ETV: Grey’s Anatomy, Project Runway and Models of the Runway

E: I’m recovering from the overloaded tv experience that is Thursday, and ever so slowly catching up with every kind of melodramatic cutting, be it costumes or colons. Spoilers as always.

Grey’s Anatomy: That was a really hard episode to watch.  Not in the sense that it was a bad episode, because it wasn’t at all, but – well, there’s something you might need to know about me.  There’s a level to which people behaving badly – specifically, unkindly – to each other just really gets me down.  I’ve been warned never to watch Closer, for example, which was tough to forgo with my Oscar obsession.  I just have a low tolerance for people intentionally inflicting hurt, and I find this episode sticking painfully in my mind.  The Mercy West staff show up (they’re closing that building?  But doesn’t that mean they’ll have half as many beds with the same number of patients?) and immediately start tossing their weight around, from a sweet faced passive aggressive girl, a charm-you-to-your-face-and-then-stab-you-in-your-back guy, an adorable evil pixie whom I initially thought was Rachel Bilson but eventually realized was actually that girl from the first season of Heroes, and finally a nice enough fellow who literally threw his weight on a rampaging patient.   They made Lexie steal, Cristina cry (yes, that’s right, cry), Alex get into a pissing contest right in front of a patient, and Izzie so mad she accidentally kind of killed a sweet woman (Dr. Sara from New Amsterdam) and got fired.  Yes, fired. And then she left Alex because she thought he had something to do with the firing.  And while I know that bit serves to explain Katherine Heigl’s maternity leave (with the baby she’s adopted – no, they haven’t been hiding her pregnancy too, just Ellen Pompeo’s and Chyler Leigh’s), it was awful to watch Izzie’s world shatter after all she’s been through, and I don’t appreciate it.

So.  To sum up.  Didn’t appreciate the nasty new coworkers.  Did they all have to suck?  Seriously?  Isn’t that statistically unlikely? And lie and cheat and disrespect George’s memory and intentionally leave important information off patients’ charts and make Lexie steal?  And did the Seattle Grace attendings have to favor the new kids so obviously?  And why will no one give Yang any freaking surgeries?  She’s good.  She’s better than good. She’s the best!  They all know it.  I’m so pissed at them.  Seriously, she ought to leave.  I would hate the show without her, but from the character’s viewpoint, it’s like Will Riker passing up his own command just to keep the Enterprise crew intact.  (Sorry, but the girly will always be blended with the nerd.  That’s just how I roll.) It’s not in her best interest to stay.  This show can’t keep a so-called cardio god in the cast without something going wonky.   Cristina’s being wasted.  I actually feel quite strongly on the character’s behalf.  And what does it say for the future of the show that I want one of my favorite characters to leave?

I’d have been pretty happy if the Enterprise got a new first officer, though, back in the day.  Just in case you were wondering.

The high point of the show was the plotline beginning with a stressful confrontation of Callie and her Dad over Callie’s new-found lesbianism.  Now, even though I don’t buy it (she falls for one woman, fine, but she made a huge point at the time about being bi, so why does she now only date women?), it did bring the funny, what with Callie screaming “you can’t pray away the gay” at her family priest across the er.  And more than that, I’ve decided I love Arizona.  She’s a good, good person, and her conversation with Hector Elizondo was the single grace note in this cacophonous composition. In some ways it was the best episode in a long time.  It’s just – I can take the pain.  I just can’t take the ugly.

Project Runway : What can I say about this episode?  Nina Garcia is back, hurrah!  The challenge is a fantastic one – Bob Mackie asks the designers to make a stage costume a la Bob Mackie for Christina Aguilera.  Mr. Mackie and Xtina show up to judge (though they don’t make up for the lack of Michael Korrs.  I want my team together again, damn it!).  Nicolas drooled over Mackie’s presence, proclaiming that “Bill Mackie” (I am 90% sure I heard that right) is his hero and it is the best challenge every in the world and the history of Project Runway and he will die happy.  Mackie was a terrific presence. Anyone who can say “for the stage, the crotch isn’t too short.  Just cover the crotch with diamonds and you’re good to go” definitely brings the magic with them.  And, oh my goodness, we got to hear Tim Gunn complain that something wasn’t sufficiently “super sexy slut.”  Who knew the word slut was even part of his vocabulary?

