ETV: Take Two – Project Runway and Models of the Runway

E: Hello again, friends and neighbors.  This week’s challenge: to rejigger divorcees wedding gowns to give them a fresh start.  It’s a fun idea – though very similar to a challenge a few seasons ago where the designers made over women who’d lost a great deal of weight, making new clothes out of their “fat” clothes.  I’m pretty sure that one of those women offered up her wedding dress as her “fat” outfit; perhaps that’s where the idea for this challenge came from.  At any rate, I thought it was entertaining enough, though at this point every challenge reminds me just how poorly most of these designers compare to past seasons’ contestants.

This challenge precludes the designers from using their normal models (although there was no drama about regular sized folk here – even the woman who’d been divorced 16 years still fit in her gown, and most were model sized if not model proportioned).  You’d think that this would mean even less going on than usual on Models of the Runway, but you’d be wrong.   If you’ve seen the show, or are not spoiler averse, follow after the cut.

Project Runway: How is Logan still here?  For real.  If the judges are going to ding Epperson for initially misunderstanding the challenge, how can they ignore the fact that Logan only used a tiny portion of his enormous gown as a vest?  And that his tweed pants were so ill-fitting, and so badly made!  I couldn’t even believe how badly made.  Wow.  Can it really be just the fact that he’s cute?  I’d like to think better of the judges than that, but it’s hard to know when we get two new judges every week.  At least Epperson’s garment was well made and fulfilled the challenge.   I don’t know that I’m tremendously attached to Epperson, but he’s made the top three several times, so we at least know he’s got talent.  Logan, not so much.  The real loser seems pretty clear here.  I’m at a complete loss to understand their logic.

I was absolutely convinced that Irina was going to win again with her bronze lace dress, and I was so pissed that she’d produced a garment I couldn’t argue against.  The judges lavished her with such extravagant praise I didn’t think anyone else had a chance.  And I felt (feel) guilty rooting against Irina’s nice clothes just because her cattiness repulses me.  She’s certainly shaping up to be a force in this season, such as it is.  I was thrilled to see Gordana win, however, and think it was thoroughly deserved.  The fit and the attitude on her edgy strapless dress, made of shredded strips sewn together asymmetrically, were fabulous.  You have to know the judges didn’t think she had it in her.  And while I have to give Shirin serious props for the pattern she stitched onto her minidress, and how much she made out of the little material she was given (not to mention the nightmare her client wanted – Cher in “Half-Breed,” I ask you!) , I can’t help thinking that Carol Hannah was robbed.  Her floaty gray strapless dress was adorable.  I was honestly completely shocked to see her left off the podium, so to speak.  I could see where Christopher was aiming, but he didn’t get there; no-talent Nicolas’ luck at avoiding the losers circle was a bit inexplicable, and Althea disappointed.  They’ve made a point about how Althea likes to emphasize the boobs, but do they merit a whole other color?  Honestly?  She’s quite possibly my favorite designer but this week was a mishit.  Tune in next week for the glorious return of Ms Nina Garcia!  Cue choirs of angels!

Models of the Runway: It all boils down to this: Gordana somehow believes that Althea will keep Tara, and so decides to stick with Matar.  In the model room after her win she hugged Tara and told her “Althea’s gonna pick you again” which, in her thick German accent, sounds like “I think I’m gonna pick you again,” and is overheard by everyone and adds to the general confusion (especially when Gordana does not, in fact, pick Tara).  And Althea – to no one’s shock except Gordana’s – takes Tanisha back, and Tara goes home.  So poor Gordana, after her first triumph, is reduced to sobs thinking that she sent Tara home and that Tara will think she’s a disloyal lying liar.  Some of the models aren’t sure, but I don’t think Gordana’s the type to say ” I THINK I’m going to pick you” – that’s gratuitously mean.  Why torment her if you’re not sure?   And seriously, Tara looks more like she could be Gordana’s daughter than Gordana’s actual daughter.  Of course, it’s interesting to think what Gordana would have done if she’d believed Tara was threatened.  Pick her out of loyalty?   I think she would have (she hesitated long enough over her pick as it was), even if she might have been more interested in working with Matar, but what would have been the better strategic choice?  Either way, Tara is still out.  Auf Wiedersehen, Tara.

The best part of the show, btw, was the minute they showed of the models teaching the divorcees how to sell clothes on the runway.  Very cute.  Oh.  And, actually, the little party where the models went out for drinks with the divorcees.  That tiny woman who wrote the poem?  That was pretty cute.  I could have done with a lot more of that.  Seriously, people, that is the stuff we want to see!  Not just Katie wondering about who said what and what which one is going to do.


5 comments on “ETV: Take Two – Project Runway and Models of the Runway

  1. Crystal says:

    Right on! And yes – how in the WORLD did all of them happen to fit in their wedding dresses? Cute challenge, but I wanted to see more drama than Shirin crying about how little fabric she had…but she turned out a magnificent dress though! I stopped watching MOTR – it was just giving me a headache trying to follow more people. lol!

    • E says:

      MOTR is so not worth it, even though I do like to see the model picking.
      I bet they had a casting for women in process of divorce with the stipulation that they still fit in their wedding dress. And then picked all really thin women so they wouldn’t force the designers into the whole dreaded “making clothes for real women” thing.

  2. Krizzzz says:

    I was torn on the Logan/Epperson thing. I just feel like Epperson had gotten a little clueless a couple of times. Remember him with Christopher — who is a sweet kid — when Tim said, “You’re on the edge of some real reinvention” and Christopher said (unchallenged by Epperson), “Wow, we reinvented the shirt-dress.” No, that’s not actually what Tim said. He said you were ALMOST there. Then you both got overconfident and stagnant, and got nailed for it. I felt that at least Logan TRIED to make something very different (from formal dress to trousers/vest — more work/business), however poorly… whereas Epperson went off to his own head again, and didn’t listen to what people were saying around him. T’was starting to become a theme for him. I’d like to think Logan could still pull out something decent: remember how badly LeeAnn fell on her face in a couple of early challenges, before she hit her stride?

    • E says:

      That’s very true about LeeAnn (Leanne? I don’t remember), although I do think she’d cracked the top once by this point in the season. I didn’t think she had it in her until she really got her groove on.

      Logan not only hasn’t been in the top, I honestly can’t even recall liking one of his outfits. I don’t even feel like I have a sense of his style, as I do with Christopher and Epperson. On the other hand, Epperson had some outfits I straight out hated and some I really liked, so it’s a trade off. At the very least I thought Epperson’s outfit was well made and used a lot more of the wedding dress; it may remain unaired, but I was surprised not to hear a judge comment on the very small amount of dress Logan used. It is definitely true that he tried something different, and maybe that’s what saved him. I refuse to believe it’s just about his looks.

  3. Krizzzz says:

    I do think you’re right about Leanne (that spelling looks more familiar, but maybe it’s because of the Leanne Rimes signs at the Fair??) — she got her feet under her sooner, and in a pretty big way.

    I kind of felt like Epperson’s using more of the dress was…because he fundamentally misunderstood the challenge and thought he was supposed to preserve it somehow! And that’s why I was willing to cut Logan more slack for using LESS than I was willing to excuse Epperson for using MORE. But yes, it’s intriguing….

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