ETV: Grey’s Anatomy, Project Runway, and Models of the Runway

E: This week Grey‘s failed to bring either the sexy, the funny or the tears; remind me why I’m watching this show again? (M: I’ve been asking that for years!)  Runway teased about a visit with a fashion luminary who turned out to be less than a surprise, and Models offered a useless tease of their own.

Grey’s Anatomy: I’m a fan of unusual narrative structures, so in principle the way this episode went down should have been a cool thing.  And I’m not saying it was a bad episode in the sense that some sort of annoying plot twist forced people to switch teams or sleep with patients or anything else.  It was a brave try, but I don’t think the format ended up working for them. It was just – well, first off, isn’t this the kind of thing that makes you scared to go to the hospital?  They’ve killed patients two weeks in a row, just by not paying enough attention. And worse, they kill a mother with a sweet little boy and that doesn’t make me cry?  You KNOW they are doing something wrong when I’m not wringing out my sleeve over that.

At any rate, the woman, Cathy Becker, and her son are brought in after having escaped a hotel fire.  We begin the episode knowing that she’d died and she shouldn’t have and that no one claimed responsibility for it and when Chief Webber finds out who made the fatal mistake, that person is going to get fired.  We see all the Seattle Grace attendings (well, our attendings, anyway), the SG residents (besides bed bound Meredith, dead George and fired Izzie), Lexie, and the Mercy West residents (what ever happened to the Mercy West attendings, anyway?  I presume they had some, yes?) sitting in a hall awaiting their turn with the Chief.   Each ones tells their own story, Rashomon style, before the Chief’s tribunal. And it’s interesting, but somehow Cathy Becker gets turned into an intellectual construct, just a body for the issues of the merger to be worked out on (or not), and maybe that’s what made the storyline falter for me.

I don’t know if the tell was too obvious, but it was clear from the moment she did it what essential bit April (passive-aggressive Mercy West resident/victim of Lexie’s thievery) had skipped over.  Technically, I wonder if there’s a difference between what Izzie and April did.  April negligently failed to save her patient; if she’d conducted the basic exam, Cathy Becker would have lived.  Izzie, on the other hand, got the dosage wrong on a medication which did irreparable damage to Dr. Sara’s liver.  Is there a difference between failing to save someone you could have, and overdosing them?  Probably not to that person, or their families.  I’m just wondering where – or if – they rank in order of awfulness and culpability for doctors.

In the end, McDreamy in his infinite wisdom suggests to the Chief that it was a lack of order in the ER which killed poor Mrs. Becker just as much as April’s mistake.  Will this get April re-hired?  Probably not.  Still wondering how they’re going to rehire Izzy when she gets back from her maternity leave.  Perhaps MW’s Dr. Charles will turn out to be the one responsible for the overdose after all?

Project Runway: No no no no NO!  Will you stop awarding Irina, please?  Good grief!  I thought from the judges comments that it was down to Gordana and Carol Hannah for sure.  I’m shocked and chagrined.  And unlike the last time, I don’t think this outfit was worthy; why so monochromatic?  I’m not saying it was bad, but it didn’t seem like a winner to me.  I was much more impressed with Carol Hannah’s braided flowy print gown, and Gordana’s cocktail dress with the spectacular bejeweled collar.

Now, I just want to say; Irina’s clothes can be terrific, but I cannot root for her because she is just so personally unpleasant.  That does not mean I would ever approve of her costars being mean to her, as the cheftestants are to Robin – because hell no I would not.  And, happily, no one is responding to her bad mouthing in kind.  They’re just essentially ignoring her.  Is this crop of designers just filled with nicer people than the contestants on Top Chef?  Do they not go after Irina because – unlike Robin – she’s not perceived as weak?  Is the difference that Irina is a stronger designer than Robin is a chef, so her competitors give her grudging respect, or do they just not need to bother?  Or she’s just so unpleasant that no one wants to go there with her?  Are they afraid of her? I have no idea, but I’d like to think they’re all taking the high road.

Oh.  Sorry.  Were you, perchance, wondering about the challenge?  Our intrepid designers were told to join Tim on Rodeo Drive, but after getting them all pumped up to meet an amazing celebrity designer,  they were taken to – Michael Kors.  Who, don’t get me wrong, is an amazing celebrity designer, thoughtful and lots of fun, but that must have been something of a let down for the contestants.  Even more of a let down for the viewers, too, because all he did was less thoughtfully recycle his inspiration challenge from season 2.  Instead of letting the designers take their own photographs (what, no camera sponsor this time?) he gave them photos of locations which inspire him.  It’s not that it isn’t a good idea, but recycled challenges just aren’t that exciting.

How lovely was it to see our normal judging panel back together?  And what a treat Milla Jovovich was as a guest judge.  Her critiques were remarkably clear and descriptive.  “If this was called Project “I didn’t mind it”, then he would win,” she said of Logan’s casual  LA look.  Snap, Milla Jovovich!

And, er, how is it possible that Christopher can be in the bottom 2 four challenges in a row and not get auffed?  How has that happened?  Has that ever happened in the history of the show?  I know Jeffrey scraped the bottom pretty often, but in four consecutive challenges?  I don’t think so.  I’m stumped.  Can his luck possibly hold out any longer?

When Nicolas left, Tim told him that his garments were ‘impeccably made’ and it was all ‘a matter of taste’.  Now, the garments might have been impeccably made, but it wasn’t a matter of taste.  It was a matter of him not speaking to the challenge.  You could tell it from his little storyline he gave the camera from the start; his outfit had nothing to do with Greece, not in reality and not even in his mind.  What’s interesting about that is that it wasn’t a BAD outfit (and as I think Mila said, if he’d made a dress along the lines of  his top, he’d have been fine), it just wasn’t appropriate.  My take aways from this episode:  first, girls rule this season.  Second,   there’s very little going on that’s amazing from anyone.  It’s more like Project Likable than Project Wow. And finally, Milla Jovovich is freaking adorable.  How cute was it that she cried over auffing a teary Nicolas?

Models of the Runway: Someone over at Lifetime has a pretty geriatric concept of blushworthy photoshoots.  What on earth was supposed to be so steamy about Kalyn standing next to a guy?  I wasn’t looking to blush – I just don’t get why the commercials billed it that way.  Looked just like a Macy’s catalog to me.

So, let’s see.  The girls went to a burlesque class – billed as exercise, but definitely not high impact – and honestly, it looked like fun.  They got to shimmy a little and wear feather boas.  Nothing risque, nothing to make a grandmother blush (though our grandmother toured with what I’m pretty certain was a burlesque company, so maybe my concept of that is skewed?), just a little exercise and the excuse to be silly.  Then Kojii, Celine and – was it Matar? – go to a gallery opening.  Matar and Kalyn exercise.  A lot.

The designers are freed to pick whomever they want, and everyone returns to their original girl (except Gordana, who keeps Matar after the whole accidental Tara issue).  Logan, last again, says his loyalties lie with Kojii and not Celine.  The models all seem genuinely broken up, tears are shed, and Celine gushes that she’s never had model friends before and has had a great experience.  So that’s nice, for what it’s worth.


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