up the whole time,” he claims, missing the mark entirely. “I’ve really put pieces out there that I like, I just have to get the judges to get it.”  Dude, do you really think you can offer up the same sort of stuff and magically make them like it by just producing MORE of it?  At least he’s funny about being criticized. “We hate it. We hate you.  You’re fat.”

Oh well.  Logan, I’m sorry I won’t get to see you make Carol Hannah blush anymore.

Models of the Runway: They try to make it seem suspenseful (Gordana has switched it up in the past and maybe she doesn’t love Matar’s hair), but really, I couldn’t muster one ounce of surprise when Kojii was sent packing.  I’m sorry about it, because like I’ve said, I think she’s stunning. She also seems like a really nice person, very mellow and sweet but also artistic and cool.

And about the only other thing worth saying is that Lisa’s imitation of Carol Hannah is spot on and adorable.

Grey’s Anatomy: The opening narration signals that this week will be our first Derek episode, and in the end what do we know?  That we love him for his hair and his eyes.

Alright, fine, that might be a little harsh.

There’s a pathologist at Seattle Grace who – it turns out – has an inoperable spinal tumor, and has actually gotten his job there so that he could stalk McDreamy and – once he wormed his way into the rest of the doctor’s hearts – seduce him with the perfect tumor.  “You could retire on this tumor,” Bailey tells Derek.  “This is the Great White.”  Derek’s itching to operate, but knows it’s pretty much hopeless, and the best he might be able to do is paralize Isaac.  The chief forbids the surgery, so Derek immediately decides to do it.  He holds a clandestine meeting with the residents to determine who will assist him (Jackson beats Yang, to her complete disgust).  And he ends up sitting for 8 hours over an open spine, trying to figure out a plan to no avail.

After the Chief orders him to end the surgery, he does, and goes home to bed ridden Meredith and draws a mural of the tumor on their bedroom wall, right under their framed marriage post-it.  (Anyone else annoyed by that post-it?)  Isaac, by the way, explains to Derek that he has lost his whole family to war, and left his culture and language behind, all of which makes him embrace risk and inspiration.  “We are the same,” he claims.

Meanwhile we do have a somewhat comic plot involving Lexie and a diaper.  Yep, that’s right.  (Still not sexy or flattering, btw.) Derek assigns Lexie to watch over him through the surgery and she wears a diaper so she won’t have to leave the room, although she can’t bring herself to pee in it.  When Derek decides to cross the chief once more and go in for a second attempt, Jackson twits Lexie, calling her “diaper genie.”  “My diaper is awesome,” she responds. “My diaper is hardcore. You wish you had the balls to wear my diaper.”  Then she tells him he can kiss her hardcore diaper-wearing ass.

The b-plot of the episode involves Alex working with Reed Adamson (Eden from Heroes) and forging a bit of an emotional connection with her.  Will Izzie show up for her chemo?  Alex forces the hospital to keep her appointment open for her, but can’t bring himself to see if she’s coming to it.  After she derided him for being more focused on “cancer wife” than on their patients, she changes her tune. “There’s a girl sitting down there on the third floor waiting for her guy,” she says.  She left me, Alex counters, with only a note.   Who does that?  “Right now you’re making a choice, not her,” Reed counters intelligently.  Alex goes.  Izzie never shows.  Reed checks on Alex, who breaks down in front of her; she wants to hold him, but can’t bring herself to do it.  Huh.  I smell infidelity in Alex’s future.

And aside from an ever so brief moment of sexy mentoring between Owen and Cristina, that promise of sparks is all we get.  The big finale of the episode is the 26 hour surgery, where Lexie bosses everyone around to make sure Jackson and Derek take care of themselves  (particularly after Derek throws up from nerves after a particularly dangerous moment) and does, apparently, pee in her diaper.  As he did for Izzie, Derek removes the inoperable tumor.   There’s a bit of drama at the end which sounded quite a bit like deciding which wire to cut while disarming a bomb.  Derek picks the right wire.  Arizona had a nice enough moment earlier when she stopped the Chief from ending the surgery, and then collapses in squeaky tears on Callie’s shoulder from the emotional effort of defying authority. CUTE.  Isaac wakes up in a panic (a shock after his calm confidence) when he feels his legs; for all his bravado, he’s assumed that Derek will have to paralize him to take out the tumor.  That’s a moderately nice moment too. The Chief fires Derek, and Derek basically laughs in his face; go home and sleep on it, he tells his boss.  Nice.

