Castle Review: “Vampire Weekend”

C: First off, kudos to whoever named tonight’s episode!  They may be cashing in on the recent undead mania, but they’re also tipping the hat to a fun band.

The opening sequence of this episode was an absolute geek’s fantasy, with rapid-fire references to Harry Potter, Buffy, Underworld, and eventually to The Crow, Aliens, and even The Great Gatsby. The coup de grace: Castle dressing up for Halloween as, essentially, Nathan Fillion’s space cowboy character Mal (E: eeee!)  on Firefly. (M: Classic!) I laughed hysterically at Alexis’s critique: “There are no cows in space.”

E: And how about “Didn’t you wear that five years ago?  Don’t you think you should move on?”

M: One of the best scenes and verbal exchanges on TV in a while; I love nods to other shows like that.

C: The victim this week is extremely seasonal: a would-be vampire staked through the heart in a cemetery. (Favorite line from Castle, trying on fangs: “Do these make me look immortal?”)  The team this week follow the trail of a graphic novel to a disturbing possibility – could the victim could have been killed by a real vampire?

Of all the moments in this entirely delightful Halloween episode, I have to single out Castle busting out the evil laugh as certified gold.  Maybe he should have been in the Evil League of Evil!

E: Oh yes.  Doctor Horrible would be quite jealous.  But didn’t you love that after all the jokes about Lycans, the graphic novel co-creator turned out to be a werewolf?  And how about the truly disturbing suspect who had porphyria and slept in a coffin? Or The Fangmaster?  Having a kid be your Halloween ‘candy beard’?  And Alexis subtly plugging A Christmas Carol by giving her school project egg a Dickensian name?  Or Castle’s shock when Beckett understands his comparison of the Crow’s work to Frank Miller: “That is the sexiest thing I have ever heard you say.”

C: There was a lot to love in this episode.  Though… does anyone remember the Bones episode “The Superhero in the Alley,” (M: nope) about counter-culture teens who liked to pretend they were super-heroes?  Where the clue to the murder was found in the victim’s graphic novel, in the idealized representation of a female figure?  I’m just sayin’, maybe the Castle writers were fans…

E: This episode was all about the writers’ fandoms, so I’d buy that it was an intentional homage.  That was a tasty episode of Bones, btw.

M: Vampires, fangs, “tasty”…  very funny sis.

C: Tasty show about dead bodies?  Love you, E, but sometimes you creep me out.  Anyway, back to this episode.  I loved seeing Castle coming to Alexis’s rescue and being understanding, but also a responsible parent.  I was going to comment on how the Alexis plots were becoming repetitive – Castle is nervous, but Alexis makes good choices, everything ends just fine – but this was a change, and one I appreciated because it showed them both in a good yet realistic light.

E: Castle acted like a grown up with no hesitation.  That was nice.  He’s been trying so hard to prove to Alexis that he trusts her.  It was nice to see him act the dad (though not directly at her) with such conviction.

C: Word.

M: “Word”?  Seriously?  What is this, 1993?

C: No, its ironic ’90’s retro humor.  Sheesh!  Now, I’ve gotta say, I did find the murder plot pretty hard to follow at certain points, with all the twists and turns.

E: More than usual, you think? Really?

M: Honestly, I didn’t think so at all.  As soon as they showed the family, having already brought up the suggestion of an early childhood traumatic experience, I assumed it was one of the parents, though I was guessing the dad.  As soon as they started talking to him, then said that the current mom used to be the nanny, I had it figured.  (E: Exactly.) The family is far too often the “twist” on cop shows, to the point where its not a twist for me any more.

C: Once they revealed the family’s history I was no longer confused – it was the middle part where it was all “Crow has a friend! Who’s an artist! And there’s a dead lady! Whose body was found four years ago! But this art was drawn five years ago!  Oh and actually she died 20 years ago! And his friend has her case file!” that really had my head spinning.  It turned out interesting, though.  Plus, how can I complain when we saw Castle in a cravat? My week is officially made.

E: I thought that was a bit of a costume fail.  They should be scraping me off the floor after seeing Nathan Fillion in a cravat, but it wasn’t well tied, and the wig?  Eh. His own hair is so much better.

C: His own hair isn’t much like Edgar Allan Poe’s, though. (Thank goodness.)

E: Loved Beckett’s costume, anyway.  And just loved so much the whole smorgasbord of delights.

M: I don’t think Castle’s was a fail – though I don’t worry as much about what Nathan Fillion looks like.  🙂  Castle’s mom’s Cruella De Vil was excellent.  (E: I know, right?) But the wonder twins’ costumes were both weak.

C: Actually, I read online that their costumes were both references to former TV characters they’ve played as well, which is fun.

M: What made the ending scene, anyway, was Castle’s response to Beckett’s costume – while handing over his costume’s raven: “I’m giving you the bird.”  That may have been my favorite line in an episode with many good lines.



8 comments on “Castle Review: “Vampire Weekend”

  1. Sonia says:

    Wasn’t the egg’s name a nod to OLIVER TWIST?

    LOVED Castle’s “prom dress” remark to his mother. HEE!

    • C says:

      Ha! Yes, the prom dress line was great. And yeah, the egg was “Fagin,” or rather “Feggan”… I didn’t follow Alexis’s explanation of how that meant “fake egg” though. But yay for the Dickens references anyway!

    • E says:

      Yeah, it wasn’t a Christmas Carol reference, but I thought it might be a super subtle shout out just for obsessive lit dorks like me. 😉

  2. M says:

    Ok, unfortunately, I need to retract my comment about the wonder twins costumes. While I knew that Fillion was wearing his costume from Firefly, I didn’t realize that they were wearing outfits from their previous gigs, Esposito (John Huertas) from his time on Generation Kill, and Ryan (Seamus Dever) from General Hospital. My bad.

    • E says:

      That’s actually pretty clever, although they really weren’t interesting costumes on face value. Doctor and soldier are pretty basic. (Though, didn’t Ryan have a big blood stain on his? I wonder if his character was killed off GH?)

  3. Nancy W says:

    so have you give up on mercy yet?? I think I am going to. This week a baby was born at 31 weeks I think, and they had it into the mother NOT in the NICU right away!?!? I only had a 2 week maternity rotation in school, and 4 weeks of class time, but that just doesn’t seem right to me!! I mean a 3lb baby should be in an incubator at least!? It is just a silly drama that doesn’t focus on much nursing at all…

    • E says:

      Oh, I haven’t watched more than 5 minutes of it. Like I said in our fall preview, I know some interesting nurses, and these women can’t hold a candle.

    • E says:

      And obviously I have reason to know that a 3lb baby born at 31 weeks is damn well going to end up in an incubator spending 1-2 months in the nicu. Nice fantasy world tv writers live in when it comes to obstetrics! We’re planning a post on pet peeves, and that is top on the list of mine.

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