The thing is, I can’t really defense Shirin’s dress. I want to, because I love Shirin, but perhaps that’s just because she’s so sweet and adorable?  What I can tell you, however, is that at least it stuck to Xtina’s current style, unlike Christopher’s 80s punk prom dress over an uninspiring Lady Marmalade retread.  Gah.  I truly don’t know how Christopher escaped his third trip to the bottom three.  Logan’s short Flintstone dress wasn’t so very terrible (even if Mackie didn’t consider it short enough for the stage); I think he was the victim of Gordana’s immunity.  Hers was certainly the worst look, though I think it was way more the fault of her fabric (or her not knowing how to pick a more user friendly beaded fabric) than her design aesthetic.  I like Gordana, but part of me really wishes she didn’t have that immunity.

As for the top three, it was a job well done.  I was thrilled that Carol Hannah won.  You could tell from the way the models were clustered around her gown, pointing out the intricacies of its beading, in awe of the feather placement, that she had something special going on.  Althea was back on form with a cut to flatter piece of Old Hollywood glamor.  And I hate to admit it, but Nicolas’ short dress was pretty fantastic (even though it was a little too similar to his atrocious Ice Queen gown), and the most appropriate of the three for the stage. Or at least for dancing on stage – as Heidi observed, Althea’s long train could be draped gracefully over a piano.

Which leaves Irina.  Oh, Irina.  Her short blue dress was pretty cute, although I’m not sure I get the coat over it.  But every time she appears in the confessional my hackles rise up in an immediate pavlovian response.  I had no idea my hackles were so sensitive. First they show her in the confessional, huffing about how untalented Shirin is, the fact that she has a bargain basement design sensibility and can’t even be considered a designer.  Then she’s complaining to her model what a shame it is that Shirin can’t even manage to compensate for her lack of design skills with a good personality.  Even if it were true this would be a rotten thing to say, but there’s a level of beastly jealousy or self-delusion involved here that’s so unpleasant to watch.  I was staggered to hear Nicolas call her out (though not to her face); if someone as catty as Nicolas thinks you’re over the line, you KNOW you cannot be doing something right.  Maybe if she was clever like Santino, it would be different, but she has this nasal, laconic delivery and a marked lack of insight that makes it all so much worse.  Where Santino was nastily perceptive, she’s petty and insipid and just plain ugly on the inside.  Whatever beauty that comes out of her is nullified by her spitefulness.

Breathe, E, breathe.

Alrighty then.  So, um, how cute are Logan and Carol Hannah when they flirt, huh?  Love CH blushing, and Logan getting that little note in his voice when he realizes he’s getting under CH’s skin, and he’s enjoying it.  Very, very cute.

I will ask in general – where was the color?  Christopher – black and silver.  Shirin – black, white and silver.  Logan – silver, black, and some hot pink lining you couldn’t see.  Althea – black and silver.  Nicolas – white and silver.  Gordana – white.  Carol Hannah – black with a tiny blue detail.  Irina – dark blue.  Doesn’t that strike anyone else as strange?

Models of the Runway: Ah, for my least favorite television show.  Why must I be held hostage to this crap?  Why do I care which model gets eliminated and who ends up with which designer?  I do, though, damn it.  I do!  I wish I didn’t.  This show, I don’t know, I suppose it has moments, but it is a drag.

When poor sweet Shirin is auffed, her model Ebony begins to shriek, weep and hides herself in the bathroom. I am not kidding.  I’m all for emotionally investing in your experiences, but no one’s died, sweetheart.

I didn’t think they’d do this so late in the season, but the show once more forces the loyal designers to choose new models.  Ebony was initially thrilled about this – surmising as I did that she’d have a better chance of staying – but ended up on the outs anyway.  That’s kind of fascinating to me.  Celine sticks around, which puzzles me, because she seems so awkward.  Katie calls out Christopher (though to the camera, not his face) for losing his mojo and not designing to his potential;she is now happy to switch designers, which is rather an extreme change.  The most interesting development, as far as this goes, is Lisa’s contention that Althea and Carol Hannah must have made a pact to keep each others preferred models in the competition by switching them.  That’s a smart idea.

And there it is.  Not a lot of time to get Irina auffed before Bryant Park, people!  At least the previous villains have been entertaining!


4 comments on “ETV: Grey’s Anatomy, Project Runway and Models of the Runway

  1. thepresidentrix says:

    1. You’re so right about Commander Riker. I was always like, ‘Oh, no, you can totally go be captain any time now.’

    2. I, too, miss the color and have been missing it most of the season. In fact it seems like every time someone attempts something in color, the judges say it’s so garish, and it would be excellent if it were only in black. Bo-ring.

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