FlashForward Review: “Gimme Some Truth”

M: We’ve been saying for weeks now that we were hoping for an episode of FlashForward that wasn’t just “good” or “solid.”  Well, I guess the latest episode, “Gimme Some Truth,” falls into the category of ‘be careful what you wish for,’ as it didn’t quite rise to the level of good.  There are lots of descriptions that come to mind for it…  lame, dull, boring, a waste of time… but none of them really encapsulate how disappointed I felt by this episode.  There just wasn’t much of anything of value in this one, at least as far as we can tell, and certainly nothing that built on the plot they had been building over the first four episodes. They played the “your funding is getting cut” card, which as we discussed in the Fringe primer, is a staple of the start of second seasons for good FBI shows.  The played the “we have both friends and enemies in high places” card, letting us know that FBI boss Stan is friends with the president (played by Peter Coyote), but enemies with his chief rival, Senator Clemente (played by Barbara Williams, and not to be confused with the late Roberto Clemente).  They played the “start the episode with the ending, then go back and show how we got there” card, and unlike the last three weeks, the ending wasn’t that good.

We did find out some other little bits of info along the way, though most of them weren’t overly relevant.  We find that, as creepy Nazi Herr Geyer suspected two episodes ago, Janice is in fact gay, and is hiding it from her coworkers.  We also find, through her fledgling relationship, with Numb3rs’ Navi Rawat, that she is very quick to trust, leaving the woman she has been on one date with alone with the keys to her apartment when she heads to work.  (E: But then she dumps Navi because she “mosaicked” her – which is to say, looked up her flash forward.  Talk about touchy!) We find that Stan used to be a fixer for the President, and covered up an affair for him, which prevented Clemente, at least in her mind, from winning the White House.  (E: At least that was sort of surprising; I was convinced that the kid was Wettick’s son,and really mad at him for cheating on Gina Torres – which, let’s face it, would not be a smart move.)  We find that Agent Vreede, who got a lot more time this episode, can’t sing karaoke worth a damn.  We find that Mark’s vision of his flash forward, which has proven to be accurate numerous times already, is being questions because he was drunk and his memory of it is fuzzy.

There are only a few things that seemed to matter at all that happened in the episode.  Olivia got a text message from an undisclosed number that Mark was drinking in his flash forward.  (E: Were they being bugged when he talked to Aaron, or did someone overhear them in the DC bar? Otherwise, he’d never mentioned that aloud.) Stan now has information that poses a threat the President, who tries to have him and his team killed (the scene that was both the beginning and end of the show), possibly succeeding with Janice, who ends the episode shot and lying in the street, as the rolling alarm clock her new paramour gave her making cool circular patterns with the rapidly expanding pool of her blood. (E: Wait, do you really think you can conclude that for sure?  I mean, the pres had gotten their funding, so why kill Wettick at that point?  And why were all the assassins Asian? And, v. cool alarm clock moment, but they’d never have gotten out of that car before it exploded.)  Lastly, and the only bit that followed up on the Somalia plot that is by far the most interesting plot line they are currently vastly under developing (E: true dat), they find that five massive pylons or towers were built around the tiny Somali town we saw in the end of 137 Sekunden.

What did we miss?  There was no Dom Monaghan (E: We want Dominic, damn it!  You people promised us Dominic!), no Mrs Norris, no D. Gibbons, no Suspect Zero.  There wasn’t even any goofing around with Mark and Charlie, and still nothing more since that one scene in the hospital on Charlie and Dylan Simcoe.

All in all, heading into this episode I was hopeful that the show was starting to turn a corner…  now I’m just hoping that “Gimme Some Truth” was just a fluke.  If not, well, V starts in two weeks, so there’s always that!

2 comments on “FlashForward Review: “Gimme Some Truth”

  1. shasas says:

    They did give us a little bit of Dom Monaghan.. he was the one who called the boys father in the hospital (name escapes, but the man with whom Mark’s wife saw herself in her flash forward. or was that the closer for the episode before this one? sorry if I am wrong…

    interesting, I hadn’t assumed it was the pres trying to off them.. and interesting what it’ll do to the plot if the girl dies, since she did see herself pregnant in 6 months.. might relieve Cho (sp?) a bit..

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