Next week; more freaky fake babies to operate on and lose.  Fan-freaking-tastic.  Alex and Reed bonding or snarking or both over the freaky fake baby?  Yeah, I’m so looking forward to that one.


13 comments on “ETV: Grey’s Anatomy, Project Runway and Models of the Runway

  1. nancy says:

    Okay – I actually already posted about Grey’s someplace else (where I don’t know – is it lost??) But again I will say A DAIPER!?! really!??! Hello people! get a nurse to put in a catherter! oh wait, you can’t do that, because there aren’t any nurse on Grey’s! I too am annoyed by the post-it wedding – hello people! I don’t think that will hold up in court!
    as for the first surgery and not doing anything for 8 hours, the man will be lucky if he doesn’t end up with a massive INFECTION that will kill him before the tumor does!

    • E says:

      You posted on the FlashForward review. I want to laugh about the infection issue, though of course it’s not funny. At least they didn’t kill anyone by mistake this week! That’s a step up!

  2. Krizzzz says:

    Christopher: I think the dress had PARTS that were very pretty, and my theory is that this is why he’s still there. (I actually particularly liked the little dangly petals in the back — nice little touch.)

    Logan: I like him, and I’m sorry he’s gone, but his comment about how he’s innovative and doesn’t “design for middle America” just made no sense in context: it wasn’t middle America that voted him auf: it was high fashion folk Heidi Klum and Nina Garcia and Company. Just admit your look didn’t work!

    • E says:

      What a good point! 🙂 That’s really just as delusional as Christopher insisting that his stuff is perfect and he just has to make the judges get it.

      I wonder what Christopher’s dress would have been like minus the bed skirt? If it’d have ended with the petals, maybe it would have been fine. The stark difference in color and material quality with the bedskirt portion, though, was a big problem.

      • Krizzzz says:

        I wondered about that too: the work that went into it WAS impressive, and the top WAS cute. If he had edited better…

        Also, I loved Carole Hannah’s cute little dress, but I did NOT get the comment about its fabulous color. Granted, we can’t always tell one deep shade from another on TV, but…was it not…basic black? Which, granted, was very chic — but the person who commented on it made it sound like she LOVED the color. Like it was a particularly inspired CHOICE.

        • E says:

          There was color to it, which seemed to be Tim’s idea when he was “caucusing” with her – the black was sheer over some sort of aqua/robin’s egg.

          • Krizzzz says:

            OH that’s right. I remember now. It WAS nice. A simple change, but really effective, now that I think back. Hard to see on the runway on TV, but apparently visible to the judges, which is good.

  3. Krizzzz says:

    ALSO. I liked Irina’s brocade thing, but it did have this odd effect (because of where the curves of the pattern fell) of making the model’s belly appear slightly poochy (possibly also a function of the model slouch/swayback as she turned in a particular direction/angle). And since there’s NO WAY that girl has the slightest little puppy of a pooch, I thought that might be something Irina got zinged on. But either they didn’t notice, or it was a trick of the camera angle and there was nothing TO notice.

    And I thought it was WAY passive aggressive of Irina to call Althea out in public, when Althea could have done the same thing with Logan and opted not to.

    Also…maybe I just hadn’t really NOTICED Althea before, but…there was something oddly and a little irritatingly breathless in the way she was speaking, and I kept wanting to re-brush her hair.

    But that’s not relevant, nor is it particularly nice. So I’ll try to reserve judgement until next week, even though I’m actually dreading listening to her a little bit.

    • E says:

      No, Althea definitely has a slightly odd voice and odd hair. I generally like her a lot, but I thought she went a bit overboard with the Logan-hate. I mean, I get that they’re all exhausted, and I appreciate her not making an issue with the judges, but it’s still nicer when they don’t trash each other. However, my biggest issue with her right now is that I just don’t get that waistline. I think Logan was right on target to call her pants Malvin pants (even if that wasn’t particularly nice, either).

  4. Pam says:

    agree with E&K on the PR stuff. parts were ok. model has no pooch. Althea has a weird voice. those diaper pants SUCK. ha, missed the “Malvin pants” line. also, don’t miss Logan. too much talk, not enough fashion.

    and Nick from season 2 totally channelled Michael Kors in his critiques. his lines were as if Kors had written them.

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